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Edition 05 May 2020

  • Poor Aid Database and distribution
    Cover Story

    Poor Aid Database and distribution

    The central and regional governments have begun distributing social aid for those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. But the disordered database of recipients has resulted in improper aid distribution. Losses may be suffered by the state.

  • Money At Your Doorstep
    Cover Story

    Money At Your Doorstep

    Aid has not been properly distributed in various regions. Well-to-do people also received it.

  • We Want Aid to Reach the Right People
    Cover Story

    We Want Aid to Reach the Right People

    Ministry of Social Affairs Secretary-General Hartono Laras

  • Aid Problems in the Villages
    Cover Story

    Aid Problems in the Villages

    The process of collecting data and distributing village funds direct cash aid has been a disordered one. Mishaps can potentially trigger conflict.

  • Pre-employment Card Under Fire
    Cover Story

    Pre-employment Card Under Fire

    The Pre-employment Card Program’s implementation has been far from smooth. Transactions for training come to over Rp120 billion.

  • Graffiti Resistance

    Graffiti Resistance

    The police suspect that Anarko is behind a number of crimes in Java cities. The group is without strong organizations and logistics.

  • Support from Gardens and the Internet
    Special Report

    Support from Gardens and the Internet

    Non-formal education institutions are looking for ways to continue instruction during the pandemic. It is not purely a business concern but a part of a mission for equal access to education.

  • Beyond Classrooms
    Special Report

    Beyond Classrooms

    A number of top campuses are helping government’s Covid-19 mitigation efforts. From virus testing, searching for natural antidotes, to examining potential compounds as vaccines.

  • Back to School With TVRI
    Special Report

    Back to School With TVRI

    The government is providing some home-based education platforms to reach students in the provinces. Not all students and teachers can easily adapt.

  • Innovations Amid the Pandemic
    Special Report

    Innovations Amid the Pandemic

    Vocational Middle School students are coming up with various innovations for suppressing coronavirus transmission. They put theory into practice while honing their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Interview


    All-Indonesia Labor Union Confederation President Elly Rosita Silaban: It’s As If We Were Side-stepped

    After waiting for two days on tenterhooks, the President of the All-Indonesia Labor Union Confederation (KSBSI) Elly Rosita Silaban obtained the good news from the Merdeka Palace on Friday, April 24.


  • National

    Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    The government prepares a scenario to ease off large-scale social restrictions, claiming that coronavirus transmission trend is flattening. Meanwhile, the number of tests is still not ideal.

  • Special Report

    Disinfectant Robots & Portable Ventilators

    Disinfectant Robots & Portable Ventilators

    Universities are urged to develop health instrument in the fight against Covid-19. This ranges from disinfectant robots to portable ventilators.

  • Special Report

    Academia Battles Against Covid

    UNIVERSITY researchers are putting their heads together in conducting studies to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies in a number of fields—from engineering and medicine to sociology and economics—are used to battle against the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.



    Quickly please

    Customers are waiting for their turn to buy foodstuffs from a traveling vegetable vendor by still keeping their distance to each other in Taman Anyelir 3, Depok, West Java, Tuesday, April 28. Physical distancing is applied in that area to avoid crowd accumulation as an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19./ANTARA/Asprilla Dwi Adha


  • Pre-Employment Card’s Right of Reply

    Pre-Employment Card’s Right of Reply

    Responding the editorial of Tempo magazine.

  • Cartoon


    *It feels so heavy, yet the contents aren’t that much... **Looks like, it’s her picture that makes it heavy, right...?

  • Moving Targets

    Moving Targets

    In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, social assistance from the government can be a lifeline for millions of people affected.

  • Playing with Fire

    Playing with Fire

    The government wants to end the social restrictions protocol so the economy can start moving again. Data is still a problem.

  • New Specter Old Story

    New Specter Old Story

    The police have arrested a number of people and charged them with being members of an “Anarcho-Syndicalist” group. The same tactics once used by the New Order regime.

  • Innovation in the Pandemic Era

    Innovation in the Pandemic Era

    The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a number of innovations in many fields. The government should use the results of research as the basis for policymaking.

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