Edition 10 May 2021

  • Messy Nationalism Test for KPK Employees
    Cover Story

    Messy Nationalism Test for KPK Employees

    Various peculiarities appeared in the nationalism test for KPK employees. As many as 75 people who did not pass the test are said to have already been targeted. KPK leadership is suspected of inserting an article on the nationalism test into KPK’s regulations.

  • A Former Activist’s Defense
    Cover Story

    A Former Activist’s Defense

    Saldi Isra’s position to reject a formal review of the KPK Law draws criticism. There is suspicion that Constitutional Court’s rejection was transactional.  

  • Our Limitations are According to the Law
    Cover Story

    Our Limitations are According to the Law

    Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mohammad Mahfud Md said he has communicated with Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahjo Kumolo regarding the status of Corruption Eradication Commission employees. The salaries of those who will become civil servants will stay intact. 

  • Terrorist Branded from Merdeka Barat

    Terrorist Branded from Merdeka Barat

    The plan to name armed groups in Papua as terrorist organizations is spurred with the death of the Papua State Intelligence Agency Chief. The government is taking steps to prevent Papuan independence.

  • General Danny’s Final Operation

    General Danny’s Final Operation

    The Chief of the Papua Office of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) was killed while inspecting a checkpoint in the Beoga District, Puncak Regency. He had been raising public support in the area of operation.

  • Donating Digitally

    Donating Digitally

    Alms institutions are fast-tracking digital transformation amids the lack of the regulations on zakat.

  • Distribution of Alms Digitalization Takes Five More Years

    Distribution of Alms Digitalization Takes Five More Years

    The National Zakat Agency (Baznas) encourages digital transformation as a strategy to strengthen the performance of alms management. However, Baznas CEO Mohamad Arifin Purwakananta views that the digitalization that has been seriously developed since 2016 has not really been evenly distributed.

  • Expanding Global Cargo Services

    Expanding Global Cargo Services

    Cargo shipping companies are on the race to boost their services amidst a slow international cargo business recovery.

  • Mangrove Marred by Mining Mud

    Mangrove Marred by Mining Mud

    Local communities protested against Aneka Tambang for polluting the mangrove area in Tanjung Moronopo, East Halmahera North Maluku, with waste from its mining operation. The mine is changing both the waters and the lives of fishermen.

  • He Who Never Crossed the Line
    In Memoriam

    He Who Never Crossed the Line

    He upheld freedom of the press throughout his career as a journalist. To him, editorial independence was the key to success in the media industry.

  • Interview


    Tendency for Gender-Biased Interpretations Still High

    If nothing else, the Covid-19 pandemic has not managed to disrupt Nur Rofiah’s Qur’anic Recitation Session on Gender Justice in Islam. Through the da’wah forum she initiated in the Ramadan two years ago, the professor in Qur’anic studies and interpretation fights for gender justice for Muslim women by raising awareness that women’s humanity is equal to men’s. She first got acquainted with the gender justice issue when she was studying at the Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic Institute in Yogyakarta in the 90s when the gender issue was a hot topic and people were associating it with Islam. Her interest in the issue grew stronger as she immersed herself in the world of activism. Apart from being active as a lecturer and an activist, Nur Rofiah also helped launch the country’s first female Muslim clerics’ congress in 2017.


  • Letter From

    Wishing to Live for a Thousand Years

    Wishing to Live for a Thousand Years

    The passing of Toriq Hadad constitutes a big loss to Tempo. His last message serves as a legacy for us all.

  • Letters

    WhatsApp Verification Takes Too Long

    WhatsApp Verification Takes Too Long

    Readers complains the long verification of Whatsapp when the account is hacked.

  • Interlude

    Nazi Graves and the Story of Deutsche Schule

    GERMAN author Horst Henry Geerken follows the trace of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideology in Indonesia through the third and fourth volume of his book Hitlers Griff nach Asien. These two newest editions, published last year, continued what Geerken started in his previous volumes with the same title. In his recent books, Geerken delved into the diaries of Otto Coerper, which gave detailed descriptions on some 300 Germans who had been jailed in the Dutch Indies. According to Coerper’s notes, those prisoners were released after the Japanese entered the territories in 1942. They then settled in Sarangan by Mount Lawu in East Java, and set up a German school, or Deutsche Schule. Coerper also formed an officer’s training academy for military police.

    The president at the time, Sukarno, sent navy cadets from Yogyakarta to learn German at the Deutsche Schule, so that they could understand military equipment, many of which originated from Germany. Among alumni from the Deutsche Schule are Raden Eddy Martadinata dan Donald Isaac Pandjaitan.




    Police officers catch a truck loaded with vegetables and travelers trying to evade the mudik (homecoming) ban while passing through a checkpoint on the West Cikarang Toll Road, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday, May 6. The government is imposing a homecoming ban for end-of fasting-month Idul Fitri celebration to break the spread of Covid-19. ANTARA/Fakhri Hermansyah



    R&R Covid-19

    Patients take food and medicine while a medical officer is resting on a couch at the Athlete’s Dormitory Emergency Hospital (RSDC), Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday, May 5. Based on data from management, the number of Covid patients at the RSDC is currently declining to 1,364 patients or 22.7 percent of the hospital’s total capacity of 5,994. ANTARA/M Risyal Hidayat


  • A Bit of a Stretch

    A Bit of a Stretch

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurachman

  • Ready for a Long Battle

    Ready for a Long Battle

    The ruling by the Constitutional Court rejecting the judicial review of the formulation and content of the Corruption Eradication Law signifies the end of the road for the anti-graft agency. Jokowi must take most of the responsibility for this.

  • Repeating History in Papua

    Repeating History in Papua

    The government seems to be repeating the history of colonialism in this nation. The outcome could be like that in Indonesia in 1945.

  • Keeping the State Out

    Keeping the State Out

    The National Zakat (compulsory alms) Agency, Baznas, is once again calling for civil servants and private employees to be obliged to pay zakat through compulsory salary deductions. The state should not intervene with the management of alms.

  • Keeping Promise for Mangrove

    Keeping Promise for Mangrove

    Nickel mining in East Halmahera is damaging the mangrove ecosystem and the livelihoods of local fishermen. It is adding to the destruction of mangrove forests in Indonesia.

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