Edition 01 November 2021

  • Curbing Profit
    Cover Story

    Curbing Profit

    Two months before the Christmas and New Year holidays, the government is making PCR test mandatory for air travel. The regulation is believed to benefit PCR laboratories that have already ordered reagents in large quantities.

  • Likely Partnerships
    Cover Story

    Likely Partnerships

    Politicians and business tycoons own several PCR laboratories. Some appear to be profiting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Imported Components, Expensive Tests
    Cover Story

    Imported Components, Expensive Tests

    The lowered price of PCR test should not hurt hospitals due to the wider reach of Covid-19 testing. Imported PCR components are used as an excuse for expensive testing.

  • Riding on the Back of Royalties

    Riding on the Back of Royalties

    The chaos surrounding the management of song and music royalties is still ongoing. Celebrities who are and used to be in the inner circle of power are milking the system.

  • One Royalty, Many Cuts

    One Royalty, Many Cuts

    Artists are concerned about a new song royalty withdrawal and distribution system that is laden with numerous cuts. Song copyright holders face increasing pressure.

  • Encircled by Digital Loan Sharks

    Encircled by Digital Loan Sharks

    Those running illegal online money lending businesses use applications and special equipment to entrap their customers. They receive funds from abroad and rake in trillions of rupiah.

  • Most Hated and More Expensive Culprit
    Market Pulse

    Most Hated and More Expensive Culprit

    World leaders started the Conference of Climate Change in Glasgow this Sunday in the middle of rising energy prices. A test of decarbonization commitment.  

  • With Love, from Disabled Artists

    With Love, from Disabled Artists

    Yogyakarta held the International Disability Arts Biennale 2021 exhibition. It provides a space for artistic expression and appreciation for disabled artists.

  • The Credit Card Bill
  • From One Pinjol to Another

    From One Pinjol to Another

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman  

  • Environment


    Expecting Greater Ambition from Glasgow

    The United Nations' 26th Climate Change Conference (COP26) will last until November 12. It needs to be more ambitious to match the Paris Agreement.


  • Environment

     Food Estate Woes

    Food Estate Woes

    The food estate program in Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra, cuts into the kemenyan forest indigenous land. The yield fell short of target.

  • Opinion

    Problematic PCR Testing

    Problematic PCR Testing

    PCR test requirements for air travelers apparently advantage certain business people. Pandemic control should not be conducted haphazardly.

  • Opinion

    Loan Sharks 4.0

    Loan Sharks 4.0

    The number of victims fallen prey to illegal online money lending businesses has continued to spiral. The state failed to create a secure and practical system for micro-loans.

  • Interview

    Illegal ‘Pinjol’ are Money Launderers

    PPATK’s newly minted chief, Ivan Yustiavandana, has a special assignment from President Joko Widodo. In addition to preventing and fighting money laundering crimes, PPAT has been ordered to crack down on illegal online lenders.



    On Thin Ice

    STREET artists draw a mural that says “Who dares to criticize the police?” at the Bhayangkara Mural Festival 2021 in the Bhayangkara Field of the National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Saturday, October 10. The National Police held a mural competition inviting 80 artists from Jakarta and surrounding areas after allegedly arresting the artist that created a mural criticizing the president in September. ANTARA/Sigid Kurniawan



    Old School Fishing

    RESIDENTS catch fish using a traditional method called Wer Warat on the beach during the low tide on Tarwa Island, Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku, Wednesday, October 27. Wer Warat is a way for the people of the Kei Islands in Southeast Maluku to catch fish using ropes and coconut leaves. This tradition has become a tourism attraction displayed at the 2021 Meti Kei Enchantment Festival./Antara/FB Anggoro


  • A Harsh Slap in the Face

    A Harsh Slap in the Face

    The climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, is evaluating the commitments of all member countries for halting the climate crisis. Indonesia’s inconsistencies will be shown up.

  • Music Royalties’ Fiasco

    Music Royalties’ Fiasco

    Governance regarding music and song royalties is a tangled mess. Regulations and their execution have no accountability.

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