Edition 25 October 2021

  • Blessing from the Palace
    Cover Story

    Blessing from the Palace

    President Joko Widodo is reportedly encouraging several politicians to begin campaigning. With his green light, potential presidential candidates have begun maneuvering.

  • A Witness in Two Corruption Cases
    Cover Story

    A Witness in Two Corruption Cases

    In his almost nine years as a DPR member, Ganjar Pranowo testified in two corruption cases. The 2024 presidential election is creating heat within the PDI-P.

  • A Rift within the PDI-P
    Cover Story

    A Rift within the PDI-P

    PDI-P’s regional officials are split in their loyalty between Ganjar Pranowo and Puan Maharani. They are attacking each other on social media.

  • Jokowi’s Swaying Promise

    Jokowi’s Swaying Promise

    The increasing price of feed further makes things difficult for laying hen farmers, who have been suffering losses from the plummeting price of eggs. There are irregularities in the government’s data.

  • Egg Cracking Incentive

    Egg Cracking Incentive

    Independent farmers are doing everything they can to survive as the price of chicken eggs has plummeted for months. Amid the pouring of incentives given to entrepreneurs during the pandemic, the breeders are left out.

  • The Positive Effects Are yet to Come
    Market Pulse

    The Positive Effects Are yet to Come

    There some good news about Indonesia’s economy because of the jump in various commodity prices in the global market. But their real effects are yet to come.

  • Snagged by Sarong

    Snagged by Sarong

    Three Banten provincial administration officers stand accused of corruption in grant distribution to around 3,000 Islamic boarding schools. The prosecutor leaves out Banten Governor Wahidin Halim.

  • A Denisovan Descendant in Wallacea
    Science & Technology

    A Denisovan Descendant in Wallacea

    Genetic analysis of a 7,200-year-old skeleton from Wallacea, South Sulawesi, contained 1.7 to 2.7 percent Denisovan DNA. It is the oldest evidence of a descendent of a cousin to Homo sapiens discovered in Indonesia.

  • Plan B in Denmark

    Plan B in Denmark

    Failure at the Sudirman Cup motivated the Indonesian badminton team to perform better at the 2020 Thomas Cup. What was the key to their victory?

  • New Viewpoints on Indonesia’s Independence

    New Viewpoints on Indonesia’s Independence

    The Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands’ main museum, will roll out Revolusi!, a big exhibition on Indonesia. It promises to be a unique presentation on Indonesia’s Independence War. Indonesian experts have been involved in the exhibition since the very beginning.

  • Interview


    We Will Accelerate Regeneration

    In the aftermath of the sanctions issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Indonesian team which won the Thomas Cup had to stand on the podium without the Red and White national flag. But thanks to the quick lobbying of PBSI Chief Agung Firman Sampurna, the national anthem Indonesia Raya could be played during the trophy presentation ceremony in Denmark.


  • Letters

    Letter to Minister Nadiem Makarim

    Letter to Minister Nadiem Makarim

    Letters on a note to Minister Nadiem Makarim, digital detoxification and the US-China tension.


  • Opinion

    A Three-Horse Race to 2024

    A Three-Horse Race to 2024

    It is reported that President Jokowi gives the green light to a number of prospective candidates wanting to stand for the presidency. Is he seeking political protection post-2024?

  • Interlude

    To Prevent Local Languages from Extinction

    UNESCO in February 2019 declared that some 2,500 languages in the world are under threat of extinction, hundreds of which are ethnic languages in Indonesia. In the last 30 years, 200 languages have become extinct. Some 3,000 local languages are on the brink of disappearing by the end of this century. The Language Development Agency is continuing its efforts to revitalize local languages by composing dictionaries, while organizing script systems and teaching materials. Tempo publishes this report to celebrate October, the Language and Literature Month.



    Illegal and Dangerous

    AN aerial photo showing an illegal crude oil refinery being demolished by heavy equipment in Muarojambi, Jambi, Tuesday, October 19. The illegal refinery, which was burned down the day before, is closed by the police for further investigation. Antara/Wahdi Septiawan



    Absilute Garbage

    FISHERMEN work among piles of garbage on Sukaraja beach, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Friday, October 22. According to local residents, the garbage that pollute the coast are mostly household and plastic waste that are swept away by the sea current./Antara/Ardiansyah


  • Another Case of Money Politics

    Another Case of Money Politics

    The Serang Corruption Court is hearing a corruption case regarding grants to Islamic boarding schools involving Banten provincial officials. Apparently, patronage politics still exists in the region.  

  • After the Thomas Cup Euphoria

    After the Thomas Cup Euphoria

    The Thomas Cup returns to Indonesia after 19 years. This must provide the momentum to reform our badminton management.

  • Cheap Eggs Misery

    Cheap Eggs Misery

    The domination by large companies triggers a collapse in the price of eggs in the market. This unhealthy poultry trading system must be reformed.

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