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Edition 31 August 2020

  • The Palace’s Social Media Troops
    Cover Story

    The Palace’s Social Media Troops

    The Palace appears to be mobilizing influencers and ‘buzzers’—this era’s social media propagandists—to further its agendas. They actively posted during the KPK Law revision and more recently about a potential cabinet reshuffle. They may have received payment for their work on social media.

  • The Online Mercenary Trolls
    Cover Story

    The Online Mercenary Trolls

    The government is allocating billions of rupiah to pay influencers. Agencies are paid to manage them.

  • Ghost Account’s Hacking Spree
    Cover Story

    Ghost Account’s Hacking Spree

    Digembok doxed several people without legal consequences. More than one person may be managing the Digembok account.

  • A New Way to Silence Criticism
    Cover Story

    A New Way to Silence Criticism

    A number of media and civil society organization websites have been hacked by anonymous accounts. An old tactic in the new digital era.

  • NasDem Politician in Prosecutor Pinangki’s Case
    News Capsule

    NasDem Politician in Prosecutor Pinangki’s Case

    THE Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is examining National Democrat (NasDem) Party politician Andi Irfan Jaya in a bribery case that implicates prosecutor Pinangki Sirna Malasari.

  • State Courier Business

    State Courier Business

    A state-owned enterprise in the transportation sector is trying its luck in the courier business, taking advantage of its idle fleet.

  • Opportunities for Digital Deliveries

    Opportunities for Digital Deliveries

    The Covid-19 pandemic expedited the growth of logistic service businesses, demanding a digital transformation for providing this service.

  • After the Command  by the Big Chief

    After the Command by the Big Chief

    The arrest of Laman Kinipan customary chief, Effendi Buhing, by police was rooted in conflict between the community and an oil palm company. The company allegedly violated a letter of agreement.

  • Raid by Narcotics Police

    Raid by Narcotics Police

    Non-Governmental Organization activist from the Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi), Zenzi Suhadi, had an audience with the Chief of the Narcotics Unit of the South Jakarta Police Resort, Comsr.

  • The Red and Green Tracks

    The Red and Green Tracks

    The East Java Attorney General’s Office is investigating suspected wrongdoing in the importation of 69 containers of textiles through Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya. The names of two members of the House of Representatives have come up amid the preliminary investigation.

  • Interview


    Email Salim, Economist and Environmentalist: Covid-19 Has Triggered Culture Shock

    To Emil Salim, Covid-19 is not a mere disease.


  • Art & Culture

    Artjog Not  All Out

    Artjog Not All Out

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, contemporary art exhibition Artjog 2020 has to be held online while direct visits are subject to health protocols. Paintings are the dominant form of art this year.

  • Health

    A New Hope From Stem Cells

    A New Hope From Stem Cells

    Stem cells are proven to help Covid-19 patients recover more quickly. Research in Indonesia is ongoing.

  • Letters

    Shopee Account Unsafe

    ON July 4, 2020 I made a transaction to purchase a bicycle via the Alwihoop5555 account and I succeeded in my virtual account transfer to the Shopee account worth Rp1.7 million.



    Learning The Hard Way

    CHILDREN in Gudang Garam hamlet, Keerom, Papua, are studying while listening to instructions given by their teachers over the phone on Thursday, August 27. According to a local assembly agency, about 50 primary school children in Gudang Garam do not take part in the online learning program. Instead, they use text books and receive explanations directly from teachers from mobile phones./ANTARA/Indrayadi TH



  • It Won't Fly, Firli

    It Won't Fly, Firli

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Why ‘Buzzers’ are a Problem

    Why ‘Buzzers’ are a Problem

    NOT every netizen who openly supports government policy is a ‘buzzer’—social media propagandists.

  • The Backers of Illegal Textiles

    The Backers of Illegal Textiles

    Two members of the House of Representatives intervene in an investigation into the smuggling of textiles being carried out by the Attorney General’s Office. This is the ugly face of our legislators.

  • Dangerous Expansion

    Dangerous Expansion

    A number of state-owned companies have moved into the app-based logistics business. This is at odds with the Business Competition Law.

  • Silencing Environmental Activists

    Silencing Environmental Activists

    The safety of environmental defenders and indigenous communities are increasingly under threat. It is not enough to show concern merely by wearing traditional costumes.

  • Sidelines

    Goenawan Mohamad

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