Edition 29 March 2021

  • The Rice Import Terror
    Cover Story

    The Rice Import Terror

    The plan to import rice turned into a controversy. Uncertain information, caused by disagreements between government officials, caused the price of unhulled rice to plummet during the harvest season.

  • Jokowi’s Announcement and Jokowidjaja’s Role
    Cover Story

    Jokowi’s Announcement and Jokowidjaja’s Role

    In early March, the government signed a rice import MoU with Thailand. There is belief that a Thai businessman from Indonesia was involved.

  • Harvest Season Blues
    Cover Story

    Harvest Season Blues

    Farmers in many regions are facing gloomy prospects for the first harvest of the year 2021.  They are crushed between the plunging prices of unhusked rice and the low absorption by the State Logistics Agency (Bulog).

  • A Threatening Love Letter

    A Threatening Love Letter

    The virtual police took action against social media accounts considered to have posted content containing hate speech and hoaxes. Some people who have been critical of the government received warnings as well.

  • Brother Boy’s Party Moves for 2024

    Brother Boy’s Party Moves for 2024

    Political party leaders are beginning to maneuver for the upcoming presidential election. Some are eyeing for candidates outside of the party.  

  • Hidden Politics amidst Legal Articles

    Hidden Politics amidst Legal Articles

    The court proceedings of Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader Muhammad Rizieq Shihab is marred with bickering. His lawyer regards that Rizieq’s charges are filled with hidden articles.

  • Flames of Racism in Atlanta

    Flames of Racism in Atlanta

    Six women of Asian descent were among the victims of mass shootings in Atlanta. Racism is on the rise in the United States as attacks on Asians are escalating.

  • An Important Lesson from Turkey
    Market Pulse

    An Important Lesson from Turkey

    The lesson from Turkey is clear. Central bank’s independence is the anchor of market confidence. If Indonesia does not want to share the same fate as Turkey and lose its credibility, the government needs to immediately figure out, one way or another, how to reduce its budget deficit.

  • The Three-Style Teacher

    The Three-Style Teacher

    Alvian Wardhana founded Literasi Anak Banua to teach thousands of children in villages in South Kalimantan using methods that enable them to understand lessons better and no longer performing poorly in school.

  • Worship in the Time of Emergency

    Worship in the Time of Emergency

    A number of policies to deal with the pandemic this past year have an impact on Muslim rituals. Social worships and rituals are increasing. This report is the result of a collaboration between Tempo and Rappler, supported by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

  • Interview


    Healthy Folks Should be allowed to Travel

    Hariyadi Sukamdani, Chairman of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI), was quick to register his members in the second stage of the national Covid-19 vaccination program. His desire is to have all 121,500 PHRI members working in the hotel and tourism industry to be vaccinated. But this wish is hampered by the limited amount of vaccine availability. Hariyadi said that vaccinating tourism workers is important to revive the industry, especially in Bali, which had taken a hard blow from suspended tourism. Hariyadi, who is also the CEO of Sahid Group and Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), supports the government’s plan to open a Covid-free corridor in collaboration with several nations.


  • Opinion

    Horse-Trading Democracy

    Horse-Trading Democracy

    Political parties have started their quest for power in the 2024 elections and are forgetting their role to improve the quality of democracy. Political horse-trading is occurring over the parliamentary and presidential electoral thresholds.

  • Opinion

    The Rice Import Shambles

    The Rice Import Shambles

    The twists and turns between Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi and the Chief Executive Officer of the State Logistics Agency Budi Waseso over the plan to import rice is a result of the lack of clarity in food policy. We need a National Food Agency.

  • Opinion

    Misleading Restorative Justice

    Misleading Restorative Justice

    The authorities have been acting against criticism online using the virtual police. This is an erroneous way to apply restorative justice.

  • In Memoriam

    The Phoenix from the Nile

    Nawal El Saadawi received constant pressure from the government, community, and religious institutions, but she stood firm in her struggle for women’s rights.



    Historical Trip

    Visitors take pictures at the Pokokea Megalith Site in Hanggira village, Central Lore, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi, Sunday, March 21. Domestic and foreign tourists frequently visit the prehistoric megalithic site, featuring a statue and a giant vessel (kalamba), which is estimated to have existed since 5,000 years BC./Antara/Basri Marzuki



    Covid Concert

    A Muber of health workers play the traditional bamboo musical instruments angklung at the Athlete’s Dormitory Covid-19 Emergency Hospital (RSDC) in Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 23. As many as 1,500 health workers and patients conduct the musical concert to commemorate one year of operation of the RSDC in handling Covid patients. Antara/M Risyal Hidayat


  •  A Test for the Judicial System

    A Test for the Judicial System

    There are indications the trial of Islam Defenders Front leader Rizieq Syihab is rife with interests outside law enforcement. The authority of the courts is at stake.

  • Accelerator Lab speeding up SDGs accomplishment in Indonesia

    Accelerator Lab speeding up SDGs accomplishment in Indonesia

    The increasing challenge on development needed more creativity to result new opportunities.

  • Pertamina’s Land Prone to Squatting

    Pertamina’s Land Prone to Squatting

    A reader writes that a vast plot of land owned by Pertamina in Pondok Ranji, East Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten, is almost neglected and vulnerable to a land grab.

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    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurachman

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