Edition 24 May 2021

  • The Season for Cryptocurrency
    Cover Story

    The Season for Cryptocurrency

    Millions of Indonesians are betting trillions of rupiah on cryptocurrency. Unpredictable fluctuations do not seem to deter those hoping to make quick profit.

  • Little Fish in the Big Crypto Pond
    Cover Story

    Little Fish in the Big Crypto Pond

    Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity in Indonesia’s online market. Some cryptocurrencies are profitable, some others not.

  • Crypto Trading Can Be Misused if Not Regulated
    Cover Story

    Crypto Trading Can Be Misused if Not Regulated

    Crypto assets become increasingly popular in Indonesia. In four months alone, from January to April, their transaction value reached Rp237 trillion, or a fourfold increase from throughout 2020. At least 5.6 million Indonesians now own various digital coins. Bappebti Chair, Indrasari Wisnu Wardana, explains his institution’s position regarding the new, largely unregulated market.

  • Suharto’s Children and the Stray Kites

    Suharto’s Children and the Stray Kites

    Suharto’s children made the Berkarya Party into a family political vehicle. They are deemed to have not run it seriously.

  • The Palace Hunts Down Cendana

    The Palace Hunts Down Cendana

    The government is aggressively reclaiming a number of assets and receivables related to the family of former President Suharto. They are considered to be detrimental to the state.

  • Cross-Border Protections for the Online Market

    Cross-Border Protections for the Online Market

    In order to attract buyers, online shopping applications are offering free shipping for items shipped from abroad.

  • Bathing Ritual by the Cleric’s Son

    Bathing Ritual by the Cleric’s Son

    A key witness in the case of alleged sexual harassment in Shiddiqiyyah Islamic boarding school in Jombang, East Java, is being prosecuted. The school owner’s son has not been arrested despite being named as suspect.

  • Hospitals in Disarray

    Hospitals in Disarray

    Several hospitals in the Gaza, including one owned by Indonesia, have been badly damaged by Israeli air raids. Two senior doctors died.  

  • Gotong-royong Vaccine Too Expensive
  • In Bitter Remembrance of 2013
    Market Pulse

    In Bitter Remembrance of 2013

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • Interview


    BRIN Needs Political Support

    After three years at the helm of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Laksana Tri Handoko is entrusted with a new job: to lead the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The Japan-educated scientist is given a mandate by President Joko Widodo to integrate five major national research institutes. He is tasked to catch up lags in science and technology, to create technological independence and to focus on exploring the digital economy as well as green and blue economy. He would also continue his efforts which he initiated in LIPI to bring back a diaspora of Indonesian researchers to strengthen BRIN. Handoko said BRIN also needed political support to realize research as one of the main pillars of the national economy.


  • Letters

    Semarang State University's Refutes

    Semarang State University's Refutes

    Semarang State University refutes the information in Tempo's article, while Bank UOB Indonesia writes a response to its customer's complain.

  • Cartoon

    Speech Slip

    Speech Slip

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Opinion

    The Ups and Downs of Cryptocurrency

    The Ups and Downs of Cryptocurrency

    The cryptocurrency market continues to attract millions of new investors. Clearer regulations are needed.

  • Economy

    Investing in Special Zones

    Up to last month, a total of 155 investors have become tenants in special economic zones in Indonesia. Investment commitments currently reach a total of Rp70 trillion.



    Seventh Sky

    Residents watch hot air balloons being released at a field in Kembaran village, Kalikajar, Wonosobo, Central Java, Wednesday, May 19. The hot air balloon festival is a tradition carried out by the local community on the seventh day of Idul Fitri—at the end of the fasting month. To prevent air traffic disruption, the balloons are tied to the ground so they would stop flying at a certain height. ANTARA/Anis Efizudin



    Hazy City

    Skyscrapers in Jakarta’s skyline on Wednesday, May 19. A research by consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft showed that Jakarta ranks first as the world’s most environmentally vulnerable metropolitan, after assessing the air and water quality, heat stress, water scarcity, as well as vulnerability to climate change and landscape exposure, population, economy and infrastructure against natural hazards. ANTARA/Dhemas Reviyanto


  • Backtracking on Reformasi

    Backtracking on Reformasi

    The Jokowi administration sets back democracy in Indonesia. Civil freedoms and the eradication of corruption are under threat.

  • Stop Sexual Violence Now

    Stop Sexual Violence Now

    The person allegedly responsible for a sexual offense in Jombang intimidated the victim and her supporters. A sexual violence eradication law is needed.

  • The Mistaken Vaccine Program

    The Mistaken Vaccine Program

    The gotong-royong vaccinations will worsen the inequalities in access to vaccines. Free vaccinations must remain the priority.

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