Edition 27 December 2021

  • Vaccine Warriors
    Cover Story

    Vaccine Warriors

    Scientists all over the globe have been working to develop Covid-19 vaccines since the pandemic broke out. Indonesia joined the fight by producing the Merah Putih (Red and White) vaccine. In the field, the country’s vaccination program has been equally frenzied. Racing against time and new Covid-19 variants, vaccination has not only relied on health workers. Regional governments, the police and the military, as well as ordinary citizens were mobilized to reach those in remote areas.

  • Scientists Versus Time
    Cover Story

    Scientists Versus Time

    Scientists are racing against time to develop Covid-19 vaccines. Meanwhile, the virus continues to mutate.

  • Chasing the Deadline
    Cover Story

    Chasing the Deadline

    The clinical trial team from Padjajaran University and their supervisors from the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency work under a tight deadline. At stake is the fate of the Covid-19 vaccination.

  • Door-to-Door Vaccination Strategies
    Cover Story

    Door-to-Door Vaccination Strategies

    Doctors and vaccinators need to create strategies in face of heavy resistance to vaccination from certain members of the community. Some use of the influence of community leaders.

  • Giving a Chance to the Vulnerable
    Cover Story

    Giving a Chance to the Vulnerable

    Vulnerable groups such as sex workers lack access to Covid-19 vaccination. Their inclusion in the program requires hard work from the volunteers.

  • Innovations to Accelerate Vaccination
    Cover Story

    Innovations to Accelerate Vaccination

    The police and the military open nighttime immunization outlets and reach out to remote communities. A businessman in Palembang open a Covid-19 vaccination center at his place of business.

  • War on Vaccine Disinformation
    Cover Story

    War on Vaccine Disinformation

    A number of institutions play crucial roles in the vaccination program through countering hoaxes, educating the public and receiving and channeling reports from the public.

  • Hymns and Prayer Calls

    Hymns and Prayer Calls

    Some schools and communities raise tolerance by building houses of worship next to one another. 

  • Paid Vaccinations Amidst the Pandemic

    Paid Vaccinations Amidst the Pandemic

    The government opens up opportunities for private parties to participate in the market of paid booster vaccinations starting in 2022. It is seen as a violation of the law on pandemics.

  • Booster Vaccines’ Uncertain Path

    Booster Vaccines’ Uncertain Path

    The government has yet to set the scheme for paid booster vaccines. The chaos surrounding the Gotong Royong Vaccination program threatens to rear its head again.

  • Kaleidoscope


    A Year of Covid, Calamities and Consolations

    We record important, tragic and consoling events in 2021. They can be reflections for a better 2022.


  • Law

    A Clear Path for a Teacher

    A Clear Path for a Teacher

    A committee for selecting civil servants in Central Java did not accept Muhammad Baihaqi to become a mathematics teacher because he is visually impaired. It was a clear case of discrimination.

  • Market Pulse

    Still Burdened by Debt Monetization

    Still Burdened by Debt Monetization

    Experience from 2013 has shown that when the Fed reduces liquidity injections and raises interest rates, the resulting wave of capital reallocations can hurt the financial markets of emerging economies, including Indonesia.

  • Letters

    Sexual Violence on Campus

    Sexual Violence on Campus

    Sexual violence on campus, in pondok pesantren (Islamic boarding school) and corruption prevention in educational institutions.



  • Interview

    I Fear This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas explains to Tempo the initiatives his ministry has taken with regard to rampant sexual violence in pesantrens (Islamic boarding schools), resumption of umrah (minor pilgrimage) and haj pilgrimages, as well as the formulation of presidential regulation on houses of worship.



    Peaceful Christmas

    CHRISTMAS Eve Mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Medan, North Sumatra, on Friday, December 24. The mass that promoted the theme “A Birth That Brings Peace” was conducted by implementing health protocols with attendance 50 percent of the church capacity. ANTARA FOTO/Fransisco Carolio


  • Welcome to a New Year of the Pandemic
  • The Vaccine Heroes

    The Vaccine Heroes

    From the people chosen by Tempo, we can learn about the importance of solidarity during a pandemic. There is an urgent need for a dramatic restructuring of the public health care system.

  • Tolerance is not Simply a Project

    Tolerance is not Simply a Project

    Education is the best means of building tolerance. However, this must be without compulsion and must not be turned into a project.

  • Stop Discrimination against People with Disabilities

    Stop Discrimination against People with Disabilities

    The Supreme Court upholds an appeal lodged by Muhammad Baihaqi, a person with disabilities from Pekalongan. The government must set an example of inclusive public services.

  • Booster Vaccines Should Be Free for Everybody

    Booster Vaccines Should Be Free for Everybody

    The government is about to organize a paid booster vaccine program. This is a public commodity that should be provided free of charge.

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