• Indonesia Urges Acceleration of Global Vaccination
    Diplomatic Bag

    Indonesia Urges Acceleration of Global Vaccination

    Issues on COVAX meeting, Non-Alignment Movement ministerial meeting, and G20 Sherpa meeting.

  • Held Hostage in Rokan

    Held Hostage in Rokan

    PLN acquired electricity generators owned by Chevron in Riau. It is a wasteful investment resulting from mixing management of the economy with political interests.

  • Lessons from China

    Lessons from China

    The Chinese political and economic system brought the country success in many areas. But Indonesia should not ape it.

  • Solidarity Sparks Hope

    Solidarity Sparks Hope

    Solidarity appears sporadically in the midst of an explosion in the numbers of Covid-19 cases. It needs to be supported with examples of cooperation among the elites.

  • Collapse Before the Peak

    Collapse Before the Peak

    Our national health system failed to stem the spread of the pandemic. Stop politicizing the pandemic and entrust the handling of it to the medical authorities.

  • Oxygen Scarcity
    Cover Story

    Oxygen Scarcity

    An interview with Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin on the collapse of health system amid the Covid-19 second wave attack. Minister Budi also spoke about cabinet meetings held to acquire oxygen during a scarcity.

  • Questionable Quarantine
    Cover Story

    Questionable Quarantine

    Indonesian citizens who returned to the country were said to be positive for Covid-19 when undergoing a quarantine period at hotels. Officers refused independent retesting.

  • Three Tanks, Eleven Patients
    Cover Story

    Three Tanks, Eleven Patients

    Amid the collapse of the health care system, the public shows solidarity. People try to save lives and prevent transmission.

  • The Collapse of Our Hospitals
    Cover Story

    The Collapse of Our Hospitals

    Indonesia’s health care is crashing due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. To overcome the collapse of hospitals, the government worked hard to increase the capacities of isolation wards and hunt for medical oxygen, even in Singapore. Amid this situation, more and more doctors and nurses died from Covid-19.

  • The Fearless Environmental Fighter
    In Memoriam

    The Fearless Environmental Fighter

    Emmy Hafild was well-known for being vocal for environmental justice. She took her activism to a higher level, to encompass wider social movement.

  • China’s Ambition to Stop Emission

    China’s Ambition to Stop Emission

    China sets the ambitious target of becoming carbon-free before 2060. But it remains actively constructing coal-fired power plants and is still the largest importer of coal.

  • Comrade Xi’s Global Ambition

    Comrade Xi’s Global Ambition

    Under President Xi Jinping, China ramps up massive infrastructure development at home. They expand business and investment to Indonesia through the Belt and Road Initiative Program, trampling local cement and steel producers along the way.

  • I Just Enjoy It

    I Just Enjoy It

    At last, SOEs Minister Erick Thohir intervened and tackled the medical oxygen and Covid medication shortages that plagued many hospitals. Erick mobilized several SOEs to help meet the needs of referral hospitals particularly in Java. He also instructed Indofarma and Kimia Farma to boost ivermectin production to fill the market with ample supplies. Although the BPOM has not approved the drug, Erick is pushing its use given the efficacy and minimal side effects proven in several countries. Amid the marked increase in Covid cases, Erick, who also leads Covid-19 Mitigation and Economic Recovery Working Committee makes frequent rounds of site inspection to check on oxygen and Covid drug supplies, all the while continuing with measures to transform SOEs.

  • Going Strong in Southeast Asia

    Going Strong in Southeast Asia

    Business expansion of Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa alias Gojek outside Indonesia is predicted to be stronger after collaborating with AirAsia Group. After transferring application-based transportation services and financial technology in Thailand to AirAsia, Gojek will concentrate to work on the Vietnamese and Singaporean markets.

  • In Search of...Oxygen

    In Search of...Oxygen

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Problems before the Takeover

    Problems before the Takeover

    A civilian group is suing Chevron Pacific Indonesia and the government for environmental pollution at the Rokan Block in Riau. It is one of many unresolved issues during the transfer of the oil field to Pertamina as the new operator.

  • More to Pay after the Acquisition

    More to Pay after the Acquisition

    State electricity company, PLN, acquired the North Duri Cogeneration Power Plant. Additional expenditures await them at the Rokan Block.

  • Dalang


    The dalang creates an aesthetic construct with layers of components. Voice, sound, diction, intonation and rhythm interconnect when he describes a scene, creates dialogue (with different personalities), introduces humor, makes Bhima move, and moves two wayang in combat.

  • In-Class Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic
  • ASEAN, Russia Discussed Pandemic Cooperation
    Diplomatic Bag

    ASEAN, Russia Discussed Pandemic Cooperation

    Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi appeals to Russia to support vaccine needs in Southeast Asia and explore the possibility of vaccine joint-production with ASEAN member states.

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