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Edition 28 September 2020

  • The Coronavirus Prank from Pejaten
    Cover Story

    The Coronavirus Prank from Pejaten

    State Intelligence Agency’s swab tests are suspected to be inaccurate. Not all of the agency’s test results are reported to the Covid-19 task force and the health ministry’s research and development agency. Inaccurate test results may accelerate the virus’ transmission rate.

  • All-Purpose Intelligence Agency
    Cover Story

    All-Purpose Intelligence Agency

    The State Intelligence Agency is actively involved in Covid-19 mitigation efforts. The agency has approached numerous researchers and universities.

  • Discord  in Kemayoran
    Cover Story

    Discord in Kemayoran

    The health ministry was poorly coordinating Covid-19 mitigation efforts. Minister Luhut’s takeover resulted in a new controversy.

  • PCR Tests May Yield Conflicting Results
    Cover Story

    PCR Tests May Yield Conflicting Results

    Deputy of Communication and Information, State Intelligence Agency, Wawan Purwanto:

  • Deadly Elections

    Deadly Elections

    At least 60 regional candidate-heads are corona-positive. The government and DPR are adamant about forging on with local elections.

  • Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    The government seeks to turn old assets into money. But the fate of premium assets, such as Hotel Sultan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Plaza Semanggi, remains a mystery.

  • State Projects Budget Drama

    State Projects Budget Drama

    The government is scaling up the role of SOEs and public service agencies under the finance ministry. A strategy to brace against Covid-19 pandemic threats against numerous development plans.

  • Governors’ Virtual Marketplace

    Governors’ Virtual Marketplace

    A number of regional heads are using their personal social media accounts to promote local small and medium businesses.

  • Flight to Safety in a Prolong Pandemic
  • Extracting Sweets from the Marapu

    Extracting Sweets from the Marapu

    The sugarcane plantation owned by Djarum and Wings Indonesia is being accused of damaging and shutting off access to a location where followers of the Marapu conduct rituals in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Despite repeated reminders from a number of institutions, the regional government and company were unmoved. Local residents accuse the company of misrepresenting a traditional offering of money as compensation for land use. This coverage was done through collaboration of Tempo and Tempo Institute.

  • Law


    Sumba Faith Followers Cornered by Rulers

    Hundreds of years ago, the tale said, a herder called Umbu Pala arrived at the Sumba shores. He settled down in the Yuara Ahu savanna, where his cattle grazed. There, he also set up a hamayang, or a place to pray.


  • Law

    East Sumba Regent Gidion Mbilijora:  There are No Human Rights Violations

    East Sumba Regent Gidion Mbilijora: There are No Human Rights Violations

    The opening of sugarcane plantations in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, by Muria Sumba Manis (MSM), a company affiliated with the Djarum and Wings groups, sparked conflicts with some Marapu followers.

  • Law

    The Ants Against the Elephant

    The Ants Against the Elephant

    It is suspected that residents of East Sumba who came out against the activity of a sugarcane plantation have been criminalized. While a report on Muria Sumba Manis is not progressing.

  • Interview

    There has been Increase in Domestic Violence during the Pandemic

    There has been Increase in Domestic Violence during the Pandemic

    Andy Yentriyani, Chair of National Commission on Violence against Women:

  • Letters

    Covid-19 Call-Center Effectiveness Questioned

    MY relative’s family with one child was confirmed positive for coronavirus after having two swab tests. The doctor said the whole family could undergo self-quarantine.



    Underwater Wonder

    AN officer is checking the condition of the coral reef in Bangsring, Banyuwangi, East Java, Monday, September 21. The coral reef that was created by Bangsring fishermen in 2009 in the 15-hectare conservation area, today has become the habitat of various sea biota./ANTARA/Budi Candra Setya


  • Politics in the Pandemic

    Politics in the Pandemic

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Civil Society After #Reformasi Corrupted

    Civil Society After #Reformasi Corrupted

    Robertus Robet Sociologist, Jakarta State University

  • The All-Seeing Intelligence Agency

    The All-Seeing Intelligence Agency

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo needs to explain more clearly what he meant when at the beginning of March he ordered the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) to take measures in the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Boycott or Delay

    Boycott or Delay

    The simultaneous regional elections could trigger new Covid-19 clusters. Continuing with them is a crime against the people’s constitutional rights.

  • Unfortunate Tale of Umalulu People

    Unfortunate Tale of Umalulu People

    A sugarcane plantation and refinery owned by a subsidiary of the Djarum Group in East Sumba took over traditional lands. Indigenous people’s rights continue to be ignored.

  • Saving State Property

    Saving State Property

    The government is busy sprucing up assets owned by the state. It must not fall into the same trap twice.

  • Sidelines

    WHAT does ‘roaming’ mean? In this time of pandemic isolation, ‘roaming’—which is always interesting, always full of problems, and thus constantly mentioned in literary imagination—is to leave a place and the past. Sometimes radically.

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