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Edition 01 February 2021

  • A Blemish on the Green Campus
    Cover Story

    A Blemish on the Green Campus

    After he was proven to have committed self-plagiarism, Muryanto Amin’s career still sailed smoothly until he became rector of the North Sumatra University. His article, published in a journal lacking in credibility, was used to obtain a professorship. Palace officials are said to have intervened.

  • A University Car for Mr. Minister
    Cover Story

    A University Car for Mr. Minister

    Several rectors are still in office despite having committed plagiarism. They have the support of education ministry officials

  • Racing to Get Into Predator Journals
    Cover Story

    Racing to Get Into Predator Journals

    Using journals indexed by Scopus increases Indonesian scientific publication at the international level. Yet some of the journals are not credible. Tempo and The Conversation Indonesia did some investigation.

  • Problematic Articles by Professors Come to Under 1 Percent
    Cover Story

    Problematic Articles by Professors Come to Under 1 Percent

    Ministry of Education and Culture’s explanation on alleged plagiarism by university rectors and professors.

  • The Long-Awaited Regulations

    The Long-Awaited Regulations

    The House of Representatives is preparing to fast-track the discussions on the New and Renewable Energy Bill. Some new ideas are not accommodated.

  • The New Energy Map Riddles

    The New Energy Map Riddles

    The National Energy Council plans to revise the National Energy General Plan. Relevant parties are hoping the amendment would not change the new and renewable energy development targets.

  • Drug Running from Behind Bars

    Drug Running from Behind Bars

    Cristian Jaya Kusuma is suspected of operating a drug trade ring in Central Java and surrounding areas from behind bars. He often involved law enforcement officers.

  • Dirty Narcotics Officers

    Dirty Narcotics Officers

    Officers from the National Narcotics Agency are accused of stealing money belonging to a suspect in a narcotics case. There appears to have been an effort to engineer their confiscation.

  • An Omen from Rantau Nangka

    An Omen from Rantau Nangka

    Heavy rainfall on January 11 to 15 inundated 10 out of 13 regencies and cities in South Kalimantan. But the rain was not the only reason for the flooding. The loss of forest density impacts Barito watershed area’s ability to resist floods.

  • The Bright Dian

    The Bright Dian

    Dian Andyasuri has become one of the few women to reach the top of a multinational company in Indonesia. At her position, she makes sure her employees are well taken care of.

  • Interview


    Government Shouldn’t Be a Stumbling Block

    Having been appointed as the new minister for tourism and creative economy on December 23, Sandiaga Uno must now shoulder the responsibility of reviving the pandemic-hit tourism and creative economy industries. Amid the social restriction measures that continue to paralyze the two sectors, Sandiaga must strategize to work through a backlog of work that awaits him. His ministry must also adjust the foreign visitor target with the government’s Covid-19 response strategies.


  • News Capsule

    Indonesia’s Corruption Perceptions Index Deteriorates

    Indonesia’s Corruption Perceptions Index Deteriorates

    The main reason for the corruption perception index’ slump is global investors’ doubts over the government’s stance on fighting corruption.

  • Letters

    The Catchall Article of ITE Law

    The Catchall Article of ITE Law

    A reader writes the problem of ITE Law.

  • Science & Technology

    Considering Nuclear Power

    Private US power producers are interested in setting up a nuclear power plant with thorium as fuel. Shaped as a boat, this fourth-generation reactor is a molten salt reactor.



    Dead in the Water

    Foreign flagged motor tankers (MT) are detained in the waters off Pontianak in West Kalimantan, January 24. Indonesian Maritime Security Agency secured the two vessels, bearing Iranian and Panamanian flags, after being suspected of carrying out illegal ship-to-ship fuel transfers. ANTARA/HO/Bakamla



    Dinner Is Served

    Staff feed orangutans named Tori and her son Justin on the lake of the Solo Taru Jurug Zoo (TSTJ) in Central Java, January 21. TSTJ management plans to temporarily shut its doors to public on February 2 to halt the spread of Covid-19. ANTARA/Maulana Surya


  • Circle of Lies

    Circle of Lies

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • A Dangerous Signal from Campus

    A Dangerous Signal from Campus

    The government decision to go ahead with the appointment of a problematic university rector sends the wrong message to the public. The quality of research is at stake.

  • The Secret Tricks of Drugs Police

    The Secret Tricks of Drugs Police

    Three middle ranking police officers who appear to have stolen money related to drug crimes must be severely punished. There must be a decriminalization program for drug users.

  • Transparency on Nuclear Energy

    Transparency on Nuclear Energy

    The government needs to carefully study the plan to build a thorium power station in Bangka Belitung. Environmentally friendly energy sources must be prioritized.

  • A New Opportunity for Renewable Energy

    A New Opportunity for Renewable Energy

    The New and Renewable Energy Bill must accelerate the endeavor to abandon fossil-based energy sources such as coal. As a precondition, the mechanism for purchasing electricity must be revised.

  • Sidelines

    Power succeeds not through oppression with guns and bribery with money, but because it is effective in performing illusion.

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