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Edition 12 May 2020

  • The Biozek Controversy
    Cover Story

    The Biozek Controversy

    The Biozek rapid test kit, which is imported by Kimia Farma from the Netherlands, seems to be questionable. An investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) in collaboration with Tempo reveals that Biozek test kits are, in fact, manufactured in China. A number of studies also point to Biozek’s low accuracy. Sold at hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah per unit, Biozek has spread to various places in the country, including the State Palace.

  • The Problem with Rapid Testing
    Cover Story

    The Problem with Rapid Testing

    International journalists have found issues with Covid-19 rapid test kits. India and Spain are complaining about the inaccuracy of Chinese-manufactured test kits.

  • Crying Over a False Result
    Cover Story

    Crying Over a False Result

    Rapid testing in various regions has yielded inaccurate results. Psychosomatic symptoms may occur after a false positive.

  • Profiting in the Midst of Panic
    Cover Story

    Profiting in the Midst of Panic

    Rapid testing services are mushrooming. The result of minimal health monitoring by the government.

  • Biozek is made in China
    Cover Story

    Biozek is made in China

    Chief Executive Officer Inzek International Trading BV Zeki Hamid:

  • Unrealistic Rice Field Program
    News Capsule

    Unrealistic Rice Field Program

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo’s instruction to create new rice fields in peatland areas has received strong criticisms. Some argue that such program had been done and failed.

  • Two Disappearing Acts

    Two Disappearing Acts

    The newest regulation regarding sustainable oil palm plantation certification draws a barrage of criticism. Two added considerations—human rights and traceability of raw materials—are deleted.

  • Expanding Costs for the Biodiesel Program

    Expanding Costs for the Biodiesel Program

    The decrease of crude oil prices is endangering the biodiesel program. The price difference of biofuels and diesel fuel has driven up the amount of funds needed to pay incentives to biodiesel producers.

  • A Back Alley to Avoid Economy Contraction
    Market Pulse

    A Back Alley to Avoid Economy Contraction

    AS it turns out, Covid-19’s toll on the Indonesian economy exceeds many analysts’ expectations.

  • Last Footprint in South Jakarta

    Last Footprint in South Jakarta

    The KPK lost track of fugitives Nurhadi Abdurrachman and Harun Masiku. Six other suspects are on the run from the KPK, their whereabouts unknown.

  • Interview


    Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java: Incomplete Data Will Get Me into Trouble

    West Java Governor Mochamad Ridwan Kamil has ordered large-scale social restrictions—or PSBB as widely known—across the entire West Java region starting May 6 following the successful implementation of the same measures in Bogor-Depok-Bekasi and Greater Bandung.


  • Law

    Troublesome Quarter

    Troublesome Quarter

    KPK’s Supervisory Council is evaluating the performance of Commissioner General Firli Bahuri and his colleagues. Most of the problems are in the enforcement division.

  • Environment

    Gone with the Flood

    Gone with the Flood

    An ITB researcher estimates that more than 100 coastal regencies and municipalities could disappear under the sea flood. Climate Central predicts 23 million residents in coastal regions of Indonesia would be affected by tidal flood due to rising sea level by 2050.

  • Letters

    Heroes of Healthcare

    Heroes of Healthcare

    Covid-19 has become a national problem, even a global quandary.

  • Outreach

    Safe Place for Students

    Many classrooms in Kupang Regency are constructed from makeshift materials. Some schools got assistance for renovation. It is for the sake of student safety.



    Virtual Vesak

    A Buddhist monk speaks during a ritual on Vesak Day streamed live through social media amidst concerns over the spread of Covid-19, at a closed temple in Bogor, West Java, May 7./REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan


  • Cartoon


    *Our rice field is bigger now, hahaha...! **May his dream come true.../Tempo/Yuyun Nurrahman

  • Beware of Pandemic Fraud

    Beware of Pandemic Fraud

    As well as giving rise to heroism, crises often lead to tales of theft.

  • Toothless Supervisory Council

    Toothless Supervisory Council

    Evaluation by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Supervisory Council fell on deaf ears. Further evidence that the revised KPK law is hampering corruption eradication program.

  • Irregular Regulation

    Irregular Regulation

    President Jokowi has issued a regulation on the sustainable management of the oil palm industry. Ironically, it does not include critical elements such as enforcement of human rights or traceable supply chain.

  • Misplaced Arrest

    Misplaced Arrest

    A journalist in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan, has been arrested and charged with spreading interethnic hatred in an article about a land conflict involving a plantation company. This should have been resolved through the Press Council.

  • Sidelines

    One and a half hours before my brother breathed his last, I visited him in the Intensive Care Unit where he had been treated for a few days.

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