Edition 09 August 2021

  • The Geothermal Holding Debate
    Cover Story

    The Geothermal Holding Debate

    The state-owned enterprises ministry intends to merge PLN and Pertamina Geothermal Energy’s geothermal power plant assets. The plan is to expand first before making an IPO at the stock exchange.

  • The End of Coal Power Plants
    Cover Story

    The End of Coal Power Plants

    A  state holding company for coal-fired power plants is being prepared. The move is part of the effort to generate revenue amid the plan to retire coal-fired power plants.

  • The Geothermal Powerhouses
    Cover Story

    The Geothermal Powerhouses

    Big players in the energy sector are competing to develop the potentials of geothermal work areas. The stock exchange is among their sources for financing. Tempo’s report on the management of state-owned enterprises in the energy sector is made possible by the support of the Judith Neilson Institute.

  • Multiplying after the Memorial Service

    Multiplying after the Memorial Service

    Covid-19 cases spike in villages goes on undetected. People suspected to have contracted the virus chose not to take swab tests. Local governments are scrambling to trace them, while residents of customary villages prefer not to rely on the government.

  • Crowded Hospitals

    Crowded Hospitals

    Hospitals outside Java struggle with influxes of Covid-19 patients. Medical oxygen is difficult to find in many places. 

  •  Anxiously Waiting for Rp2 Trillion

    Anxiously Waiting for Rp2 Trillion

    South Sumatra Police Chief Insp. Gen. Eko Indra Heri admitted his negligence of too quickly believing a promised donation of Rp2 trillion from the family of Akidi Tio. Intended to help Covid-19 mitigation efforts, the inheritance is allegedly fictitious. The donator, Heryanti, has only Rp3.2 million in her bank account.

  • Illusions of a Revolutionary Fund

    Illusions of a Revolutionary Fund

    Since the New Order era, officials and public figures believed that President Sukarno and the various kingdoms in the archipelago left behind a treasure trove of revolutionary funds to pay debts and make development costs. It was never proven.

  • My Fault, I Didn’t Check

    My Fault, I Didn’t Check

    An interview with the South Sumatra Police Chief Insp. Gen. Eko Indra Heri regarding the Rp2 trillion donation from Akidi Tio’s family. Why did he believe it?

  • The Gold Surprise from Bintaro

    The Gold Surprise from Bintaro

    Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu became the first Indonesian women’s doubles badminton players to win an Olympics gold medal. They further contribute to the growing list of Olympics gold medalists from the Jaya Raya Badminton Association in Bintaro, Jakarta.

  • GM in Frame

    GM in Frame

    There are not many strong and consistent thinkers and art philosophy writers who are also stalwart artists. Writing and painting go hand in hand complementing each other and adding colors to Goenawan Mohamad’s busy days.  By S. Malela Mahargasari

  • Science & Technology

    Science & Technology

    Waiting for the Red-and-White Vaccine

    Progress in the development of ‘Red-and-White’ vaccine at Airlangga University and the Eijkman Molecular Biology Institute is accelerating. It can begin production in the first quarter of next year at the soonest.


  • Science & Technology

    The Yearlong Vaccine Development Effort

    The Yearlong Vaccine Development Effort

    Two Indonesian researchers at the University of Oxford, England, worked on the AstraZeneca vaccine. The production faced limited availability of researchers and equipment.

  • Science & Technology

    There is No Benefit in Being Famous

    There is No Benefit in Being Famous

    Indonesian researcher Carina Citra Dewi Joe is involved in the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine research team. She is on the list of patent holders due to her involvement in developing the method for producing mass quantities of the vaccine.

  • Letters

    How to Obtain an Identity Card

    How to Obtain an Identity Card

    Readers write letters on how to obtain electronic KTP or e-KTP, AirAsia’s ticket refund, to questioning the emergency PPKM policy in the Covid-19 pandemic period.

  • Interview

    Red-and-White Vaccine Can be Manufactured in 2022

    Galvanized by alarming spikes in numbers of positive cases and deaths resulting from the Delta variant of Covid-19, Bio Farma is accelerating the production of Covid-19 vaccines. Yet, vaccine stocks remain stagnant with uneven distribution in many regions. With a production capacity of up to 6 million doses per week or 250 million doses a year, Bio Farma’s CEO Honesti Basyir hopes that the company can fulfill the country’s vaccine need.




    THE Hindus prepare offerings and sacrificial animals to the sea during the Aci Pakelem Hulu-Teben ring Panca Segara ceremony in Kuta, Badung, Bali, Saturday, August 7. The ritual, which is held simultaneously by the Bali provincial government at five locations, is carried out to beg for the end of the Covid-19 pandemic so that people can return to normal life and to keep away various disasters and calamities. ANTARA/Fikri Yusuf




    KRI Bima Suci, which is a high mast training ship of the 68th Naval Academy (AAL) cadets, docked in the waters of Tual, Maluku, Saturday, August 7. The ship, led by the 2021 OBS Task Force Commander Marine Lt. Col. (P) Waluyo, will be in Tual for three days to support the 2021 Kartika Jala Krida (KJK) practical training led by Marine Lt. Col. (P) Khairul Anwar. ANTARA/Muhammad Adimaja


  • Time of Crisis…and Campaigning
  • The New Geothermal Initiative

    The New Geothermal Initiative

    The government is planning an initial public offering of Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE). This is an effort to bring about better corporate governance of the energy business.

  • The Unrecorded Deaths

    The Unrecorded Deaths

    Covid-19 deaths have risen sharply over the last month. The real figures are believed to be much higher than the government data suggests.

  • The Importance of Merah Putih Vaccine

    The Importance of Merah Putih Vaccine

    The development of the Merah Putih (Red-and-White) vaccine deserves support as a way to deal with future pandemics. There must be no intervention of political or non-science interests.

  • The Vanishing Two Trillion

    The Vanishing Two Trillion

    The fairy tale of the Rp2 trillion donation from Akidi Tio is a realization of the lack of caution from public officials. It shows the abandonment of common sense in the rush for promotion, popularity or instant riches.

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