Edition 20 December 2021

  • Quarantine Evasion
    Cover Story

    Quarantine Evasion

    Government officials and celebrities have evaded mandatory quarantine upon returning from trips overseas. They exploited corrupt airport employees and armed themselves with recommendation letters from the COVID-19 Task Force.

  • Hotels Making Profit
    Cover Story

    Hotels Making Profit

    International travelers have found it difficult to book a quarantine hotel in Indonesia. They also complain about overpriced hotel-quarantine packages.

  • Young Filmmakers and the Rise of Indonesian Cinema
    Special Report

    Young Filmmakers and the Rise of Indonesian Cinema

    Behind  Tempo's Film Selection 2021. Supporting the growth of quality films.

  • A Convincing Performance as Yuni
    Special Report

    A Convincing Performance as Yuni

    Arawinda Kirana gave a natural performance as Yuni. She ably portrayed the complexity of problems faced by a teenager shackled by out-of-date thinking, mores, and stigmatization.   

  • An Unusual Thug
    Special Report

    An Unusual Thug

    Khiva Iskak introduced so many layers in the character of Sandi: deaf, aggressive thug, hounded by trauma, a protective father. 

  • When the Body Speaks
    Special Report

    When the Body Speaks

    Penyalin Cahaya (Photocopier), Tempo’s selection for this year’s best film, shines as a creative product. This debut film of Wregas Bhanuteja has seized immediate attention. It is intelligent and has clarity of vision.

  • Securing Economical Projects in Tuna Field

    Securing Economical Projects in Tuna Field

    Exploration of the Tuna Block’s second well is continuing despite protests from China. Oil and gas production in the North Natuna Sea is very cost-efficient.

  • Evidence  Against a Cleric’s Son

    Evidence Against a Cleric’s Son

    An investigation into sexual violence allegedly committed by the founder of the Shiddiqiyyah Boarding School in Jombang is making no progress. The attorney office is facing impediments in their search for evidence.  

  • Sexual Predator Posing as Religion Teacher

    Sexual Predator Posing as Religion Teacher

    Herry Wirawan is suspected of committing sexual violence and exploiting more than a dozen female students, some of whom have given birth. There are suspicions his family was involved.

  • There Sure Are A Few Rotten Apples

    There Sure Are A Few Rotten Apples

    Sofyan Djalil believes that powerful networks help land-dealing mafiosi win court battles despite the latter only holding fake documents. He acknowledges that achievements in agrarian reform are still low.

  • Environment


    The Pool Strategy to Stop Flooding in Jakarta

    Jakarta’s perennial flooding problem will be controlled using a system of massive water containment. Infiltration wells are deemed unsuitable for the soil characteristics of the city.



  • Opinion

    The Honorable and Esteemed Virus

    The Honorable and Esteemed Virus

    The quarantine regulation has been abused by officials for personal gains as state officials, celebrities and people with money or power try at all cost to avoid the quarantine obligation. A double standard at its finest.

  • Opinion

    Momentum for Pesantren Reform

    Momentum for Pesantren Reform

    Sexual violence in pesantrens (Islamic boarding school) in Bandung can be attributed to the lack of oversight on religion-based education institutions. Pesantrens should no longer be allowed to operate as closed institutions.

  • Opinion

    Time to Take A Stand in Natuna

    Time to Take A Stand in Natuna

    Indonesia has yet to take any action to counter the incursion of Chinese ships into Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the North Natuna Sea. Diplomatic pressure is warranted.

  • Opinion

    Jakarta's Mistargeted Flood Mitigation Policy

    The massive construction of infiltration wells in Jakarta to prevent floods is almost a waste of money. The Jakarta administration should focus on restoring the functions of rivers and reservoirs instead.



    Trauma Healing

    Children being entertained by volunteers at the Mount Semeru eruption evacuation shelter in Penanggal, Candipuro, Lumajang, East Java, Saturday, December 11, 2021. Several volunteers conducted trauma healing activities to entertain the children after Mount Semeru erupted recently/ANTARA PHOTOS/Budi Candra Setya




    A residential settlement near the Sipandu Crater in Rejosari Village in Batang Regency, Central Java, Wednesday, December 15, 2021. The Sipandu Crater, which is 10-100 meters from houses of residents, has the potential to emit toxic gases and endanger 172 families in Rejosari. ANTARA PHOTOS/Harviyan Perdana Putra


  • Garlic Imports

    Garlic Imports

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • The Pandemic and Mental Health

    The Pandemic and Mental Health

    Bank Mega Bills, and  the Covid-19 Pandemic and mental health.

  • The Danger of Debt in a Murky Market
    Market Pulse

    The Danger of Debt in a Murky Market

    The government is planning on selling Rp991.3 trillion worth of bonds. Why does the government continue borrowing in the midst of inflation?

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