Edition 20 September 2021

  • The Competition for TNI Commander
    Cover Story

    The Competition for TNI Commander

    Close to the appointment of a new TNI commander, two strong candidates for Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto’s successor are attacked by various unpleasant rumors. Gen. Andika Perkasa and Marshal Yudo Margono are reportedly maneuvering for support.

  • Senayan’s Favored Candidate
    Cover Story

    Senayan’s Favored Candidate

    DPR’s discussion on the candidates for TNI commander intensifies. The 2024 general elections becomes one of the deciding factors.

  • The Generals’ Wealth
    Cover Story

    The Generals’ Wealth

    TNI commander candidates, Andika Perkasa and Yudo Margono, have a lustrous career. Both also have massive wealth.

  • Ups and Downs over Olefin Refinery

    Ups and Downs over Olefin Refinery

    Pertamina finally selected winners of the bid for the TPPI olefin refinery megaproject after months of uncertainty. It leaves behind embers of a dispute between the boards of commissioners and the directors over alleged irregularities in the project planning.

  • Post Projects Fever

    Post Projects Fever

    Rekayasa Industri’s portion in the consortium of TPPI’s olefin refinery megaproject is reportedly being eroded. The company’s poor financial performance report is to blame.

  • Billions Rupiah-Worth Mistake

    Billions Rupiah-Worth Mistake

    Former KPK investigator, Stepanus Robin Pattuju, asked corruption case defendants money to help with their legal problems. He claimed to have an extensive network.

  • Foretelling with Pig and Cow Hearts

    Foretelling with Pig and Cow Hearts

    Many Matotonan have embraced Islam. Yet, customary rituals sacrificing pigs led by a sikerei continues. People believe sikerei can make predictions using the heart of pigs and cows.

  • The KPK’s Civic Knowledge Test

    The KPK’s Civic Knowledge Test

    The KPK’s civic knowledge test makes failed investigators look like defeated soldiers.

  • The Pandemic's Ups and Downs

    The Pandemic's Ups and Downs

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • We Must Not Lower Our Guard

    We Must Not Lower Our Guard

    An interview with a spokesperson for the national Covid-19 vaccination program, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, about the drastic decrease of the positivity rate of Covid-19 in Indonesia. How does that happen?

  • Opinion


    Back Roads for the Commander

    As Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto nears retirement age, President Joko Widodo has yet to put forward the name of his replacement to the DPR. There have been political maneuvers by high rank officers in with a chance of the job.


  • Opinion

    Equal Partnership in Protecting Wildlife

    Equal Partnership in Protecting Wildlife

    The conservation of Sumatran tigers is threatened with failure because the government puts pressure on partner organizations. There needs to be a more equal relationship free of prejudice.

  • Opinion

    Another Failure to Fight Corruption

    Another Failure to Fight Corruption

    Political reforms are needed to make the KPK strong again. What happened with commissioner Lili Pintauli Siregar is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Science & Technology

    Living Endangered Lives

    Living Endangered Lives

    A family of Sumatran tigers died after being caught in snare traps in Aceh. With a population of about 600, this endangered wild animal is threatened by poaching, loss of habitat, and conflict with humans.

  • Opinion

    Another Delay of Crucial Refinery

    The tender to build an olefin refinery at TPPI becomes a polemic because of lack of transparency. President Joko Widodo’s model of state capitalism proves to be inefficient.



    Saving Health Workers

    A NUMBER of health workers getting out of a helicopter belonging to the Army at the Frans Kaisepo Field, Jayapura City, Papua, Friday, September 17. An armed criminal group attacked health workers at the Kiwirok Health Center, Gunung Bintang Regency, on Monday, September 13. The Army managed to evacuate nine of the 11 health workers to Jayapura/Antara/Indrayadi TH



    Big Bike

    CHILDREN playing on a replica of a large motorbike made out of waste materials at the Pakusari landfill in Jember, East Java, Saturday, September 18. The Jember Regency government and local environmental activists are campaigning to select and sort waste before it is disposed of in a landfill to coincide with the commemoration of World Cleanup Day 2021 on September 18, by processing it into replicas of large motorbikes, dinosaurs, and houses. Antara/Seno


  • Forty Percent Guilt

    Forty Percent Guilt

    KPK Deputy Chair Lili Pintauli Siregar is proven to have assisted Tanjungbalai Mayor Muhammad Syahrial in a position trading bribery case. The police refused to treat it as a criminal case.

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