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Edition 27 July 2020

  • A New Light for a Boarding School Community
    Cover Story

    A New Light for a Boarding School Community

    Najmatul Millah and her husband built an Islamic boarding school in Jember, East Java, which features a more formal curriculum. She spreads the word about fulfilling women’s rights.

  • Responding to Stones with Tofu
    Cover Story

    Responding to Stones with Tofu

    Irwan Masduqi’s Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta was nearly torched because he loudly spoke up for tolerance. His school accepts non-Muslim students.

  • Preacher of Human Rights
    Cover Story

    Preacher of Human Rights

    Marzuki Wahid loudly voices his support for gender equality and equity. He co-founded an Islamic education institution focused on gender and human rights studies.

  • Teungku Meulaboh’s Safe House
    Cover Story

    Teungku Meulaboh’s Safe House

    Umi Hanisah is the first woman in Aceh to found and lead an Islamic boarding school. At her school, children victims of sexual and domestic violence as well as armed conflict find refuge.

  • Sharing and Qur’an Study
    Cover Story

    Sharing and Qur’an Study

    Ratna Ulfatul Fuadiyah combines religious teaching with economic empowerment. Religious teachings tend to be more easily accepted.

  • Killer Professor Counters Radicals
    Cover Story

    Killer Professor Counters Radicals

    Alivermana Wiguna eliminated a radical group at his university. His student was sent as a spy.

  • Keeping the Fire of Tolerance
    Cover Story

    Keeping the Fire of Tolerance

    Six Islamic teachers fight to nurture tolerance and equality. They preach from village to village, guiding their communities. They have been rejected and threatened, some have even been driven away, their schools attacked. But they refuse to give up and have consistently promoting interfaith harmony and equity. illustration: tempo/kendra paramita

  • Committee Created After the Rage

    Committee Created After the Rage

    Dissatisfied with the performance of his ministers, President Jokowi established a new entity to deal with the effects of the Covid-19. Some doubt its effectiveness.

  • Will Shell Leave Masela?

    Will Shell Leave Masela?

    Shell plans to let go of its stake in the Masela Block giant liquid natural gas project, likely because of the project’s change of scheme and the latest economic predictions.

  • For Whom the Hundreds Trillion of New Money
  • Law


    The Sabu Voyage in Sumatra

    Taiwanese drug smuggler networks supply nartoctics to Indonesia using fishing boats with falsified documents. Operating as far as Australia’s western coast, they make use of undetected small piers and uninhabited islets near the Riau Islands. This investigation report is the collaborative work of Tempo magazine, Taiwan media The Reporter, Tempo Institute and Free Press Unlimited.


  • Law

    Condemned to Death Abroad

    Condemned to Death Abroad

    Taiwanese fishermen became crystal meth smugglers due to the big payment. They smuggle the drugs to certain locations.

  • Law

    National Narcotics Agency Chief Heru Winarko: The Taiwanese Network is Highly Secretive

    National Narcotics Agency Chief Heru Winarko: The Taiwanese Network is Highly Secretive

    Crystal methamphetamine from Myanmar is often smuggled in by Taiwanese fishermen. National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has identified the ships used for this purpose since 2017, but their names are frequently changed to cover the traffickers’ tracks.

  • Law

    Lobbying in the Balkan Skies

    Lobbying in the Balkan Skies

    The suspected swindler of BNI Bank’s Rp1.2 trillion, who has been on the run for the past 17 years, was arrested by Serbian police as she had been put on red notice. Her lawyer tried to bribe Serb officials for up to €500,000.

  • Interview

    Johnny Gerard Plate, Communication and Informatics Minister: Don’t Hinder Digital Transformation

    A Mid government’s efforts to speed up digitalization of broadcasting, the House of Representatives (DPR) decided to drop the broadcast law revision from its 2020 national legislative priorities.



    When Sparks Fly

    Two men are attacking each other during a traditonal torch war ceremony in Tegalsambi village, Jepara, Central Java, Monday, July 21. The thanksgiving celebration is conducted by implementing health protocols limiting the duration and number of participants to prevent Covid-19 transmission./ANTARA/Yusuf Nugroho/foc.


  • Peaceful Faces of Islam

    Peaceful Faces of Islam

    Religion should free people.

  • New Committee, No Strategy

    New Committee, No Strategy

    The government seems to have lost its way in dealing with the pandemic. The effectiveness of the Covid-19 response and national economic recovery committee is open to question.

  • Smuggled Undetected

    Smuggled Undetected

    Smuggling of methylamphetamine continues in Southeast Asia. The law enforcement authorities should deal with it tactically and systematically.

  • Goodbye Masela

    Goodbye Masela

    The development of the Masela Block could be uncertain once more after Shell announced its intention to withdraw. This is the result of constantly changing government policies.

  • Business Trip

    Business Trip

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • The Basis of Power Cut-off

    The Basis of Power Cut-off

    I would like to request an explanation about the rule or legal basis of the electricity cut-off by the state electricity company PLN that has involved a consumer like me, after being late for the payment of the bill in June, only to be followed on July 7 by the power cut-off in my house.

  • Sidelines

    WHAT kind of America is it over there in the west, sprawled between paranoia and optimism, between entropy and fantasy, with Donald Trump antagonizing all and sundry, and the cry ‘Let’s make America great again’ sounding like an old cracked record?

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