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Edition 26 October 2020

  • Dirgantara’s Tribute to the Military
    Cover Story

    Dirgantara’s Tribute to the Military

    Dirgantara Indonesia allegedly paid Rp178.98 billion in kickbacks to generals and middle-grade officials in the defense ministry, Indonesian Military (TNI), and officials at other ministries. The money is taken from aircraft and helicopter procurement and maintenance projects, which were run by the state-owned aircraft manufacturer from 2008 to 2016. Dirgantara labels the money as ‘marketing fee’ using fictitious partners.

  • A Caribbean Detour
    Cover Story

    A Caribbean Detour

    Dirgantara Indonesia and its partner companies used a shell company overseas to distribute kickbacks. The same account was used in a bribery for the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency.

  • Fictitious Agent in South Korea
    Cover Story

    Fictitious Agent in South Korea

    Dirgantara Indonesia’s sale of CN-235 aircraft to South Korea is being investigated by South Korean law enforcement. A shall company was allegedly used as a sales agent.

  • Former ARMY Chief of Staff, General (Ret) Moeldoko:  I Do Not Understand Logistics
  • Five Masterminds Mentioned by Ministers

    Five Masterminds Mentioned by Ministers

    Police arrested some activists of KAMI, an organization which was launched in part by former Indonesian Military commander Gatot Nurmanyo. A rival organization was formed which involves a network of volunteers that support Jokowi.

  • Coming Out Against Communism

    Coming Out Against Communism

    Branches of the KAMI organization are established in various regions. They claim they have no intention of bringing down the president.

  • getting Votes and Coronavirus

    getting Votes and Coronavirus

    Regional head candidates are holding various campaigns amid the pandemic, giving rise to new clusters of coronavirus infection.

  • A Bad Report Card for Jokowi and Ma’ruf
    News Capsule

    A Bad Report Card for Jokowi and Ma’ruf

    CIVIL society groups are saying that freedom of speech and expression are getting worse during the second term of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin’s administration.

  • Share Assets, Avoid Bankruptcy

    Share Assets, Avoid Bankruptcy

    The assets of several state-owned enterprises will be transferred to investment management institution. There are regulations that are out of sync.

  • State Money, Private Management

    State Money, Private Management

    The establishment of the Indonesia Investment Authority is just a matter of waiting for government regulations. It is the key product of the omnibus law, expected to be a vehicle for foreign investors to put in money in the country.

  • Economy


    Foreign Investors Need Strong Strategic Partners

    Finance Ministry’s Director-General for State Assets Management Isa Rachmatarwata


  • Interview

    Workers are Increasingly Vulnerable to Exploitation

    Workers are Increasingly Vulnerable to Exploitation

    Sharan Burrow, Secretary-General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC):

  • Letters

    The AirAsia Ticket Refund

    The AirAsia Ticket Refund

    I AM a customer of AirAsia reserving a flight under the booking code PNR#Y6L9GA.

  • Environment

    Dead Elephants

    Sumatran elephants are dying in worrying numbers in Riau. At least 24 elephants have died between 2015 to 2020. Fragmentation of their habitats because of forest conversion into plantation and industrial nurseries has made it easier for ivory tusk hunters. Follows is an investigative collaboration between Tempo, Tempo Institute and Mongabay.




    FEW moviegoers spotted at a movie theater in Jakarta, Wednesday, ­October 21. A number of theaters have started operation after getting the green light from the Jakarta Provincial government with limited viewer of 25 percent of the total capacity./ANTARA/M Risyal Hidayat


  • The Magic Poison

    The Magic Poison

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Grease Money for Weaponry

    Grease Money for Weaponry

    DO not be surprised that weapons systems used by the military in this country never improve.

  • Don’t Jail Different Mind

    Don’t Jail Different Mind

    The police arrested activists from the Save Indonesia Coalition for spreading hate. This is a foolish way to deal with differences of opinion.

  • Jokowi’s ‘Second Term Curse

    Jokowi’s ‘Second Term Curse

    In the six years of Jokowi’s administration, the scope for public participation has been reduced. It is too soon for him to establish a dynasty.

  • Anomalous Sovereign Wealth Fund

    Anomalous Sovereign Wealth Fund

    Without transparency, investment decisions are prone to manipulation. The compliance of businesspeople with the code of ethics is another determining factor.

  • Sidelines

    Goenawan Mohamad

    Easy to Read and Trustworthy


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