Edition 02 August 2021

  • The Bukalapak Riddle
    Cover Story

    The Bukalapak Riddle

    Bukalapak is breaking new record at the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Speculations on the potential big investors remain.

  • The Rules of the Game Have Changed
    Cover Story

    The Rules of the Game Have Changed

    Bukalapak is making an initial public offering at the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Bukalapak’s President Commissioner, explains how the startup—which is still operating at a loss—can become the first startup to go public, with a transaction value that breaks a new record at the stock exchange.

  • Reaching into the Stock Exchange
    Cover Story

    Reaching into the Stock Exchange

    Bukalapak is planning to expand the reach of its partners with funding from its IPO. Competitors are taking the wait-and-see approach.

  • Cutting Corners
    Cover Story

    Cutting Corners

    Bukalapak’s finances are improving. The company is not yet making profit but is curbing its losses by lowering marketing cost.

  • Profits from Drug Scarcity

    Profits from Drug Scarcity

    Covid-19 drugs are becoming scarce as Indonesia faces its second wave of Covid-19. Pharmaceutical companies reportedly halted distribution after the health ministry set the maximum retail price limits (HET) for Covid medicines. In several areas, traders and pharmacies are hoarding the drugs.

  • Hunting for Covid Medicine

    Hunting for Covid Medicine

    A number of regional hospitals and pharmacies experience Covid-19 medication shortages. Efforts to overcome this include borrowing from vendors and prescription modifications.

  • Angels of Remedies

    Angels of Remedies

    Local communities routinely distribute medicine for Covid-19 patients. They are undeterred although they must pay the medicine from their own pocket.

  • Investment Rise in SEZs

    Investment Rise in SEZs

    Investments in Indonesia’s special economic zones reached Rp50.3 trillion this year.

  • New Power to Investigate Money Laundering

    New Power to Investigate Money Laundering

    Investigators at government ministries and state institutions now have the authority to investigate money-laundering cases. The Constitutional Court granted the request for a material review of Article 74 of the Law on the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering, and cancelled the interpretation that only six institutions has the right to hunt down those committing that crime. This has the potential to return over tens of trillion of rupiah of state funds.

  • Waiting for Gold from Windy’s Generation

    Waiting for Gold from Windy’s Generation

    Young Indonesian weightlifters Windy Cantika Aisah and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah are successful in maintaining the country’s tradition of clinching Olympic medals. They are Indonesia’s hope for gold at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

  • Interview


    We Are Not Selling Vaccines

    Right after his appointment as Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (Kadin) Chair, Arsjad Rasjid launched the ‘War against the Pandemic’ movement. Alongside the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the National Police (Polri), he urged businesses to get involved seriously to fight the pandemic. Arsjad says Kadin is helping the government with vaccination and medical oxygen supply. But he dismisses the assertion that Kadin plans to sell vaccines through the Gotong Royong vaccination program.


  • Environment

    Torn Apart by Carbon Potential

    Torn Apart by Carbon Potential

    The environment and forestry ministry reprimands two NGOs which are working with Sebangau and Batang Gadis National Parks. They are suspected of trading carbon.

  • Market Pulse

    A Tale of Two Outbreaks

    A Tale of Two Outbreaks

    There is no point in chasing economic growth by prioritizing prestigious projects when ultimately, the economy cannot move because it does not have enough vaccine coverage.

  • Cartoon

    Fast Food

    Fast Food

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Environment

    Waiting for Norway

    Norway has not yet released US$56 million to Indonesia under the REDD+ arrangement. Negotiators from both countries are still deliberating the matter.



    Against The Law

    LEGAL aid workers (PBH) of the Padang Legal Aid Institute (LBH) stage a protest, demanding the repeal of the Mineral Mining Law, at the coal mining pit area in Talawi, Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, Thursday, July 29. The protest was held to support the judicial review of the Coal and Mineral Mining (Minerba) Law at the Constitutional Court requested by the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute Foundation (YLBHI), Mining and Advocacy Network (Jatam), Bandung LBH, Padang LBH, residents of Banyuwangi and residents of Bangka Belitung. The law is considered very damaging to the environment. Antara/Iggoy el Fitra



    Black Water

    AN aerial photo of the Air Hitam water rafting area at the Kereng Bangkirai Pier, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Tuesday, July 27. The central government allocates budget assistance of Rp30 billion to improve the river rafting tourism area, and the pier, through the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) taken from the state budget. Antara/Makna Zaezar


  • Seeking Solution to Obtain KTP

    Seeking Solution to Obtain KTP

    How to renew a citizen’s identity card that is lost with no residential registration data?

  • Boom or Bust for Bukalapak

    Boom or Bust for Bukalapak

    The Bukalapak initial public offering (IPO) is the beginning of a list of digital unicorns entering Indonesian Stock Exchange. Retail investors and public fund managers need to be cautious.

  • Failing Our Athletes

    Failing Our Athletes

    Indonesia is almost certain to fail to reach its target for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This is a result of the disorganized training of athletes and the lack of public sports facilities.

  • End Shortages of Covid-19 Medicines

    End Shortages of Covid-19 Medicines

    The wrong approach led to shortages of Covid-19 medicines in the market. Without corrective measures, the problems caused by the pandemic could become even more serious.

  • Time to Hunt Money Launderers

    Time to Hunt Money Launderers

    The Constitutional Court extended the definition of money laundering investigators. This is an opportunity to catch white-collar criminals.

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