• A Blessing from Ciganjur

    A Blessing from Ciganjur

    Pressure to hold an extraordinary congress is mounting among cadres of the National Awakening Party (PKB). There are indications that Yenny Wahid and Yaqut Cholil Qoumas are gathering support to take over the position of general chair. Muhaimin Iskandar is maneuvering, asking for the support of the Presidential Palace and grooming his older brother to lead the party.

  • People Think There are Grey Areas in Our Jurisdiction

    People Think There are Grey Areas in Our Jurisdiction

    The Indonesian Ombudsman finally intervened in the rice import polemic last March. Agency Chair Mokhammad Najih said the government’s planned rice import ahead of the prime harvest season had discomposed the public, particularly farmers, while in fact the import would not become necessary until May. Moreover, the agency also found maladministration in the policy making process. Najih added that the Ombudsman had strengthened its role in helping improve the public service quality. In addition to following through with public reports and complaints, it will continue to enhance oversight of the ministries and state agencies. The focus of the watchdogs’ new board will be on economic development issues and their impact on public services. Najih also highlighted the need to expand his agency’s authority.

  • Nusantara Vaccine’s Illegal Clinical Testing
  • A New Risk amidst Economic Recovery
  • Common Space in Kampung Slipi

    Common Space in Kampung Slipi

    Readers write the importance of common space for resident collective activities in Slipi and chaos in the traffic light location in Garut, West Java.

  • Images


    Flesh, eyes, skin—the physical and the psychic—have shaped the language of racist violence. In Indonesia, too.

  • Fiasco at the Villages Ministry

    Fiasco at the Villages Ministry

    Alleged trading of postings within the Villages Ministry shows a major flaw in the practice of good governance. Placement of politicians in ministries are most often problematic.

  • The Tourism Dilemma

    The Tourism Dilemma

    In the middle of the pandemic, the government is allowing music concerts and sporting events to be held. This is inconsistent with government’s prohibition for homecoming or mudik in Idul Fitri.

  • Republic of Content

    Republic of Content

    President Jokowi validated hedonistic sensibility on social media when he attended the wedding of social media celebrity Atta Halilintar. It showed scant regard for social empathy.

  • Women in Acts of Terrorism

    Women in Acts of Terrorism

    Women conducting acts of terrorism are themselves the victims of terrorism. There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift in deradicalization programs.



    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • There is No Positions Trading
    Cover Story

    There is No Positions Trading

    Minister of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Abdul Halim Iskandar provides an explanation regarding allegations of positions being traded at his ministry.

  • Party Politicians in the Villages Ministry
    Cover Story

    Party Politicians in the Villages Ministry

    Problems abound for village assistants. These problems are in part due to structural changes at the villages ministry.

  • Fees for Positions in Kalibata
    Cover Story

    Fees for Positions in Kalibata

    Expert staff member, Ahmad Iman Syukri, is suspected of trading echelon I and II positions at the villages, disadvantaged regions and transmigration ministry. As someone placed at the ministry “on behalf” of PKB General Chairperson Muhaimin Iskandar, Ahmad is also suspected of collecting project fees, which has negatively impacted the ministry’s budget absorption and programs.

  • Low Tourism, Slow Economy

    Low Tourism, Slow Economy

    Central tourism regions are having a hard time recovering after the pandemic struck. New problems emerged in other sectors of the economy.

  • The Dream of Cinema’s Recovery

    The Dream of Cinema’s Recovery

    National film business is still reeling from the impact wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic. The government is campaigning for moviegoers to return to cinemas to help the industry recover.

  • Back to Live

    Back to Live

    The government and event organizers are preparing to bring back live music performances in times of a pandemic. It has been a long and winding road towards the revival of tourism.

  • President at Atta-Aurel Wedding
  • Julia and Feminism

    Julia and Feminism

    Julia Suryakusuma received an award from the Kingdom of Belgium for her struggle to voice human rights through writing. She is uncomfortable with being called a feminist.

  • Promises of Heaven

    Promises of Heaven

    The Jamaah Ansharut Daulah group is using the prospect of marriage to lure in new female members. One woman tells how she nearly went to Syria after being promised marriage and being indoctrinated with the ideology of ISIS.

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