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Edition 19 May 2020

  • The Helping Hands
    Cover Story

    The Helping Hands

    Amid the deadly pandemic, several individuals and communities are refusing to sit still and wait for the government to take action. Using simple ideas, they lend a helping hand to those affected by the pandemic. These people are gathering resources and working hard in order to move swiftly and accurately to fight the pandemic, whose end is not yet in sight. Acts of solidarity, such as the ones performed by these members of the Indonesian public, will persist even amid the worst of disasters.

  • Food for the City’s Poor
    Cover Story

    Food for the City’s Poor

    Activists established soup kitchens to provide food for those impacted by Covid-19. The food solidarity movement is meant to assist the urban poor.

  • 20 Seconds to Save a Life
    Cover Story

    20 Seconds to Save a Life

    Some groups are raising public awareness on the coronavirus using simple methods. They are filling a vacuum not yet occupied by the government.

  • Keeping the Nation Alive
    Cover Story

    Keeping the Nation Alive

    Plummeting demand and restricted access to distribution amid the Covid-19 pandemic have caused foodstuff prices to drop. Solidarity movements have come to the aid of farmers in Indonesia’s rural areas.

  • The Sewing Crew
    Cover Story

    The Sewing Crew

    Several groups take the initiative to fashion protective gear for health workers. Their products are being distributed for free to hundreds of medical facilities.

  • Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers
    Cover Story

    Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers

    The eviction of some health workers has led some boarding house owners to offer them rooms free of charge. Medical personnel are helping one another.

  • debt restructuring

    debt restructuring

    Private and state-owned companies are in a race to restructure their debts due to the waning economy. The government anticipates limited liquidity in financial institutions.

  • The Fed’s Gamble on Dollar Credibility
  • Something Amiss in Court

    Something Amiss in Court

    A number of key witnesses in the case of acid attack against Corruption Eradication Commission investigator, Novel Baswedan, were not presented by the prosecutor to court. Their testimonies are different compared to what is described in the indictment.

  • Epidemics and Quarantine in the Dutch East Indies

    Epidemics and Quarantine in the Dutch East Indies

    Indonesia faced several epidemics during the Dutch East Indies era. From outbreaks of cholera and pestilence in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in the early of the 20th century up until the impact of the Spanish Flu. Those pandemics resembled the current situation. After a late response to the outbreak, the colonial government finally enacted a regional quarantine. Many things can be learned from past epidemics. Mitigation strategies, appropriate isolation measures, and rapid responses are needed.

  • Interlude


    Doctors without Protection

    Native doctors and orderlies were heroes when the pestilence outbreak hit Malang in the 1910s. Doctor Cipto Mangunkusumo became an icon and a voice in the media.


  • Interlude

    Hans Pols, Writer of Nurturing Indonesia: Medicine and Decolonization in the Dutch East Indies: Javanese Doctors Knew of the Discrimination

    Hans Pols, Writer of Nurturing Indonesia: Medicine and Decolonization in the Dutch East Indies: Javanese Doctors Knew of the Discrimination

    In colonial times, the fight for independence was also driven by native doctors who graduated from the School tot Opleiding van Indische Artsen (STOVIA).

  • Interlude

    1918-1919: Spreading Like Brush Fire

    1918-1919: Spreading Like Brush Fire

    The Spanish Flu is the deadliest pandemic in history, wiping out tens of millions of people between 1918 and 1919. It was also a nightmare in the Dutch East Indies.

  • Interlude

    After the Pandemic:  ‘The New Normal’

    After the Pandemic: ‘The New Normal’

    An influenza pandemic changed many things for the Dutch East Indies and the world. A new way-of-life was begun. Some things had to change for the pandemic not to recur.

  • Interview

    Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi, Foreign Minister: Protection of WNI Doesn’t Get Easier

    Early this month, a news report coming out of South Korea sparked furor across the archipelago.



    Smoke On The Water

    A Pelindo 1’s tugboat tries to put out the fire that engulfed MT JAG LEELA vessel at Belawan Port, Medan, North Sumatra, Monday, May 11. The tanker was docking for maintenance at the dry-dock belonging to Waruna Nusa Sentana Shipyard when it caught on fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation./ANTARA/Septianda Perdana


  • The Values of Japanese and Indonesian Novels

    The Values of Japanese and Indonesian Novels

    Delving further into the literary works of Nobel laureates from Japan like Kawabata and Yukio Mishima, we can notice the very paternalistic puritan morals of Asian nations.



    *Mom, why do we go to our hometown through this way? **Many roads lead to hometown, Son.../Tempo/Yuyun Nurrahman

  • Celebrating Solidarity

    Celebrating Solidarity

    ONE of just a few examples of good news from this Corona pandemic is the flourishing of solidarity everywhere.

  • A Century Later

    A Century Later

    The way pandemics were handled in the past could be a valuable lesson for responding to Covid-19. Health considerations should be prioritized when making decisions.

  • Finding The Mastermind

    Finding The Mastermind

    There have been a number of irregularities in the trial over the attack on Novel Baswedan. The judge needs to summon the former Greater Jakarta Police chief.

  • Dangers Restructuring

    Dangers Restructuring

    Any relief on debt payments must prioritize the principle of caution. There must be a cordon to keep out thieves.

  • Sidelines

    A French philosopher, aged 60, travelled 2,100 kilometers by horse-driven carriage to meet an empress in Russia.

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