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Edition 01 March 2021

  • A Message from General Scotch
    Cover Story

    A Message from General Scotch

    The satellite project to fill the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot came to a standstill. Signs of problems in the tender three years ago emerged amid the absence of potential investors. 

  • The Names Behind DNK
    Cover Story

    The Names Behind DNK

    A number of businesspeople are believed to have supported Dini Nusa Kusuma. With the deadline approaching, the satellite project’s financing is still unclear.

  • We Could Lose Our Orbital Slot Rights
    Cover Story

    We Could Lose Our Orbital Slot Rights

    Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny Gerard Plate said he has met with Dini Nusa Kusuma’s President Commissioner, Arifin Wiguna, to discuss the progress of satelite project for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. As the International Telecommunication Union deadline approaches for Indonesia to orbit its satellite in that orbital slot by 2024, the project has yet to show positive developments.

  • I Was Dragged In, But I Do Not Withdraw
    Cover Story

    I Was Dragged In, But I Do Not Withdraw

    Arifin Wiguna, the President Commisioner of Dini Nusa Kusuma explains some difficulties his company experienced in their effort to finance a satelite project for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. But he is confident that the fund will come very soon.

  • Loosening Criticism Curb

    Loosening Criticism Curb

    The Electronic Information and Transactions Law is being used to indict people for making public criticisms. The President asked his administration to study options for revising the law, not long after some criticisms of the government were made. There is more support to issue directives on interpreting the law rather than revising it.

  • Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Discrimination against non-muslim students occurred for years in Padang. Padang City government refused to revise the problematic regulation.

  • The Haunting Ghost of 2013
    Market Pulse

    The Haunting Ghost of 2013

    Central banks indeed have rescued the capitalist, financial asset owners and investment management institutions, but they have not helped the ordinary businessmen in the real sector that must fight for their daily life in the streets.

  • Jiwasraya Supervisor's Fear

    Jiwasraya Supervisor's Fear

    The Attorney General's Office still has not named any new suspect in the Asuransi Jiwasraya investment funds scandal. For quite a while now, the Financial Services Authority has detected foul play in Jiwasraya's asset placement, but no firm action was ever taken.

  • Seeking Roots All the Way to Nongkojajar

    Seeking Roots All the Way to Nongkojajar

    The Netherlands halted international adoption after cases of child trafficking came to public light. Many adopted children from Indonesia have not been able to find their biological parents.

  • Rebellion Through Diplomacy
    Asean & Beyond

    Rebellion Through Diplomacy

    As countries impose sanctions on military officials involved in the coup in Myanmar, ASEAN remains divided in condemnation. Indonesia has a key role to play.

  • Interview


    I Can’t be Bribed

    Since his recent appointment as the Naritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, Sakti Wahyu Trenggono has already annulled three regulations on lobster larvae export and the use of trawl issued by his predecessor, Edhy Prabowo, who was arrested in the lobster larvae export graft case. The former deputy minister of defense with extensive experience in telecommunication is in the process of issuing regulations to ban the export of lobster larvae and the use of cantrang or trawl to prevent overfishing and ecological destruction. Given the task by the President to improve the welfare of fishermen, Trenggono is trying to steer the farmers toward fish farming which he believes will bring prosperity to the country’s small-scale fishers. He also vowed not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor.


  • Profile

    The Mathematics Expert Who Changed a Village

    The Mathematics Expert Who Changed a Village

    Munaldus Nerang grew up in an ultra-poor community. He established a village credit cooperative to improve his neighborhood.

  • Letters

    Wushu Indonesia Board’s Right of Reply

    Wushu Indonesia Board’s Right of Reply

    Wushu Indonesia Board and Airlangga University write their right of reply, while Gabriel Maha makes clarification for the article on land dispute in East Nusa Tenggara.


  • Cartoon

    Virtual Police

    Virtual Police

    Cartoon: Imam Yuni


  • Science & Technology

    A Sophisticated Vaccine for Infection

    Based on dendritic cells, the Nusantara vaccine is deemed too sophisticated for use against the Covid-19 virus. In its country of origin, the dendritic cell-based vaccine is used for personalized cancer treatment.



    High-Rise, High Risk

    Workers clean windows on a skyscraper in Jakarta, on Tuesday, February 23. The Workforce Social Security Agency (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) reported that work-related accidents in Indonesia decreased by 1.46 percent, with 153,044 cases reported in 2020 compared to 155,327 cases in 2019. Antara/M Risyal Hidayat



    Hi-Tech Hospitality

    A robot serves drinks at Kafe Arfa, at the Padangpanjang Female Islamic Boarding School in West Sumatra, on Monday, February 22. Two robot waiters named Sabai and Midun, created by the school students, use a remote control system and magnetic line follower to deliver food orders to customers. Antara/Iggoy el Fitra


  • Messy Satellite Fiasco

    Messy Satellite Fiasco

    Collusion has led to confusion over the procurement of a geostationary satellite for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. Indonesia could lose this strategic satellite location.

  • Retracting on Revision

    Retracting on Revision

    The proposal to revise the Electronic Information and Transactions Law put forth by President Joko Widodo has faded away. Do not fall for the same trick twice.

  • Time for the Supervisors

    Time for the Supervisors

    The Attorney General's Office (AGO) has yet to take action against other perpetrators in the Asuransi Jiwasraya investment fund scandal. The Financial Services Authority bears most of the responsibility.

  • Uniforms for Diversity

    Uniforms for Diversity

    The decision by three ministers on school uniforms must be supported. The politicization of what students wear in school must be stopped.

  • Sidelines

    The phrase "the desert of the real" conveys that ‘the real’ is the destroyed world, gloomy, fantastical, inexplicable through language, especially when viewed from the ordered world. In Indonesia, we are actually in that ‘desert’: with incessant floods, landslides and earthquakes.

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