Edition 06 December 2021

  • At a Crossroads
    Cover Story

    At a Crossroads

    Optimism for a recovery appears to be the face of the 2022 economy. Various sectors now have the opportunity to rise and grow after the pandemic slump of over one year. But a danger lurks behind.

  • Making Up for Lost Time
    Cover Story

    Making Up for Lost Time

    An economic recovery will increase the demand for energy in 2022. The year will provide an opportunity for the mining, oil and gas, as well as electricity sectors.

  • The Digital Sector after the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    The Digital Sector after the Pandemic

    The Covid-19 pandemic propels digital health and education startups forward. Next year’s prospects are even brighter.

  • Staggering to Grab the Great Opportunities
    Cover Story

    Staggering to Grab the Great Opportunities

    The rise in exports and imports in commodities and e-commerce opens up growth opportunities in the logistics industry in 2022. It is shadowed by a barrage of problems in transportation.

  • Rupiah’s Heavy Burdens Next Year
    Market Pulse

    Rupiah’s Heavy Burdens Next Year

    The tightening of the US dollar liquidity in the global market which is immediately followed up by a rise in interest rates will create a great shock to the market. Emerging economies like Indonesia will face high pressures.

  • Trauma at Knifepoint

    Trauma at Knifepoint

    Victims of sexual violence are often traumatized and do not receive justice. The DPR still has not passed a legal umbrella to protect them and make it easier to indict perpetrators.

  • Jihad Books for Free

    Jihad Books for Free

    E-books encouraging jihad are available for download on the Internet. The communication and informatics ministry is accused of being slow to block them.

  • Desolate Isolation

    Desolate Isolation

    The directorate-general of intellectual property turns the archive warehouse into a Covid-19 isolation house. The BPK notices price mark-ups.



    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman  

  • On the Police Escort

    On the Police Escort

    Letters from readers.

  • Opinion


    2022: A Year of Recovery with Reservations

    A number of economic indicators have shown significant improvement. Lighthouse projects could become a stumbling block.


  • Environment

    Pursuing Investor-Friendly Permits

    Pursuing Investor-Friendly Permits

    The derivative regulations of the Job Creation Law are focusing on accelerating the issuance of environmental permits for the sake of investment. The due diligence team is prone to conflicts of interest.

  • Opinion

    The Failure of Politics

    The Failure of Politics

    The DPR removed a number of items from the list of violence offenses in the Sexual Violence Eradication Bill. This is prioritizing politics over the protection of victims.

  • Opinion

    The Compromise Constitutional Court Ruling

    The Compromise Constitutional Court Ruling

    The Constitutional Court ruled that the Job Creation Law is unconstitutional but ‘constitutional’. The ruling is riddled with compromises and intervention.

  • Interview

    Covid-19 Could Become Endemic Next Year

    Epidemiologist from University of Indonesia, Pandu Riono, criticizes the PPKM Level 3 policy for the Christmas and New Year holidays. He advises the government to focus on tightening travels and public activities instead.



    No Where to Go

    TWO sand trucks are buried under the volcanic materials after the eruption of Mount Semeru in Sumber Wuluh village, Lumajang, East Java, Sunday, December 5. Dozens of houses are damaged and hundreds of residents evacuated/ANTARA PHOTOS/Zabur Karuru



    Accumulated Troubles

    AN aerial photo of sand accumulation at the Teluk Wang Sakti, Merangin Geopark Area, Jambi, Thursday, December 2. The ongoing ‘pinhole’ gold mining activities at the river’s upstream area and the C excavation project about 4 kilometers downstream threaten to damage the site rich in 300-million-year- old fossils of plants and shellfish/ANTARA PHOTOS/Wahdi Septiawan


  • Foul Odor in the Air

    Foul Odor in the Air

    There are irregularities in the process of procuring self-isolation accommodation at the ministry of law and human rights. There is significant evidence of misuse of Covid-19 pandemic funds.

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