Edition 04 October 2021

  • Umi Sardjono and Allegations Against Gerwani
    Cover Story

    Umi Sardjono and Allegations Against Gerwani

    Tempo again presents a special report as an effort to verify the historical claims manufactured by Suharto’s regime surrounding the September 30, 1965 tragedy. This time, we wish to present the life, activism, and ideas of Gerwani Chair, Umi Sardjono.

  • From A Civil Servant’s Daughter to An Underground Activist
    Cover Story

    From A Civil Servant’s Daughter to An Underground Activist

    Suharti Sumodiwirjo, more familiarly known as Umi Sardjono, was born to a Javanese civil servant family. Kartini’s collection of letters was an influence to Umi and led her to join pre-independence organizations.

  • End of the Road
    Cover Story

    End of the Road

    Long before she led Gerwani, Uma Sardjono studied different ideologies from political courses. She was known as a feminist who was loyal to her party.

  • The Feminist in Two Councils
    Cover Story

    The Feminist in Two Councils

    As a legislator, Umi Sardjono was keen to push regulations in favor of gender equality and women’s protection. She was reluctant to support East Timor’s independence.

  • Soft on Sukarno
    Cover Story

    Soft on Sukarno

    Gerwani, a feminist group that often spoke against polygamy, did not comment when President Sukarno remarried. It reasoned that the country needed a unifying figure.

  • Traumatic Burden of 1965
    Cover Story

    Traumatic Burden of 1965

    Former chairperson of the Indonesian Women’s Movement left the history of 1965 behind upon her release from prison. Umi Sardjono did not say much about the bloody event of September 30, 1965.

  • Waiting for the Investment Promises

    Waiting for the Investment Promises

    After nine months of operation, the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) has yet to realize investment projects boasted by the government. It is seen as little more than an asset manager.

  • Not All Aboard the Digital Train

    Not All Aboard the Digital Train

    Technology companies are racing to organize internet utilization training programs in rural areas, as part of the effort to distribute the benefits of the digital economy.

  • The Good and the Ugly of an Energy Crisis
    Market Pulse

    The Good and the Ugly of an Energy Crisis

    Coal, despite its huge contribution to global warming, is once again becoming a prima donna. 

  • Neglected Concessions

    Neglected Concessions

    The Sorong Regency government faces three lawsuits from oil palm companies whose licenses were revoked. Land concessions left in a state of neglect have been given to customary communities.

  • National


    The Thread Holding the Pandora Papers

    Pandora Papers reveal ownership of assets and shell companies in tax haven countries. Several Indonesian politicians and businesspeople are recorded in it. This report is a result of the collaboration of Tempo in a network of 150 media under the coordination of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).


  • Environment

    Suing Over Silent Killers

    Suing Over Silent Killers

    Government reactions are varied on the court verdict handed down in a lawsuit on air pollution. An appeal delays action which should be taken immediately.

  • Cartoon

    Broken Record

    Broken Record

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman


  • Interview

    People Think I’m Crazy

    Airlangga University’ Merah Putih vaccine research team led by Prof. Fedik Abdul Rantam has been making rapid headway in the development of the country’s own Covid vaccine together with Biotis Pharmaceutical Indonesia. The vaccine is set to enter the first phase of the human clinical trial in the fourth week of October.



    Safety First

    A FULLY armed soldier guards the spectator tribune during the Muay Thai preliminary round match for Papua 20th National Games (PON) at the STT Gidi Stadium in Sentani, Papua, Tuesday, September 28. The Papua PON is held with tight security imposed to avoid disturbances from armed criminal groups. Antara/Zabur Karuru



    Studying With a View

    STUDENTS study online together at the Merona hilltop hut in Hinas Kanan village, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency, South Kalimantan, Monday, September 27. Students in the area have to travel five kilometers to the top of the hill to get Internet access to take part in online learning activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The scenic view is just a bonus. Antara/Bayu Pratama S


  • Umi Sardjono and the Annual Ghost

    Umi Sardjono and the Annual Ghost

    It takes courage to expose what really happened in 1965, including about Gerwani and its leader Umi Sardjono. To this day, people still hate each other based on a concocted history.

  • A Lesson from Sorong

    A Lesson from Sorong

    The policy by the Sorong Regent revoking oil palm plantation business permits should be emulated by others. Indigenous peoples need protection.

  • Clean Air Appeal

    Clean Air Appeal

    The government refuses to accept a win by citizens in a lawsuit regarding air pollution. This is wasting an opportunity to improve the air quality in the capital.

  • Waiting for Result

    Waiting for Result

    The government’s promise to attract massive investment through the Indonesia Investment Authority has not been realized. A considerable danger begins to emerge before our eyes.

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