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Edition 14 April 2020

  • The Wave of Unemployment
    Cover Story

    The Wave of Unemployment

    The economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic has impacted hundreds of thousands of workers. The number may still rise to the millions, with disappearing jobs adding to new unemployment. But limited data is a stumbling block to the government’s pre-employment card program.

  • Under Threat
    Cover Story

    Under Threat

    Tens of thousand workers in the tourism sector have lost their jobs. Hundreds of thousands others are waiting for their turn in suspense as the tourism industry crashes.

  • Home-Shopping and Employees Put on Leave
    Cover Story

    Home-Shopping and Employees Put on Leave

    Numerous modern retail workers have been laid off. Department stores are hit worst.

  • Manpower Minister Ida Fauziah: We hope that job termination is the last absolute option
    Cover Story

    Manpower Minister Ida Fauziah: We hope that job termination is the last absolute option

    The coronavirus disease 2019, or Covid-19, has shown its domino effects with the economy reeling under its weight.

  • Indonesia First
    Cover Story

    Indonesia First

    The government suspended the export of ethanol to secure supplies needed for combatting Covid-19. Producers protested over unclear mapping of the domestic demand.

  • Depression and confusion
    Cover Story

    Depression and confusion

    The coronavirus pandemic has hit the transportation service sector hard. Conflicting government policies are not helping any.

  • Strategies for Closing the Capital

    Strategies for Closing the Capital

    Anies Baswedan frequently communicated with business owners and academicians to prepare for setting limitations on movement in the Capital. There is a lobbying effort to relax regulations set by the minister of health.

  • Struggles Over the Restriction Measures

    Struggles Over the Restriction Measures

    There were some contentions over authorizing the Jakarta government to put social movement restrictions in place. The measure ran into some administrative issues.

  • Omnibus Law, in Corona Flavor

    Omnibus Law, in Corona Flavor

    The omnibus bill on job creation will be discussed in the Legislation Body. It could share the same fate as in the revision to the KPK Law.

  • National Police Chief Telegrams Spark Critics
    News Capsule

    National Police Chief Telegrams Spark Critics

    National Police Chief Gen. Idham Azis issued five telegrams containing instructions regarding preventative and enforcement actions during the coronavirus pandemic on April 4.

  • Interview


    Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning: We Should Not Create Any Moral Hazard

    As the threats from the Covid-19 pandemic on the national economy looms, the government has modified this year’s state budget posture and details.


  • Opinion

    Unemployment Crisis

    Unemployment Crisis

    After a month of the coronavirus disease 2019, or Covid-19, pandemic bringing everything to a halt, Indonesia must now face a second problem: a sharp increase in unemployment.

  • Opinion

    Slow Response

    Slow Response

    In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the minister of health must act swiftly to introduce social restriction practices. Forget sectoral egos and political rivalry.

  • Opinion

    The Corruptors Clause

    The Corruptors Clause

    It is not enough for President Jokowi to reject the proposal to release corruptors during the pandemic. He must also prevent the relaxation of parole conditions for corruption convicts.

  • Interlude

    Kiai Naga Siluman Dagger Cuts on Both Sides

    THE keris (dagger or kris) belonging to Diponegoro, also known as Raden Mas Ontowiryo, was returned by the Dutch government to Indonesia on March 10. The dagger, known as Kiai Naga Siluman, was believed to have been given to the Dutch by Diponegoro. Dutch and Indonesian researchers who studied the kris verified that it was Naga Siluman based on a letter from Diponegoro’s former officer Sentot Alibasya Prawirodirdjo, and a description of the dagger by Javanese painter Raden Saleh, who lived and worked for many years in Europe in the mid-19th century. However, Indonesian kris specialists have casted doubt on whether the old weapon is indeed Diponegoro’s Naga Siluman as mentioned by Sentot. From the details, they say, it seemed that the dagger is a Naga Sasra, which has quite distinct characteristics from a Naga Siluman. These Indonesian experts deem it impossible that Prince Diponegoro would not know the difference between a Naga Siluman and a Naga Sasra. Thus, the National Museum will be waiting for a compromise between kris specialists and historians before exhibiting the dagger, together with other items owned by Diponegoro, at a certain point after the corona pandemic subsides.



    Safety First

    HERMAN Maulanasyah, a 40-year-old hairstylist, gives a haircut to a customer at his barbershop, while wearing a handmade protective suit in a tribute to the country’s medical workers tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and to campaign for awareness about the rising number of deaths, in Bogor, West Java, April 6./REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan


  • Suspicious Move

    Suspicious Move

    The plan by the House of Representatives to deliberate the omnibus law has made people suspicious. The legislative process must be stopped.

  • Champion of Borrowing Frenzy
    Market Pulse

    Champion of Borrowing Frenzy

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • *That’s why, don’t insult us!!!     ****Get in!

    *That’s why, don’t insult us!!! ****Get in!

    *That’s why, don’t insult us!!! ****Get in!

  • KAI’s Disappointing Ticket Cancelation Service

    KAI’s Disappointing Ticket Cancelation Service

    MY family and I planned to go to Bandung (West Java) to attend the wedding of the grandchild of my older brother on April 11, 2020.

  • Sidelines

    A lia should not have died.

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