Edition 29 November 2021

  • Jamaah Islamiyah’s New Look
    Cover Story

    Jamaah Islamiyah’s New Look

    Jamaah Islamiyah infiltrates mass organizations and political parties. Choosing to halt their terror acts, the terror organization is now focused on fundraising to prepare for jihad. They also manage to penetrate into various government institutions, including the military and the police.

  • The Great Parliament Dream
    Cover Story

    The Great Parliament Dream

    Jamaah Islamiyah supporters are believed to have entered politics. The organization wishes to ascend to power, either legally or illegally.

  • Jemaah Islamiah’s Mask of Charity
    Cover Story

    Jemaah Islamiah’s Mask of Charity

    Jamaah Islamiyah members—recruited from various channels, such as universities and charity organizations—are using businesses to raise funds. Two JI members confess to Tempo.

  • Instant Relief Fund

    Instant Relief Fund

    Ahead of the year-end, the government rolls out an aid program for the film industry using the national economic recovery (PEN) fund. The discourse sparks pros and cons.

  • Oil Palm Paradise’s Empty Coffers

    Oil Palm Paradise’s Empty Coffers

    Oil palm-producing areas are demanding a fairer share of profits. The oil palm industry’s contributions are considered disproportionate to its negative impacts.

  • Traces of Herman on the Covid-19 Assistance Package

    Traces of Herman on the Covid-19 Assistance Package

    Herman Hery and Ihsan Yunus, two PDI-P politicians, have long been mentioned in connection with the Covid-19 social aid corruption case. There is proof that he was at a Kelapa Gading warehouse.

  • Tensions are Running High under the Surface

    Tensions are Running High under the Surface

    The AUKUS pact and construction of nuclear-powered submarines by Australia put stability at risk in the Indo-Pacific. Some nations still have unanswered concerns.

  •  Electricity-Generating Roofs
    Science & Technology

    Electricity-Generating Roofs

    Through solar panel installation, the roofs of GBK and the Jakarta International Stadium could generate energy from the sun. The current implementation reduces the electricity bill by 5.5 percent.

  • Correction and Objection from HopeHelps

    Correction and Objection from HopeHelps

    Letter on the objection from HopeHelps.



    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman  

  • Environment


    Geothermal Project Rejections

    The customary community of Wae Seno at West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, rejects a geothermal project. Their living space would be sacrificed for the project.


  • Environment

    Holes in the Geothermal Power Plant Project

    Holes in the Geothermal Power Plant Project

    Dozens of hot mud ponds appeared in the land of the people in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, where a geothermal power plant was constructed. People’s crops also decrease.

  • Opinion

    Terrorism and Halfhearted Pluralism

    Terrorism and Halfhearted Pluralism

    Police apprehended the ringleaders of Jamaah Islamiyah who weaseled themselves into the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and a political party. It is an evidence of weak police intelligence.

  • Opinion

    Commission to Protect Corruptors

    Commission to Protect Corruptors

    The Covid-19 social assistance corruption case allegedly involving PDI-P politicians, Herman Hery and Ihsan Yunus, has stalled. They are under the protection of high-ranking officers in the Corruption Eradication Commission.

  • Interview

    All SWF Needs Independency

    The Indonesia Investment Authority (INA), the agency that manages Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund (SWF), is different from SWF institution in other countries. It was established to attract foreign investments. It needs independency and transparency.



    High in Demand

    A SEAWEED farmer holds her newly harvested seaweed on the coast of Nembrala, Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, November 20. According to the farmers, the price of seaweed in the village has gone up to Rp21,500 from the original Rp15,000 per kilogram due to high demand/ANTARA PHOTOS/Kornelis Kaha



    To Whom It Matters

    MEMBERS of Indonesian trade unions hold placards during a protest against the government’s labor reforms, as the Constitutional Court reads the verdict on a judicial review filed on the controversial ‘omnibus’ Job Creation Law in Jakarta, November 25. The Constitutional Court on Thursday ordered the government to amend parts of the Job Creation Law within two years, citing procedural flaws in how the controversial legislation was handled/REUTERS/Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana


  • High Heat in Wae Sano

    High Heat in Wae Sano

    The Wae Sano geothermal power plant project is threatening the safety of customary communities. Relocation is not a solution.

  • Chaotic Cinema Stimulus

    Chaotic Cinema Stimulus

    National economic recovery fund allocation for the film industry is late in disbursement and is now under threat of remaining unabsorbed. Evidence of failure by the tourism and creative economy ministry in providing support for creative industries.

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