• Alarm Bells from Jakarta’s Shores

    Alarm Bells from Jakarta’s Shores

    The latest Greenpeace study warned about the impact of the rise in sea levels on Jakarta’s flooding by 2030. A more progressive strategy in lowering carbon dioxide emissions is imperative.

  • Historic Momentum of the Ecocide Initiative

    Historic Momentum of the Ecocide Initiative

    A panel of legal experts from various counties creates a legal definition for ecocide, which hopefully would be adopted as the fifth form of crime in the Rome Statute. It presents a momentum to push for similar awareness in Indonesia.

  • Voices against the Waste

    Voices against the Waste

    Protests against coal waste management have repeatedly erupted. Dispute resolution efforts are seen as not pro-environment and public health.

  • Taking Toxic Waste Off the Hazardous Waste List

    Taking Toxic Waste Off the Hazardous Waste List

    The Environment and Forestry Ministry issued a ministerial regulation which becomes the basis of implementing rules for toxic and hazardous waste processing. There seems to be a bias towards businesses.

  • Processing Coal the Asian Way

    Processing Coal the Asian Way

    Countries in Asia designate fly ash and bottom ash in different categories and have long allowed it to be used in various processes, generally for a mixture of building materials and road pavers.

  • Mangrove Marred by Mining Mud

    Mangrove Marred by Mining Mud

    Local communities protested against Aneka Tambang for polluting the mangrove area in Tanjung Moronopo, East Halmahera North Maluku, with waste from its mining operation. The mine is changing both the waters and the lives of fishermen.

  • No Zero Emission Promises

    No Zero Emission Promises

    President Joko Widodo made no mention of a time frame to achieve net zero emission at the Leader Summit on Climate 2021 initiated by the US President. Indonesia’s target is deemed far below expectations. 

  • Less Masapi at Lake Poso

    Less Masapi at Lake Poso

    Fishermen are concerned about the impact of the dredging activities in the Poso River basin in Central Sulawesi. Dams and traps block the life cycle of eels.

  • Power Plant Ash Controversy

    Power Plant Ash Controversy

    The government takes fly ash resulting from coal combustion off the list of hazardous and toxic waste. There is concern that this will endanger the environment and ignore any impact on those living around coal power plants.

  • From Scavenger Cooperatives to Wholesale Stores

    From Scavenger Cooperatives to Wholesale Stores

    Food manufacturers are innovating to reduce plastic bottle waste. Some maximize the use of recycled materials, while others support the community in its waste management.

  • Waste Management Problem Solver

    Waste Management Problem Solver

    The waste processing system of gather-transport-dump at the final disposal site must be replaced with processing at its source. Waste management can be a driving force for economic growth.

  • Surabaya's Waste Reduction Strategy

    Surabaya's Waste Reduction Strategy

    The government of the City of Surabaya excels in waste management by involving the residents. The key is in budget allocation and a supportive bureaucratic structure.  

  • The Angel's Lost Haven

    The Angel's Lost Haven

    The construction of smelter and nickel mines in Central Weda, North Maluku, threatens the population of protected endemic birds. The lush primary forests in mining concession areas are still full of large trees. This coverage is a collaborative work of Tempo and the Pasopati Project 2020 fellowship.

  • An Omen from Rantau Nangka

    An Omen from Rantau Nangka

    Heavy rainfall on January 11 to 15 inundated 10 out of 13 regencies and cities in South Kalimantan. But the rain was not the only reason for the flooding. The loss of forest density impacts Barito watershed area’s ability to resist floods.

  • Lack of Ambition for Emission Reduction

    Lack of Ambition for Emission Reduction

    The Climate Ambition Summit was organized to help push for a renewed commitment on emission reduction, in order to achieve the target of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius by 2030. Indonesia is seen as lacking ambition to meet its emission reduction target.

  • Claimed by the Sea

    Claimed by the Sea

    The rising sea is turning the lives of Bendono village residents in Central Java upside down. Fertile rice fields and productive fishponds are now under water.

  • Bujang Raba’s Carbon Blessing

    Bujang Raba’s Carbon Blessing

    The live of people living around the Bujang Raba protected forest, Bungo Regency, Jambi, changed after the forest is included in the carbon trade. Hoping for the related regulation to be issued soon.

  • From Protected Forest to Farmland

    From Protected Forest to Farmland

    An environment and forestry minister regulation is allowing the development of food estates on protected forests. Developing food estates in former peatland will threaten the ecosystem.

  • Dead Elephants

    Dead Elephants

    Sumatran elephants are dying in worrying numbers in Riau. At least 24 elephants have died between 2015 to 2020. Fragmentation of their habitats because of forest conversion into plantation and industrial nurseries has made it easier for ivory tusk hunters. Follows is an investigative collaboration between Tempo, Tempo Institute and Mongabay.

  • When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    Development and construction at Youtefa Bay, including the Youtefa Bridge and the rowing venue for the 2021 National Sports Week, are considered to have a serious impact on the ecosystem of the waters in that region. Waste disposal and mangrove deforestation are on the rise.

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