Edition 03 January 2022

  • Failure to Keep Omicron at Bay
    Cover Story

    Failure to Keep Omicron at Bay

    Omicron continues to spread in Indonesia. The government is working desperately to obtain the equipment and reagents needed to detect the new Covid-19 variant.

  • Omicron’s Early Detection
    Cover Story

    Omicron’s Early Detection

    PCR tests that fail to detect the S gene are the first clues pointing to the Omicron variant. Whole genome sequencing is being prioritized.

  • Lockdown in Tower Five
    Cover Story

    Lockdown in Tower Five

    Indonesia’s first Omicron case was found inside the Athletes Dormitory Covid-19 Emergency Hospital complex. Protocols at the start of the pandemic are again implemented.

  • We are Better Prepared for Omicron
    Cover Story

    We are Better Prepared for Omicron

    Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin believes that the government is better prepared in facing the spread of the Omicron variant. Minister Budi explains the government’s strategy to keep the new variant at bay to Tempo.

  • Adapting to Disruption

    Adapting to Disruption

    Digital disruption is pushing the music recording industry to adapt in order to develop their businesses. It offers opportunities for independent musicians.

  • Indie Groups Survive Current Streams

    Indie Groups Survive Current Streams

    A number of indie music labels in the regions adopt their strategy amid widespread streaming services. Some utilize it while others reject it.

  • The Year of Fighting Inflation
    Market Pulse

    The Year of Fighting Inflation

    Getting into 2022, the fight against inflation will be an important narrative that determines the movement of the global market.

  • Leader of Maritime Patrols

    Leader of Maritime Patrols

    The government is ready to launch a draft regulation regarding maritime security. There is friction among government institutions to take care of the matter of Rp5.5 trillion a year in illegal retribution fees at sea.  

  • The Cheerful Teen’s Last Videos

    The Cheerful Teen’s Last Videos

    A high school student in Blitar committed suicide in the classroom. Suicide cases among teens are on the rise.

  • The Burden of the Guardian Letter

    The Burden of the Guardian Letter

    The Indonesian Consulate-General to Hong Kong requires a written permission from a legal guardian for migrant workers planning to extend their work contract. It sparks protests from the workers.

  • Interview


    National Soccer Team Coach Shin Tae-yong: We Are Not a Strong Team

    Shin Tae-yong says that there is no instant solution to overcome the players’ physical and mentality issues. He is intensifying physical training to improve their concentration. More players need to compete in overseas clubs.


  • Environment

    Coral Destruction by Trawler Ships

    Coral Destruction by Trawler Ships

    Vietnamese fishing boats are poaching fish in the North Natuna Sea by using pair trawls that damage coral reefs. Natuna fishermen are forced to go fishing longer and farther. This article on the impact of coral reef damage in the North Natuna Sea is supported by the Environmental Justice Foundation.

  • Letters

    Online Investment

    Online Investment

    Online investment is booming during the Covid-19 pandemic. People need to be more careful.

  • Cartoon



    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Outreach

    Concerted Efforts after the Earthquake

    The survivors of the 2018 earthquake and tsunami in Sirenja, Donggala, are still trying to restore their life. With capital assistance and training, the community rises and develops businesses.



    Child Refugee

    THE Lhokseumawe Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) officers escort a Rohingya child refugee during the evacuation process at ASEAN Port, Krueng Geukuh, Aceh, Friday, December 31, 2021.  After considering the emergency situation and the humanitarian side, the Indonesian government through the Overseas Refugees Handling (PPLN) Task Force decided to save 120 ethnic Rohingya consisting of seven men, 62 women and 51 children who were stranded in the waters of Aceh on Saturday, December 25. ANTARA PHOTOS/Syifa Yulinnas



    Welcome to 2022

    THE Selamat Datang (Welcome) Monument during the New Year’s Eve at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout in Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Friday, December 31, 2021. The Metro Jaya Regional Police implemented the Crowd Free Night rule on the last night of 2021 at 11 locations in Jakarta to prevent crowds during the Covid-19 pandemic. ANTARA PHOTOS/Hafidz Mubarak A


  • Fighting the Omicron

    Fighting the Omicron

    The spread of Omicron—the new variant of the virus that causes Covid-19—is starting to cause concern. The government has yet to produce a comprehensive policy to forestall it.

  • Managing the Maritime Patrols

    Managing the Maritime Patrols

    A number of institutions are against the proposed government regulation on maritime security. Sectoral egos provide opportunities for illegal levies.

  •  Do not Ignore Mental Health

    Do not Ignore Mental Health

    The statistic for depression among young people is on the rise. The government must not ignore this mental health problem.

  • In Need for Better Protection

    In Need for Better Protection

    The new requirement for extending the contracts of migrant workers leads to a polemic. The government is reluctant to change the old way of managing migrant workers.

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