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Edition 07 April 2020

  • Budgeting in the Time of Coronavirus
    Cover Story

    Budgeting in the Time of Coronavirus

    The discussion on the provision plan to bring in Covid-19 rapid test kit protracted. Many distributors offer various imported brands.

  • Not Quite a Priority
    Cover Story

    Not Quite a Priority

    In the regions, the distribution of rapid test kits has not run smoothly. Testing has not always been performed according to procedure.

  • Multiple-Use Protective Gear
    Cover Story

    Multiple-Use Protective Gear

    The government is purchasing protective gear at a high price. Materials for protective gear are obtained through diplomacy.

  • The Hunt for a Remedy
    Cover Story

    The Hunt for a Remedy

    The government will test the efficacy of Avigan for Indonesians. Some referral hospitals are having difficulty obtaining drugs.

  • Holding Breaths for Ventilators
    Cover Story

    Holding Breaths for Ventilators

    Hospitals assigned to take in Covid-19 patients are lacking ventilators. Engineers from universities to automotive companies are racing with time to make ventilators in anticipation of a surge in coronavirus cases.

  • Quarantine Dilemma
    Cover Story

    Quarantine Dilemma

    Taking into account the risk of mass panic and high costs of quarantines, the government opts to implement social-restrictions on a large scale. Not all of Jokowi’s ministers agreed.

  • Loose Timber Regulation

    Loose Timber Regulation

    The trade minister issued a new regulation on forestry industrial products export. Some fear that the absence of requirements showing timber validity will increase illegal logging.

  • Ministry of Trade Secretary-General, Oke Nurwan

    Ministry of Trade Secretary-General, Oke Nurwan

    If Things Are Strict Upstream, Why Do We Fear Illegal Timber Downstream?

  • Enduring the Hardship till the Cure Comes
    Market Pulse

    Enduring the Hardship till the Cure Comes

    THE global financial market is embracing the mother of all crisis. Analysts are increasingly convinced that the market collapse caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will be worse than the 2008 crisis, and indeed every other crisis in history.

  • Criminalizing Corona Speech

    Criminalizing Corona Speech

    Police are arresting and questioning people considered to be creating public unrest over the coronavirus. Their criteria for doing so is seen as being vague.

  • Interview


    Mohammad Syahril, chief executive officer, Sulianti Saroso Infectious Diseases Hospital: Not All Doctors Are Prepared

    Rising number of Covid-19 patients reminds Mohammad Syahril of the time the pandemic began to unfold last January. He had just been appointed the chief executive officer of the Sulianti Saroso Infectious Diseases Hospital (RSPI) that time.


  • Outreach

    Jengkol Against OIl Palm

    Jengkol Against OIl Palm

    A large number of residents of Uraso in North Luwu earn their living from the hundreds of trees in their fields, from dogfruit to pepper. Dispute remains with PTPN XIV.

  • Cartoon

    Civil emergency

    Civil emergency

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Letters

    A Harvest City Resident’s Complaints

    A Harvest City Resident’s Complaints

    I am the owner of a house in Harvest City, Bekasi, West Java. My home loan agreement was approved by Bank BTN on September 20, 2016. In line with the agreement, the construction of my house would be finished in no later than 18 months or on March 20, 2018.

  • Outreach

    Dogfruit Warrior

    Uraso may be known as a jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum) or dogfruit producer, but it was Seliwati who stood behind him.



    Frozen With Fear

    Mannequins are placed in the middle of a corridor at a closed shopping mall amid the spread of Covid-19 in Jakarta, March 31. On Sunday April 5, coronavirus cases in Indonesia had topped 2,273 and deaths risen to 198, but doubts have been raised over official figures by data showing a big jump in funerals last month in the capital Jakarta./REUTERS/Fransiska Nangoy


  • Beware of Pandemic Freeloaders

    Beware of Pandemic Freeloaders

    The government must be alert to the potential misuse of state funds allocated for the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis must not become a cash cow for corrupt officials and crooked businesspeople.

  • Mudik or No Mudik

    Mudik or No Mudik

    The ambivalent policy of the president regarding the annual exodus to villages, or mudik, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic shows a lack of resolve in dealing with the crisis.

  • Self-Defeating Regulation

    Self-Defeating Regulation

    The Ministry of Trade has scrapped the legality requirement for timber export sector. Widespread illegal logging will start again.

  • Unnecessary Arrests

    Unnecessary Arrests

    The police have arrested people accused of spreading fake news about the coronavirus. Hoaxes might be a reaction to the lack of transparency from the government.

  • Sidelines

    When this pandemic is over and there are still people alive traumatized and scratching around for hope, or on the contrary, when this pandemic is over, death has declined, economic destruction has ended, and life is more peaceful, one name will be inscribed in thick letters: China.

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