Edition 15 March 2021

  • Messy Emergency Procurement
    Cover Story

    Messy Emergency Procurement

    Scores of hospitals sent back hundreds of thousands Covid-19 test kits from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB). The Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) discovered discrepancies of up to hundreds of thousand reagent kits recorded and distributed worth almost Rp40 billion up to September 2020. Meanwhile, the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), which scrutinized procurement documents up to December 2020, discovered potential losses sustained by the state amounting to almost Rp170 billion. A businessman who enjoyed the largest portion of direct appointment for reagent procurements is a colleague of BNPB Chairman Doni Monardo. This investigation is made possible by a collaboration of Tempo with the Investigative Journalists Club and ICW.

  • Budiyanto’s Domination
    Cover Story

    Budiyanto’s Domination

    Budiyanto A. Gani is the biggest distributor of coronavirus test kits at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. He claims it is not because he is close to Doni Monardo.

  •  Problematic Everywhere
    Cover Story

    Problematic Everywhere

    Several brands of coronavirus detection kits were found to be problematic not just in Indonesia. Negative detections turn out to be positive.

  • We were Confused at the Start of the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    We were Confused at the Start of the Pandemic

    Doni Monardo, Chair of National Disaster Mitigation Agency, explaines how he should make best decisions out of bad options including in the procurment of reagents. Like masks and protective gear, reagents needed to detect the novel coronavirus became scarce when the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in March-April 2020. This emergency situation was the Indonesian government’s reason for buying whatever reagents available.

  • No Need to Test Products
    Cover Story

    No Need to Test Products

    Budiyanto A. Gani, the owner of Trimitra Wisesa Abadi is implicated in a Covid-19 reagent procurement scandal with the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. Initially, the company was a supplier of steam engines, turbines, pumps, and generators, as well as a contractor for buildings and luxury apartments. Talking to Tempo, Budiyanto openly explained his closeness to the chairman of the Covid-19 Taks Force Doni Modardo.

  • Former Commander's Maneuvers

    Former Commander's Maneuvers

    Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko continues maneuvering to take over the Democrat Party. He once asked to become general chairman to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono after he was no longer commander of the Indonesian Military. He is suspected of actively seeking the support of Democrat regional officials and cadres of other political parties. Some who are supportive of the current government administration have shown support for him on social media.

  • A Failed Lobby at the Cikeas Library

    A Failed Lobby at the Cikeas Library

    Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono got involved in facing the group which proposed the Democrat Party extraordinary congress. He asked his son to put up a fight.

  • BPOM Forbids Phase II Clinical Trial of Nusantara Vaccine
  • The Mysterious Letters

    The Mysterious Letters

    The letter of exemption from the trade ministry, owned by a number of steel importers, raised suspicions. Looking into several old government projects, the letter is suspected to have been used as cover-up allowing dozens of containers of steel to be imported without verification.

  • Survival Mission

    Survival Mission

    The government sets out to release new antidumping policies and national standards for steel products, in response to local industries' complaints against the onslaught of imported goods.  

  • Interview


    Luckily our finances are strong

    Chief Executive Officer of Astra International Djony Bunarto Tjondro is leading the company in the middle of the crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. The large-scale social restrictions from April to May 2020 was a blow to the Astra group automotive industry. Sales of cars and motorbikes fell sharply as a result of the weak market and people's buying power. Astra's business began to revive after the government relaxed the social restrictions from the middle of 2020. Supported by other business units, Astra was able to book a net profit of Rp175.05 trillion for last year, although this was down 26 percent on the previous year. As well as retaining its more established main business lines Djony says that Astra plans to diversify its business as a result of the pandemic. Electric vehicles is sector where preparations are underway.


  • Special Report

    Premature Plan in Galang Island

    Premature Plan in Galang Island

    The initial policies of the central government were deemed ill-suited. One of them is the hospital on Galang Island, whose planning is considered premature. Coordination between central and local governments in handling the pandemic is not very good.

  • Special Report

    Overcoming the Valley of Death

    Overcoming the Valley of Death

    The Research and Innovation Consortium for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Mitigation developed 50 products. Government institutions involved in handling the pandemic are less enthusiastic in adopting these innovations.

  • Special Report

    Ignoring the Signs

    A year after Covid-19 broke out in Indonesia, cases of infection exceeded 1.4 million and the number of deaths reached 38,000. Indonesia is in 18th position in the world in terms of the number of victims, far surpassing China, the country of origin of the outbreak.



    Pure Silence

    The Hindu community of the greater Jakarta area performed Tawur Agung Kesanga at the Aditya Jaya Temple in Rawamangun, Jakarta, on Saturday, March 13. This holy ritual is to achieve self-purification, before one commemorates Nyepi, the Day of Silence, which took place on Sunday, March 14. Antara/Muhammad Adimaja



    Forests for Food

    An aerial photograph of the national cassava ‘food estate’ in Tewai Baru, Gunung Mas Regency, Central Kalimantan, Saturday, March 6. The agriculture ministry has allocated a budget of Rp1.422 trillion or 9.4 percent of its 2021 budget to support the food estate development program, located in the Gunung Mas, Pulang Pisau, and Kapuas Regencies. Antara/Makna Zaezar


  • Deradicalize Papua

    Deradicalize Papua

    A reader proposes the path of deradicalization as an effort neutralize Papua’s problem.

  • Back to Nature

    Back to Nature

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Haste Makes Waste

    Haste Makes Waste

    The Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) discovered potential state losses in the procurement of close to 2 million units of health devices for pandemic management. The result of bad coordination or corruption?

  • Undermining Democrat is Undermining Democracy

    Undermining Democrat is Undermining Democracy

    Conquering the Democrat Party—through Moeldoko or ‘defanged’ Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono—for temporary benefits of Jokowi is more than just a power play. It is a betrayal of democracy.

  • Camouflaged Steel Imports

    Camouflaged Steel Imports

    Steel imported allegedly for the long-completed government projects is harming the local steel industry.

  • Political Power in Legislation

    Political Power in Legislation

    Our national legislative process is fraught with transactions to maintain various interests. The elimination of General Election Law and ITE Law discussions from the national legislative program is just a minor example.

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