Edition 10 November 2020

  • Trails of Corruption in Asabri
    Cover Story

    Trails of Corruption in Asabri

    Finance and Development Supervisory Agency’s audit exposes the actors behind Asabri’s investment fund corruption. IT implicates Prominent figures.

  • Mismanaged Pension Funds
    Cover Story

    Mismanaged Pension Funds

    Asabri’s service to the insurance participants has often been perceived poorly. The negative sentiment is exacerbated by the company’s losses and a decline in the company’s accumulated pension premiums throughout 2019.

  • Benny and Heru, Again
    Cover Story

    Benny and Heru, Again

    The Supreme Audit Agency estimates Rp16 trillion in losses for Asabri as a result of troubled investments made from 2012-2017. The same people responsible for the corruption at Asuransi Jiwasraya are involved.

  • Stealth, the Impossible Dream

    Stealth, the Impossible Dream

    Prabowo Subianto went on a safari to several countries, seeking to purchase aircraft. He proposed more than Rp260 trillion worth of foreign loans.

  • A Road map without Contracts

    A Road map without Contracts

    Prabowo reviewed a number of defense equipment procurement contracts. It is believed they are not in favor of the local industry yet.

  • Throwing the Net to Contest China

    Throwing the Net to Contest China

    The United States is avidly lobbying Indonesia regarding the South China Sea conflict. The issue was also discussed during Prabowo’s US visit.

  • General Napoleon’s Plastic Bag

    General Napoleon’s Plastic Bag

    A share of money for a high-ranking police officer was mentioned during the trial of the case of Joko Soegiarto Tjandra’s red notice status. That officer’s identity remains unknown.

  • America’s Turning Point

    America’s Turning Point

    Joe Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election. The country will need time to recover its reputation in Asia.

  • Shaken by freedom of expression

    Shaken by freedom of expression

    France was shocked by attacks against a school teacher and a church, prompted by caricature of Prophet Muhammad in Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine.

  • Fixing a Broken Insurance

    Fixing a Broken Insurance

    THERE is an unpleasant aroma apparent if we compare the enforcement of the law in the corruption case at Asuransi Jiwasraya with that at Asuransi Sosial Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia or Asabri.

  • Opinion


    Weaponry Spending Spree

    In line with the continual increases in the defense ministry budget, Minister Prabowo Subianto visited a number of countries to look into the procurement of weaponry. This is a sign a country leaning toward authoritarianism.


  • Opinion

    Understanding France

    Understanding France

    The response by French President Emmanuel Macron to the killing of Samuel Paty is being misinterpreted as insulting Islam. There is no need for President Joko Widodo to fan the flames.

  • Opinion

    Awaiting the End of Trumpism

    Awaiting the End of Trumpism

    The victory of Joe Biden is seen as bringing change to the world. But Trump’s style of politics will not simply vanish overnight.

  • Interview

    Gustaf Rudolf Kawer, Chairman, Papuan Human Rights Lawyers’ Association:   Jokowi’s Approach to Papua Not Humanistic

    Gustaf Rudolf Kawer, Chairman, Papuan Human Rights Lawyers’ Association:   Jokowi’s Approach to Papua Not Humanistic

    The shooting of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani in Kampung Hitadipa in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, on September 19 conjured up memories of similar incidents in Gustaf Rudolf Kawer’s mind.

  • Market Pulse

    Post-Trump Emerging Markets’ Exuberance

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)



    Square Up

    Residents take refuge at the temporary shelter in the Deyangan village hall in Magelang, Central Java, Saturday, November 7. With the status of Mount Merapi increased to alert on Friday, November 6, as many as 126 people living in the most vulnerable area on the west side of the volcano have moved to the Deyangan village hall./ANTARA/Andreas Fitri Atmoko/hp.


  • Arka Kinari’s Spicy Journey

    Arka Kinari’s Spicy Journey

    Departing from Rotterdam in the Netherlands on August 23, 2019, the crew of the Arka Kinari ship finally anchored in Indonesia on September 1 this year. On the ship were the artist couple Nova Ruth Setyaningtyas and Grey Filastine, and six international crew members. On this low-carbon journey, they visited a number of countries and gave mini concerts on board. Their expedition faced numerous challenges, from storms, the coronavirus pandemic, to permit processing that left them in limbo on the open sea. In addition to campaigning for the environment, the Arka Kinari crew was involved in the Spice Route movement proclaimed by the education and culture ministry’s directorate-general for culture. This made them change their sailing route onto a number of spice locations: Sorong (West Papua), Banda Neira (Maluku), Selayar and Makassar (South Sulawesi), Benoa (Bali), and Surabaya (East Java).

  • Aseibssindo’s Right of Reply

    Aseibssindo’s Right of Reply

    AFTER reading and studying Tempo of the November 3-9, 2020 edition, as General Chairman of the Indonesian Fresh Food and Vegetables Exporter-Importer Association (Aseibssindo) I herewith convey the following matters as a response and an exercise of our right of reply.

  • Lawful Typo

    Lawful Typo

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

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