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Edition 04 January 2021

  • Si Komo’s Uncertain Fate
    Cover Story

    Si Komo’s Uncertain Fate

    The government wishes to reform tourism facilities in the Komodo National Park in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, by working with private investors. Islands that are home to the Komodo dragon and yellow-crested cockatoo will be polished for premium wildlife safari, like those in Africa. The membership fee will be US$1,000, or Rp14.5 million per person, with the number of tourists limited to 50,000 annually. Without the blessing of the United Nations and a study on the venture’s impact on endangered species, not to mention the plan to relocate businesses owned by local communities, the public works and people’s housing ministry is building roads on Rinca Island. One company has even begun building an office on Padar Island. This arrangement also alters one island’s spatial plan by encroaching into its public space.

  • A Business Trio in Komodo
    Cover Story

    A Business Trio in Komodo

    Three companies received concessions to manage the Komodo National Park, specifically, to manage wildlife tourism for different classes.

  • Cockatoos and Heavy Machinery
    Cover Story

    Cockatoos and Heavy Machinery

    The management of Komodo National Park’s wildlife tourism will not only impact the area’s famed prehistoric animals and local communities living in its larger islands. Critically endangered endemic birds will also be exposed to the loud noise of heavy machinery.

  • Komodo Premium Tourism is Very Appropriate
    Cover Story

    Komodo Premium Tourism is Very Appropriate

    An interview with David Makes, the president commissioner of PT Segara Komodo Lestari, who is also head of the tourism and creative economy ministry’s national ecotourism acceleration team.

  • Tourism in Komodo Must Be Expensive
    Cover Story

    Tourism in Komodo Must Be Expensive

    The development plan for the Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has sparked a controversy. Environment Ministry Director-General of Natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation, Wiratno, answers Tempo queries about the case. He is the official in charge of the management of national parks and their contents.

  • Holiday Testing Blues

    Holiday Testing Blues

    Minister Luhut Pandjaitan is encouraging the use of antigen tests, which is seen as being more affordable and faster compared to the PCR tests. The antigen tests price is much higher than the base cost of the test kits.

  • Limited of Swab Testing

    Limited of Swab Testing

    Due to the government limiting the level of covid testing, people in several regions are having difficulty accessing swab tests.

  • Back to School?

    Back to School?

    A number of schools are ready to resume in-class learning this month, but they still need regional government authorization.

  • New MUI Leaders

    New MUI Leaders

    The new Indonesian Ulemas Council management does not include outspoken figures. Nahdlatul Ulama formed small teams to support Miftachul Akhyar’s candidacy.

  • Foreigners Banned from Entering Indonesia
  • Economy


    Playing Against the World

    The ongoing pandemic is a blessing in disguise for subscription-based video platforms. Local service providers are going after niche market to compete and survive amid the dominance of global players.


  • Economy

    A Lifeboat for Local Filmmakers

    A Lifeboat for Local Filmmakers

    The business of video-on-demand service provider is becoming a new opportunity for the local production houses to create different contents.

  • Law

    FPI’s Fruit Codes for Firearms

    FPI’s Fruit Codes for Firearms

    The National Commission on Human Rights and the police have differing versions regarding how the six bodyguards of Rizieq Shihab died. The National Police Criminal Investigation Department encountered difficulties in investigating officers involved

  • Law

    We Did Not Coerce Witnesses

    We Did Not Coerce Witnesses

    The police are persistent in their statement that they found firearms in the possession of the six members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) who died in a clash with the police. Reconstruction was enacted in four different crime scenes.

  • Interview

    Public is No Longer Hiding Behind Us

    Ahead of his demission at the end of January, Commissioner of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Alamsyah Saragih is still busy with speaking at various forums. He is also wrapping up final reports on cases such as the dual position held by state-owned enterprise (SOE) commissioners and the lobster larvae export scandal in which former maritime affairs and fishery minister Edhy Prabowo was implicated. According to him, public awareness is rising. "The public doesn’t just report to us and hide behind us anymore," he said.



    New Year Tragedy

    Rescue team members examine a pink t-shirt among the debris of the Sriwijaya Air plane which crashed into the sea, at International Container Terminal port in Jakarta, January 10. Reuters/Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana



    Silent Night

    Police on patrol during the New Year’s Eve in Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, on Thursday December 31. The Jakarta Police conducted Car Free Night and Crowd Free Night by closing Jakarta’s Jalan Sudirman and Jalan MH Thamrin on New Year’s Eve to prevent large crowds from gathering./Antara/Galih Pradipta


  • Bujang Raba’s Carbon Blessing

    Bujang Raba’s Carbon Blessing

    The live of people living around the Bujang Raba protected forest, Bungo Regency, Jambi, changed after the forest is included in the carbon trade. Hoping for the related regulation to be issued soon.

  • Astari, Sofia, and the Art of Diplomacy

    Astari, Sofia, and the Art of Diplomacy

    Sri Astari Rasjid wrote her four years of experience as ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania, and Macedonia. She chose culture as a means to foster close relationship between Indonesia and the three countries, uplifting the value of trade along the way.

  • From De Niro until Tyson
    Scene & Heard

    From De Niro until Tyson

    Dino Patti Djalal and Susi Pudjiastuti get rare opportunities to chat directly with world’s personalities. Hollywood actor Robert De Niro and boxing legend Mike Tyson become their interviewees.

  • An Optimism that Might Go Up In Smoke
  • The Cause of Corruption

    The Cause of Corruption

    Welcome the Year 2021

  • No Entry

    No Entry

    Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • Wrong Direction for Komodo Tourism

    Wrong Direction for Komodo Tourism

    The development of tourism in the Komodo National Park threatens to sideline local people. The original habitat of the giant lizards is also threatened with destruction.

  • Fair Carbon Trading

    Fair Carbon Trading

    The government is drawing up a presidential regulation on the economic value of carbon. This regulation must be fair and must force all business sectors to reduce emissions.

  • Rising Demand for Digital Video

    Rising Demand for Digital Video

    Video on demand services are growing rapidly in Indonesia. This digital disruption provides new opportunities for local companies.

  • A New Face for the Ulemas Council

    A New Face for the Ulemas Council

    Moderate figures now comprise the leadership of the Indonesian Ulemas Council. It is time to show a more friendly face of Islam.

  • Sidelines

    Maybe Marion does not view his relationship with the divine as a matter of belief in God. That relationship is more an acknowledgment of love–and love, even ‘love in a simple way’, is more astonishing than faith.

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