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Edition 28 April 2020

  • Earth's Hope
    Cover Story

    Earth's Hope

    These young women dedicate themselves to protecting the environment. Some are keeping a watchful eye over ecosystems, while others are mobilizing communities, educating the younger generation and defending the environment. In spite of their sometimes trying journey, these women have continued forward.

  • Touched by a Wounded Elephant
    Cover Story

    Touched by a Wounded Elephant

    Solfarina’s meeting with Dita, a female elephant with a limp, changed her life. Solfarina and Rimba Satwa have served as a shield that protects the elephants in Sumatra’s forests.

  • From Forest to Sea
    Cover Story

    From Forest to Sea

    These women dedicate their time to protecting the environment. They spend days at a time in the jungle.

  • Young Pioneer from Sendang Biru
    Cover Story

    Young Pioneer from Sendang Biru

    The destruction of mangrove forests prompted restoration work on the south coast of Malang Regency, East Java. Lia Putrinda and her father have consistently been on the front lines.

  • Embracing Nature, Improving Quality
    Cover Story

    Embracing Nature, Improving Quality

    Environmental conservation is these four women’s primary focus. Some dive directly into the field, to rivers, fields, and the sea, while others are choosing to share their knowledge and experience to future conservationists.

  • Salvaging Leftovers
    Cover Story

    Salvaging Leftovers

    Garda Pangan is a response to the country’s irony: 60 percent of Indonesia’s trash consists of leftover food although many in the country cannot have decent meal.

  • New Spirit from the Grassroots
    Cover Story

    New Spirit from the Grassroots

    Five young women are mobilizing communities in their own regions to effect change, from waste management to environmental advocacy and indigenous rights. After surmounting various obstacles, these women have achieved success.

  • Sri Tiawati: The Tribe’s Stubborn School Teacher
    Cover Story

    Sri Tiawati: The Tribe’s Stubborn School Teacher

    Sri Tiawati was adamant to build a school for her tribe in Semeriot village. She was once embarrassed to have been a native of Dayak Punan.

  • Nurturing Nature
    Cover Story

    Nurturing Nature

    They began with the need for self-fulfillment, and ends up passing on their knowledge about taking care of the environment. Four young women successfully build an education program, using resources available around them.

  • Persisting for the Environment
    Cover Story

    Persisting for the Environment

    Environmental damage, land dispute, and disruptions to marine life motivate these four women to engage in environmental and community rights advocacy. They persist, even in the face of frequent threats.

  • Interview


    Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo: Returnees Will Be Sent Back

    While several governors and regional heads sought permission to apply the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) to waylay further spread of the coronavirus, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has a different take.


  • Economy

    Lots of Oil, No Tanks

    Lots of Oil, No Tanks

    In order to take advantage of sagging prices, Pertamina plans to buy oil in bulk. The problem is where to store it.

  • National

    Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Some special staff members of President Joko Widodo drew attention over possible conflict of interests in some government projects.

  • National

    Stumbling in the Halls of Power

    Stumbling in the Halls of Power

    The appointment of millennials as special staff members is being labeled a political image building strategy.

  • Law

    The Foul Smell of Imported Waste

    Customs directorate-general uncovered a scandal over the import of plastic scrap containing hazardous and toxic waste exceeding the limit. Of the dozen importers, only one has been prosecuted. There are suspicions of lobbying to a number of House of Representatives members.



    Ramadan Repose

    A security officer walks inside The Great Mosque of Istiqlal as it is closed during the imposition of large-scale restrictions by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19, at the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Jakarta, April 23. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan


  • Lasma Natalia: The Dust-Covered Advocate
    Cover Story

    Lasma Natalia: The Dust-Covered Advocate

    Lasma Natalia counseled the residents of Indramayu and Cirebon in their struggle against a coal-fired power plant construction project. She helps with legal education and assistance during trial.

  • The Activists Roundup

    The Activists Roundup

    Police arrested and intimidated some activists. Many things do not add up.

  • Upstream Chaos

    Upstream Chaos

    The oil-and-gas upstream industry is revising its 2020 targets, as it gets hit from all sides.

  • Oil Glut Trouble
    Market Pulse

    Oil Glut Trouble

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • New Harvestindo International General Manager Agung Priadi:  This is Politicization

    New Harvestindo International General Manager Agung Priadi: This is Politicization

    Thousands of garbage-carrying containers filled with plastic scraps mixed with waste are seen piling up at the Tanjung Priok and Banten Ports.

  • Environment and Forestry Ministry’s Director-General of Law Enforcement  Rasio Ridho Sani:  Re-export, or deal with the law

    Environment and Forestry Ministry’s Director-General of Law Enforcement Rasio Ridho Sani: Re-export, or deal with the law

    The directorate-general of law enforcement at the environment and forestry ministry formed a special task force to deal with the problems of plastic waste import.

  • Reducing Waste with Power Generators

    Reducing Waste with Power Generators

    TEMPO of the March 31-April 6, 2020 edition carried a report in the Economy section entitled Piles of Waste Problems. I would like to highlight several matters in that report.

  • Cartoon


    Ilustration: Tempo/Yuyun Nurrahman

  • Millennial Kartinis to Save the World

    Millennial Kartinis to Save the World

    SOCIAL distancing because of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to pollution levels falling and a cleaner environment. Political decisions are needed to make this change permanent.

  • Conflicting Business

    Conflicting Business

    Conflicts of interest of two millennial members of the special staff shows the poor accountability within Jokowi’s administration.

  • Authoritarian Tendency

    Authoritarian Tendency

    The government is appearing increasingly authoritarian during this Covid-19 pandemic. This could damage its credibility.

  • No Hasty Cuts

    No Hasty Cuts

    The collapse in world oil prices sparked calls for the government to reduce fuel prices. There is a risk of losses at a time of considerable global economic uncertainty.

  • Sidelines

    THE 2020 pandemic: it is not only the virus that is spreading so fast, but also questions. Uncertainty, in other words.

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