Edition 27 June 2021

  • The Delta Attack
    Cover Story

    The Delta Attack

    A rise in new Covid-19 positive cases has hospitals overwhelmed. The government was considered as late in banning flights from red zone countries, causing the new delta variant to spread easily.

  • Hoaxes in the Way of Vaccination
    Cover Story

    Hoaxes in the Way of Vaccination

    Several regions have not yet reached their vaccination targets. Vaccine shipments from overseas are late.

  • Threats of Public Activity Restrictions
    Cover Story

    Threats of Public Activity Restrictions

    The effectiveness of stricter micro public activity restrictions is in doubt. There is belief that such restrictions may paralyze the health care system.xs

  • Mounting Hotel Bills

    Mounting Hotel Bills

    The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) suspends the financing of isolation services for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients as well as the accommodation of health workers. They owe Rp140 billion to hotel networks, which are still reeling from the pandemic.

  • Reasons for Arrears

    Reasons for Arrears

    The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) uses the excuse of waiting for an audit to reimburse arrears to hotels providing isolation services. One instance of a slew of issues in budget management related to Covid-19 mitigation.

  • Multi-Layered Checks for International Routes

    Multi-Layered Checks for International Routes

    Hong Kong’s ban on flights from Indonesia serves as a wake-up call for airlines to tighten health requirements for passengers.

  • Unlucky Draw of a Vague Law

    Unlucky Draw of a Vague Law

    More people continue to be victimized by the Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law. Three government institutions issued a joint decree as a temporary solution.

  • Twice Stumbled by a Land Dispute Case

    Twice Stumbled by a Land Dispute Case

    A non-governmental organization activist is twice indicted under the Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law in the same land dispute case. There is suspicion of criminalization.

  • Lighter Sentence for a Fellow Alumnus

    Lighter Sentence for a Fellow Alumnus

    Jakarta High Court reduced the sentence for suspended prosecutor Pinangki Sirna Malasari to less than half. Lack of cassation appeal from the attorney further adds up to the irregularities.

  • Social Assistance Irregularities
  • Interview


    Indonesia’s Condition is Similar to China’s A Decade Ago

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed Indonesia’s demographics affecting the trends in the capital market. Indonesia Stock Exchange’s Commissioner Pandu Patria Sjahrir says enthusiasm of millennial and Gen Z investors has risen phenomenally during the pandemic. Since 2016, the number of young investors has grown to over 1.8 million with those aged 28 and below making up the highest increase. The rapid development of the digital technologies has opened the floodgates for tech companies and start-ups. One of the sectors most sought after by foreign investors is financial technology (fintech). Pandu, a businessman and an investor, who is also the chairman of Indonesian Fintech Association, says that in future fintech companies will not just focus on consumer lending but increase productive loans to support micro, small and medium enterprises through peer-to-peer lending.


  • Profile

    Privileged Teen Helps Less Fortunate Children

    Privileged Teen Helps Less Fortunate Children

    Faye Simanjuntak sets up Rumah Faye focusing on rescuing Indonesian children from human trafficking, violence, and exploitation. She uses her privileged background for good deeds.

  • Science & Technology

    Beneficial Side Effects of Worm Drug

    The government’s plan to use ivermectin as Covid-19 medication sparks controversy. The health ministry will conduct clinical testing on the medicine which is officially used to treat intestinal worms.



    Mask and Sanitizer, Please...

    BADUNG Regency Police and Public Order officers stop motorists that violate health protocols during a Micro-scale Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) operation in Canggu village, Badung, Bali, Friday, June 25. The joint task force team took action against 18 foreigners from various countries in order to give a deterrent effect as well as to enforce health protocols among the public. ANTARA/Nyoman Hendra Wibowo



    Fly to Heaven

    THE Tengger community celebrates Yadnya Kasada at Mount Bromo Probolinggo, East Java, June 26. Yadnya Kasada is a thanksgiving ceremony as well as a tribute to the ancestors, a ritual commemorated by throwing offerings in the form of crops and livestock into the crater of Mount Bromo. TEMPO/Aris Novia Hidaya


  • Business Interruption

    Business Interruption

    Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • Continuous Chaos

    Continuous Chaos

    The rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia is proof of the weaknesses in the system to control the pandemic. There is a problem of leadership.

  • Revoke Not Makeover

    Revoke Not Makeover

    Three ministerial level officials issued a joint decree about the interpretation of the Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) Law. This is only a makeover that does not touch the substance of the problem.

  • The Mafia around Pinangki

    The Mafia around Pinangki

    The reduction in the sentence handed out to a prosecutor involved in Joko Tjandra’s case shows that the justice mafia is at work. It must be exposed from top to bottom.

  • No Accountability for Covid-19 Funding

    No Accountability for Covid-19 Funding

    The Supreme Audit Agency uncovered a number of improprieties in the distribution of Covid-19 assistance. The principle of caution has not been applied.

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