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Edition 16 June 2020

  • Jokowi’s Son Maneuvers Towards Candidacy
    Cover Story

    Jokowi’s Son Maneuvers Towards Candidacy

    Following in his father’s footsteps, Joko Widodo’s son Gibran Rakabuming Raka is one step away from becoming Solo’s mayor. Although he received rejection from the Solo branch of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), that chose to support another candidate, Gibran has the support of PDI-P’s central board. Other parties have given their support after some lobbying from the Palace. Gibran also has the full support of his family.

  • Ma’ruf’s Daughter Joins the Race
    Cover Story

    Ma’ruf’s Daughter Joins the Race

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo’s son and son-in-law are not the only family members of the country’s leaders interested in joining the race for regional heads.

  • Bobby’s Gambit
    Cover Story

    Bobby’s Gambit

    Bobby Nasution is cozying up to a number of political parties in order to be nominated as a mayoral candidate for Medan. He is believed to have a good chance of winning the race.

  • My Competitors are My Friends and My Kin
  • My Father-in-Law Does Not Wish to Restrict Me
  • One Foot in the Coalition
    Cover Story

    One Foot in the Coalition

    The government coalition suffers from a fracture. Decisions are influenced by interests having to do with the 2024 election.

  • Continuous Repression in Papua

    Continuous Repression in Papua

    SOME human rights defender organizations denounced the indictment filed by the public prosecutor against seven residents of Papua.

  • Draining Coffers for Biodiesel

    Draining Coffers for Biodiesel

    The government decided to inject some Rp2.78 trillion to support the Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency in the swelling B30 program. It is seen as only benefiting oil palm oil giants that produce biodiesel.

  • From Companies for Corporations

    From Companies for Corporations

    The distribution of plantation funds for rejuvenating individually-owned oil palm trees has been chaotic. It pales in comparison to the amount of money given to the biodiesel program.



    CEO of Indonesian Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency, Eddy Abdurrahman

  • Interview


    Rukka Sombolinggi, Secretary-General, Indonesian Archipelago Indigenous People Alliance: Indigenous People’s Rights Exist Only in Constitution

    Violence against indigenous communities continues to occur.


  • Economy

    A New saving for Workers

    A New saving for Workers

    A people’s housing savings program is ready to launch in the midst of rejections by industrialists. There are concerns regarding authorization to invest the funds.

  • Law

    Gifts from Nusaina

    Gifts from Nusaina

    Sihar Sitorus’ company is suspected of giving out cash and cars as bribes to ease the process of land take-overs. Some of the lands are part of forests area.

  • Cartoon

    Don’t take the corpse, it’s dangerous...!

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman



    Life is Sweet

    Trucks carrying sugar cane are lining up during the first milling season at Rejoso Manis Indo (RMI) sugar factory in Blitar, East Java, Tuesday, June 9. In the the first milling season of 2020 RMI targets to produce about 900,000 tons of sugar with daily production of 7,500 TCD (tons of cane per day) to help boost national sugar production. The national sugar production is predicted by the Indonesian Sugar Association (AGI) to only reach 2.0 to 2.1 million tons due to the long drought in 2019./ANTARA/Irfan Anshori


  • The Last Home of Mentawai’s Primates

    The Last Home of Mentawai’s Primates

    Four species of primates endemic to Mentawai Islands are now endangered. Most of their populations are found just outside of Siberut National Park, in what is designated as production forest area. This report is supported by the Rainforest Journalism Fund under partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

  • The Tempo Version of BPJS Potential Loss

    The Tempo Version of BPJS Potential Loss

    TEMPO of the June 9-15, 2020 edition published an investigation report, BPJS Leaking Money.

  • Broken Pacts in Palm Land

    Broken Pacts in Palm Land

    Local landowners in Central Maluku claimed that DPR member Sihar Sitorus had broken his agreement over the profit sharing of his palm plantation. They suspect Sihar of making changes to the contract unilaterally. Locals had hoped to get Rp2 million each month for every hectare of land they entrusted to Sihar, but in reality they only get Rp70,000.

  • Beware of Nepotism in Politics

    Beware of Nepotism in Politics

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo may well give the excuse that the nomination of his son and son-in-law in elections for regional heads this December does not break any rules.

  • Papuan Lives Matter

    Papuan Lives Matter

    The government must not continue its mistaken policies in Papua. Stop the violence and start the dialogue.

  • Bad Timing for Unnecessary Burden

    Bad Timing for Unnecessary Burden

    The Government Regulation on the Public Housing Savings Program has sparked controversy. It adds to the burdens of workers and businesses.

  • No Losses from Bioenergy

    No Losses from Bioenergy

    For the sake of B30 project, the government is to inject Rp2.78 trillion into the Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency. Most of these management funds will go to large companies.

  • Sidelines

    Death changed in Florence in the 14th century. Plague plundered the famous Italian city like a foreign army wreaking wrath.

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