Edition 03 November 2020

  • Toll Fee for Fruit Imports
    Cover Story

    Toll Fee for Fruit Imports

    The agriculture ministry’s import quotas and trade ministry’s import permits for horticultural products were issued late. The delay caused fruit imports to miss the harvest season, resulting in scarcity and high prices. Tempo and The Australian Financial Review’s investigation found that the delay was not only caused by administrative reasons but was also due to illegal fees, with rates ranging from Rp1,000 to Rp2,000 per kilogram. This year, Indonesia plans to import over 1 million tons in commodities.

  • Two Friends from Sulawesi
    Cover Story

    Two Friends from Sulawesi

    THE white, two-story building on Jalan Chairil Anwar, Central Besusu village, East Palu, Central Sulawesi, appears conspicuously large inside a 45-square-meter housing complex. The National Democrat (NasDem) Party office was a legacy of Ahmad M. Ali, who led the party in 2013.

  • Special Treatment for Importers
    Cover Story

    Special Treatment for Importers

    The agriculture ministry and trade ministry’s import recommendations and approvals for horticultural products reek of nepotism. Only permits for those in the NasDem Party are quickly processed.

  • Factions Seeking Fortunes
    Cover Story

    Factions Seeking Fortunes

    There is friction between factions of NasDem Party officials. Ahmad Ali is said to be at the heart of the Joko S. Tjandra case.

  • Import Permits Are Not My Job
    Cover Story

    Import Permits Are Not My Job

    Deputy Trade Minister Jerry Sambuaga

  • Deposits? Oh, my...
    Cover Story

    Deposits? Oh, my...

    Director-General of Horticulture Prihasto Setyanto

  • Soldiers’ Trails in the Pigsty

    Soldiers’ Trails in the Pigsty

    Three fact-finding teams found a number of evidences indicating soldiers’ involvement in the murder of Yeremia Zanambani. There are suspicions that the pastor from Intan Jaya, Papua, had been tortured by soldiers he knew. A deal was made to keep from directly mentioning allegations that the military was involved.

  • A Rainbow Flag at  Police Headquarters

    A Rainbow Flag at Police Headquarters

    The Indonesian Military and National Police discharge their gay personnel. There is a debate over institutionalized discrimination and human rights violations.

  • A Giant Step for the Chinese Ant
  • Rupiah’s Journey through the Ages

    Rupiah’s Journey through the Ages

    The rupiah is turning 74 on October 30. Born as the marker of a newly independent country, this currency has recorded the Republic’s political journey. Now the advancement of technology is forcing it to adjust.

  • Economy


    Flourishing Amid the Pandemic

    Electronic money usage continues to surge during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is believed to accelerate the digitalization of the payment system.


  • International

    Indonesian Heritage Objects to Go Home

    Indonesian Heritage Objects to Go Home

    In a landmark statement in October, a Dutch state council urged for the unconditional return of heritage objects looted from its former colonies, including Indonesia. The Dutch government plans to pour the advice into policy in early 2021.

  • Interview

    There Will be Bigger Risks if the Elections Are Delayed

    There Will be Bigger Risks if the Elections Are Delayed

    Arief Budiman, Chairman, General Elections Commission

  • Letters

    Seeking Legal Justice

    Seeking Legal Justice

    FOR the umpteenth time, as a petitioner of a Judicial Review (PK) No. 121/Pdt.G/2011/PN.Jkt.Sel dated January 30, 2019 against Kosindo Pradipta, the Manpower Ministry, and the Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI), again I file a complaint to the honorable chairman of the Supreme Court about the absence of any decision on the PK request I already submitted.

  • Cartoon

    Cast Away

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman



    silhouette of the Spice Routes

    A number of artists perform a colossal theater production of Gau Maraja at the Akkarena Beach, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Friday, October 30. The art festival is brought by the education and culture ministry promoting the theme Cultural Mosaic of the Spice Routes. It features dance, theater, fine art, installation and music performances as an effort to preserve local cultures. ANTARA/Abriawan Abhe/wsj.


  • Import Permits for Sale

    Import Permits for Sale

    THE gap between reality and the lavish promises made by the government widens as time passes.

  • Cover-up in Papua

    Cover-up in Papua

    The Indonesian Military is strongly suspected of being behind the death of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani. This only moves Papua further away from Indonesia.

  • LGBT Discrimination in Military and Police

    LGBT Discrimination in Military and Police

    More than a dozen military and police personnel have been discharged for having a sexual orientation seen as deviant. This is a violation of the Constitution.

  • High Hopes for Digital Economy

    High Hopes for Digital Economy

    Technology accelerates the pace of change in financial services. Progressive measures are needed to ensure that Indonesia can optimize the potential of the digital economy sector.

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