Edition 22 February 2021

  • Vaccine Opportunists
    Cover Story

    Vaccine Opportunists

    Non-health care professionals—including desk workers, socialites, bureaucrats, government officials, and family members of regional heads—were vaccinated in the first-stage vaccination program. Messy data is believed to be one of the causes of leaks in the vaccination program.

  • Sputnik’s Letter
    Cover Story

    Sputnik’s Letter

    Businesspeople are lobbying the government to be allowed to perform independent vaccination. But there is a reluctance to provide free vaccination for employees.

  • Pelni Hospital’s Flyer Mishap
    Cover Story

    Pelni Hospital’s Flyer Mishap

    Pelni Hospital issued flyers with information on Covid-19 vaccine prices and registration for vaccination. State-owned enterprises ministry officials were infuriated.

  • What’s Important is that Vaccines are No Longer for Sale
    Cover Story

    What’s Important is that Vaccines are No Longer for Sale

    Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin confirms that there have been leaks in the Covid-19 vaccination program as well as data weaknesses. He also speaks about the security of the country’s vaccine supply.

  • Multi-Mission Incentive

    Multi-Mission Incentive

    The government rolled out a tax incentive to boost vehicle sales. An effort to keep the automotive industry alive and investors in place.

  • Low Factory Utilization Is Very Dangerous

    Low Factory Utilization Is Very Dangerous

    The Indonesian Automotive Manufacturers Association (Gaikindo) Secretary General Kukuh Kumara believes that the government plan to cut luxury goods sales tax (PPnBM) on new 1,500cc cars will have a big impact upon economic growth. 

  • Stimulus Modest Welcoming

    Stimulus Modest Welcoming

    Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority relax the provisions for motor vehicle ownership loans. Players in the financial industry are not bold as to boast their performance will immediately spur.

  • A Promise of Coffee at the Promised Land

    A Promise of Coffee at the Promised Land

    The East Nusa Tenggara Prosecutor's Office is looking into suspected corruption involving government-owned land in Labuan Bajo worth Rp3 trillion. Retired Police Commissioner Gen. Gregorius Mere and senior journalist Karni Ilyas are mentioned in connection with this case.

  • I Cancelled the Land Purchase in Labuan Bajo

    I Cancelled the Land Purchase in Labuan Bajo

    Retired Police Commissioner General Gories Mere explained the extent of his involvement on a case of land corruption in Torro Lemma Batu Kallo, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, which is suspected of resulting in Rp3 trillion in state losses. He said that he cancelled the entire transaction in early 2018.

  • Army Gas Station Conflict

    Army Gas Station Conflict

    The Military Cooperatives and the Pasuruan Combat Battalion is in conflict with a businessman over management of a public gas station . The Indonesian Military (TNI) apparently continues to conduct business practices until today.

  • Interview


    We Almost Stumbled

    Muhammad Lutfi immediately stepped on the gas right after he was sworn in as trade minister on December 23, 2020. The former envoy to the United States must focus on three main duties mandated to him by President Joko Widodo: to maintain price stability; to help MSMEs penetrate the export market; and, to expand the export market to non-traditional territories by making use of the international economic cooperation agreements Indonesia has signed. According to him, China and the United States are extremely important to Indonesia.



  • Environment

    Surabaya's Waste Reduction Strategy

    Surabaya's Waste Reduction Strategy

    The government of the City of Surabaya excels in waste management by involving the residents. The key is in budget allocation and a supportive bureaucratic structure.  

  • Environment

    From Scavenger Cooperatives to Wholesale Stores

    From Scavenger Cooperatives to Wholesale Stores

    Food manufacturers are innovating to reduce plastic bottle waste. Some maximize the use of recycled materials, while others support the community in its waste management.

  • Market Pulse

    High Risks Inside Out

    High Risks Inside Out

    Yopie Hidayat, Tempo's contributor

  • Environment

    Waste Management Problem Solver

    The waste processing system of gather-transport-dump at the final disposal site must be replaced with processing at its source. Waste management can be a driving force for economic growth.



    City of Floods

    An aerial view of the floods in Cipinang Melayu, East Jakarta, Saturday, February 20. Around 300 families are evacuated after heavy rains inundated several areas in the capital city. Antara/Fakhri Hermansyah



    Trained by Dog

    Aril Saputra with his dog named Joy wearing a helmet and a mask on their motorcycle ride through downtown Tasikmalaya, West Java, Monday, February 15. The Golden Retriever has been specially trained to educate the public about compliance with the Covid-19 health protocols as well as traffic regulations. Antara/Adeng Bustomi


  • Semarang State University's Right of Reply

    Semarang State University's Right of Reply

    Semarang State University writes its right of reply for the cover story of Tempo of the February 15-21, 2021 edition, Honoris Causa For Sale.

  • Dangerous Articles

    Dangerous Articles

    Tempo Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • Problems in the Vaccine Program

    Problems in the Vaccine Program

    Leaks of Covid-19 vaccines disrupted the program to immunize the most vulnerable people. Rather than holding celebrations, the government must improve the data for targeting vaccinations.

  • Disastrous Army Business

    Disastrous Army Business

    In Pasuruan, East Java, a combat engineer battalion is in dispute with its business partner over the management of a gas station. It is time military businesses were put in order.

  • Unsustainable Way to Manage Waste

    Unsustainable Way to Manage Waste

    Although banned by law, 22 open waste dumping sites are still operating. The principle of reduce, reuse, recycle is still nothing more than a slogan.

  • When Bigger is Better

    When Bigger is Better

    A tax discount for buyers of automobiles will not be effective in increasing economic growth. A comprehensive stimulus policy package is needed.

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