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Edition 17 August 2020

  • Doctors for the Republic
    Cover Story

    Doctors for the Republic

    Indonesia’s doctors have always been ready and present, risking their lives during outbreaks and pandemics. STOVIA alumni also joined the fight for independence.

  • The Black King
    Cover Story

    The Black King

    Jonas Andreas Latumeten organized a counter-attack against a Dutch doctor prejudiced against Indonesians. He embedded his political agenda into his medical practice.

  • A Rebel in Political Circles
    Cover Story

    A Rebel in Political Circles

    Serving as the first health minister only for three months, Boentaran Martoadmodjo succeeded in forming the Indonesian Red Cross. He was sent to jail for opposing the government.

  • Brave Doctor from Singasari
    Cover Story

    Brave Doctor from Singasari

    He was one of the native doctors who pioneered malaria treatment in Papua. To address the absence of immersion oil—a key ingredient for diagnosis—Kariadi formulated it himself from cananga leaves. The oil was then patented under his name. He died at the hands of a Japanese soldier at the age of 40.

  • The Father of Integrated Health Services
    Cover Story

    The Father of Integrated Health Services

    The effects of colonization and political upheaval in the wake of Indonesia’s independence created a crisis in the health sector. Johannes Leimena, a doctor who graduated from STOVIA and a former youth movement activist, attempted to rectify this problem when he returned to national politics. His efforts led to the creation of an integrated public health care system available in both cities and villages.

  • pauper Doctor, the Political Activist
    Cover Story

    pauper Doctor, the Political Activist

    Moewardi did not hesitate to give free medical services to the poor. He was active in numerous social organizations, scouting, as well as politics, and was a confidant of Tan Malaka. The final moments of his life went undetected.

  • Dr. Slamet Iman Santoso: Architect of the Psychology Faculty
    Cover Story

    Dr. Slamet Iman Santoso: Architect of the Psychology Faculty

    Slamet Iman Santoso pioneered Indonesia’s psychology education. He changed student enrollment at state universities.

  • Dr. Sulianti Saroso: The Woman Who Eradicated Smallpox
    Cover Story

    Dr. Sulianti Saroso: The Woman Who Eradicated Smallpox

    An infectious diseases hospital is named after Sulianti Suroso, a doctor who played a major role in the eradication of smallpox in the country. She once helped smuggle a plane during the struggle for independence.

  • THE Lobby for Zero Competition

    THE Lobby for Zero Competition

    In the upcoming regional elections later this year, many areas may only have single candidates. It is an exploration for the 2024 general election.

  • Additional Quota for Japfa

    Additional Quota for Japfa

    As the price of chicken falls at the poultry farm level, the agriculture ministry approved a proposal from Japfa to increase the import quota for breeding stock. Their lobby began with the minister’s son.

  • Interview


    Unifah Rosyidi, Chair of the Executive Board, Indonesian Teachers Association: Government Should Not Pit Teachers Against Parents

    Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim’s decision to implement distance learning system during the Covid-19 pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box of problems. Countless teachers particularly those in the regions have found themselves overwhelmed.


  • News Capsule

    Government Rushes to Prduce Corona Vaccine

    Government Rushes to Prduce Corona Vaccine

    President Joko Widodo has allocated Rp25.4 trillion for public health, which also encompasses a budget to produce the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Letter From

    Letters from The Editor

    Letters from The Editor

    It has been 20 years since Tempo English published its first edition. From the beginning, we always strive to provide the best quality journalism about the most important topics in Indonesian social, culture, business, legal, and political landscape. Of course, we had our ups and downs.

  • Letters

    The Agraria Conflict in Langkat

    IN the conflict involving the Namo Serdang Forest Farmers Group (KTH) that has had a license to manage 804 hectares of limited production forestland in the Langkat Forest Management Unit (KPH)




    LOCAL residents continue to work in the field to harvest potatoes despite the billowing column of ash in the background, in Karo, North Sumatra, Monday, August 10. That day Mount Sinabung erupted, releasing volcanic materials that formed a vertical column 5,000 meters high./ANTARA FOTO/Sastrawan Ginting


  • Virtual Ceremony

    Virtual Ceremony

    Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • Doctors in our History

    Doctors in our History

    WE should learn from doctor Sulianti Saroso.

  • Time to End the Monopoly

    Time to End the Monopoly

    Major companies control the national chicken meat industry. They still make profits when prices fall.

  • President Jokowi’s Vaccine Promise

    President Jokowi’s Vaccine Promise

    Mass production of the Covid-19 vaccine needs to wait for the results of the phase three clinical trials, which have only just begun. Comprehensive information needs to be given out.

  • Vote for the Empty Box

    Vote for the Empty Box

    Coalitions of parties are forcing unopposed sole candidates on voters in elections for a number of regional heads. This damages democracy and fosters corruption.

  • Sidelines

    AUGUST 6, 1945.

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