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Edition 21 April 2020

  • Drug  Scarcity
    Cover Story

    Drug Scarcity

    Controversy surrounding the procurement of drugs emerged after the health ministry made changes to the tender system. Drugs that are key to saving lives, such as HIV antiretrovirals, have become scarce in several regions. The change in the tender mechanism has delayed the procurement of essential drugs.

  • Drug-Sharing To Save Lives
    Cover Story

    Drug-Sharing To Save Lives

    The supply of HIV/AIDS antiretrovirals has continued to dwindle since the beginning of the year. Those with HIV/AIDS are vulnerable to other diseases as they have been forced to take substitute drugs.

  • Blood Test for Dialysis Patients
    Cover Story

    Blood Test for Dialysis Patients

    Hospitals are treating some non-Covid-19 patients differently. Patients have been asked to pay for medical personnel’s protective gear.

  • Differing Data from Jakarta

    Differing Data from Jakarta

    Data on Covid-19 continues to be erratic. Central government has no synchronicity.

  • Chasing Numbers

    Chasing Numbers

    Groups of people seek to map out the actual data of Covid-19 cases. They doubt numbers presented by the government.

  • Short-cutting Budgeting Procedures

    Short-cutting Budgeting Procedures

    The act of using presidential regulations to make drastic changes to the state budget is seen as a violation to the constitution.

  • Bitter Taste of Sugar Shortage

    Bitter Taste of Sugar Shortage

    The government is struggling to keep up consumption sugar supply after prices soared. This comes in the midst of an impending global food crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Economy’s Survival at Stake

    Economy’s Survival at Stake

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • Storm of Hatred in Uncle Sam’s Country

    Storm of Hatred in Uncle Sam’s Country

    At least 1,000 racist or discriminative actions against Asians occurred amid the coronavirus outbreak. Four cases happened to Indonesians in Philadelphia.

  • Director-General of Customs Heru Pambudi:  No Country is Immune to Smuggling

    Director-General of Customs Heru Pambudi: No Country is Immune to Smuggling

    The discovery of the export of hundreds of thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to South Korea and China on March 21 has sparked controversy.

  • Interview


    Daeng Mohammad Faqih, Chairman, Indonesian Medical Association: Patient Information Should Be Released

    Following the March 22 announcement of the death of six doctors, the Indonesian Medical Association’s executive board (BP IDI) began posting on its social media pages obituaries for doctors who succumbed to the Covid-19, complete with a black and white portrait of the deceased doctors next to their names and academic titles.


  • Law

    Donations Slowed down by Bureaucracy

    Donations Slowed down by Bureaucracy

    Imports of Covid-19 medical equipment for social interest has been obstructed by complicated authorization procedures. Minister of Finance has allegedly facilitated the matter.

  • Law

    Hazmat Suits Coded As Baby Clothes

    Hazmat Suits Coded As Baby Clothes

    Hundreds of thousands of sets of PPE were successfully exported to Korea with falsified codes. The matter was resolved unofficially by three institutions.

  • Cartoon



    *I don’t take the passenger, but the passenger is taking me, is that okay? **Hmm...call it right, it’s not, call it wrong, it’s right... ***(Banner) Support the Large-Scale Social Restrictions, Fight Corona

  • Outreach

    The Village in the Middle of the Siberut Forest

    The Mentawai culture is being expurgated by modern life. As we speak, in some villages local culture has almost reached extinction point. Yet the people of Simatalu on Siberut Island are still complying to their old traditions. In March, with the support from the Rainforest Journalism Fund at Pulitzer Center, Tempo correspondent Febrianti had a look at and recorded daily life in Simatalu village.



    Ghost Protocol

    Volunteers Deri Setyawan, 25, and Septian Febriyanto, 26, sit on a bench as they play the role of pocong, or known as ‘shroud ghost’, to make people stay at home amid the spread of Covid-19, outside the gate of Kepuh village in Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java, April 1./REUTERS


  • Agus Suparmanto’s Right of Reply

    Agus Suparmanto’s Right of Reply

    We act for and on behalf of Agus Suparmanto to convey the following matters.

  • Terawan’s Wrong Prescription

    Terawan’s Wrong Prescription

    Stocks of drugs for conditions not related to Covid-19 are under threat. The government failed to anticipate this.

  • Corona Confusion

    Corona Confusion

    The government finally released the figures for people infected and suspected of being infected with Covid-19. Transparency is needed, not centralization.

  • The Wrong ShortCut

    The Wrong ShortCut

    President Joko Widodo changed the posture and the details of the state budget using a presidential regulation. He should have issued a new regulation in lieu of law.

  • Food Crisis

    Food Crisis

    The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a global food production and distribution being in a critical state. Indonesia could be affected.

  • Sidelines

    IN this world fighting Covid-19, in this chaotic life confronting epidemic, there is one place that has swiftly—and nervously—become hope: the State.

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