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Edition 05 October 2020

  • Revisiting an Old Plan
    Cover Story

    Revisiting an Old Plan

    Telkom’s old plan to purchase Gojek shares is close to reality. After past failure, the trillions-of-rupiah corporate action will be performed through Telkomsel. But uncertainty regarding the fate of the investment looms.

  • If it’s Healthy and in Line with the Core Business, Why Not?
    Cover Story

    If it’s Healthy and in Line with the Core Business, Why Not?

    Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir

  • Bad Investments
    Cover Story

    Bad Investments

    Telkom continues to invest to expand its digital business and telecommunication niche. Not all of the company’s investments yielded positive results.

  • End of the Line for the Special Fund

    End of the Line for the Special Fund

    As the disbursement period for the special autonomy fund comes to an end in 2021, many demonstrations erupt in Papua. Several parties refuse an extension of the special autonomy fund and instead demand a referendum. To quell the ruckus, the home affairs ministry hastens deliberations on revision of the Special Autonomy Law.

  • Intan Jaya in the Crossfire

    Intan Jaya in the Crossfire

    Violence has escalated over the past year in Intan Jaya Regency. Civilians often fallen victim.

  • Hospital Referral Runaround

    Hospital Referral Runaround

    Patients are complaining about medical facilities and services at Covid-19 isolation hospitals. The medical equipment is deemed to be insufficient and the isolation procedures are too complicated.

  • Overly Optimistic in Time of Volatility
  • Before Rossi Races at Mandalika

    Before Rossi Races at Mandalika

    The construction of Mandalika International Street Circuit in Lombok allegedly takes over the land of local residents. The authorities are accused of intimidating villagers.

  • An Oceanside Racetrack

    An Oceanside Racetrack

    The government puts the Mandalika International Street Circuit into a national priority program. There are problems with buying the lands for the project.

  • Contact Tracing is Still Inadequate

    Contact Tracing is Still Inadequate

    Wiku Adisasmito, Expert Team Coordinator and Spokesperson for Covid-19 Response Task Force:

  • News Capsule

    News Capsule

    The Wave of Resignation in Kuningan

    THE number of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) employees who resign continues to increase.


  • Environment

    Papuan Bay’s at Risk

    Papuan Bay’s at Risk

    Dozens of structures, shops, and illegal stalls are mushrooming on the shores of Youtefa Bay in Jayapura, Papua, which is a protected forest zone. Mangrove forests are cut, land is filled and zoned. A number of Papuan officials are allegedly the owners of structures on the Holtekamp Beach area. The rowing venue construction project for the National Sports Week (PON), to be held next year, is believed to not have a permit. The environmental damage is increasingly threatening the sustainability of the waters and mangrove forests’ ecosystem, and the lives of the community on the shores of Youtefa Bay. This report is written in cooperation of Tempo magazine, Tempo Institute, and Jubi.co.id.

  • Environment

    When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    Development and construction at Youtefa Bay, including the Youtefa Bridge and the rowing venue for the 2021 National Sports Week, are considered to have a serious impact on the ecosystem of the waters in that region. Waste disposal and mangrove deforestation are on the rise.

  • Science & Technology

    possible Massive Earthquake and tsunami

    possible Massive Earthquake and tsunami

    A latest study predicts that a magnitude 9.1 earth quake and 20 meters high tsunami could hit the southern coast of Java. It further underlines the imperativeness for additional tsunami early warning system instruments.

  • Letters

    Literacy Problem

    LITERACY rate among Indonesian people is very low.



    Back to Nature

    A MAN from the Anak Dalam tribe or Orang Rimba is preparing to plant cassava in his field in Pelepat, Bungo, Jambi, Friday, October 2. Dozens of Orang Rimba community members choose to live in their plantation area for fear of the Covid-19 pandemic./ANTARA FOTO/Wahdi Septiawan


  • Cruel Justice

    Cruel Justice

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Telkom’s Share Gamble

    Telkom’s Share Gamble

    THE main priority of a state-owned enterprise (SOE) should be to obtain the largest possible profits for the state.

  • Dialogue, Not Violence

    Dialogue, Not Violence

    Rejecting an extension of special autonomy status, a number of groups in Papua have demanded a referendum. The government must prioritize dialogue.

  • A Disputed Track in Mandalika

    A Disputed Track in Mandalika

    The project to construct a motorbike racing track at Mandalika has triggered land conflicts. It is not simply a matter of compensation.

  • The Ghost that Never Fades Away

    The Ghost that Never Fades Away

    Form year to year, the hoax of the revival of communism continues to be used as ammunition to attack political opponents. It is time this nation to move on.

  • Sidelines

    A famous dream—one that marks an era—is told of Baghdad in the 9th century:

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