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The Year of Economic Recovery

Amid this uncertainty, the digital economy has been an encouraging addition to growth. Demand for sectors of the digital economy has mushroomed, including in Indonesia. Another piece ofgood news is that although some players have dropped out, new ones are replacing them, seeking business in the automobile and spare-parts markets.…


The High in the Low-Cost Auto Market

Amelia Tjandra seems ecstatic whenever the Sigra is mentioned. For the marketing director of Astra Daihatsu Motor company, the Sigra has been a lifeline amid sluggish automobile sales over the past three years. Sales figures for the model have been incredible. Since its launch on August 2 to the end…


Promising Newcomers

At the entrance gate to SAIC General Motors Wuling's (SGMW) factory site was a sign with a winged diamond logo resembling the letter W and several banners. Hundreds of structural columns stood erect on the piece of land measuring more than fifty football fields. Tens of heavy equipment drove back…


Down-Shifting on Sales Targets

At the end of 2015, the Indonesian Motorized Vehicle Industry Association (Gaikindo) was optimistic automobile sales could grow seven percent this year, reaching 1.070 million units. However, as of mid-year, the expected growth has not been met. Last August, Gaikindo revised the target to 1.050 million units. "Even this will…


App-Based Auto Loans

Today, applying for a car or motorcycle loan can be like playing a game on a cellular phone. Finance companies offer various apps on Google Play Store. After downloading an application, prospective customers can view a catalog and compare products and credit terms, and set installment payment options. A loan…


A Boom for Overseas Developers

ON an empty site next to an electrical cable factory in West Jakarta, 25 apartment towers are to be built. Last Tuesday, dozens of workers assembled on the 16-hectare site.

They were ready to start building the marketing office for Daan Mogot City Apartments, now commonly shortened to Damoci. The…


Getting Around the Rules

The dream of Rani Bautista (not her real name) of buying her first home was almost ruined when the bank only granted part of her mortgage application at the end of last year. She had asked for Rp650 million, but her bank only approved Rp450 million. "At the time we…


Bracing for the Online Giants

The ads offering free delivery by a number of online stores caught the attention of Romi Siska Putra. As the director of Bagaskara Semesraya International, he is always on the lookout for such promotions to boost his company's online sales.

Bagaskara distributes a number of locally-made multivitamin products for women…


The Delivery Business Rivalry

Along the two-kilometer long Jalan Benda Raya in South Tangerang, Banten, seven agents compete for a piece of the delivery market. Four of them are under the same flag, the Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) and the Citra Van Titipan Kilat (Tiki). The rest are new players in the courier business:…


Catching Up with the Digital Industry

After more than one- and-a-half years of talking about the need for e-commerce regulations, the government is finally drafting the rules for online businesses. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution confirmed that the rulings have been completed. "It's just waiting to be announced," Darmin told Tempo last week.



On a Domestic High

About 12 people stood around mugs of Arabica coffee, on two low wooden tables, that particular day. They were not there to drink the coffee, but only to judge its taste, an activity known as cupping.

Cupping is part of the training for a quality grader (Q Grader), carried out…


From the Hills to the Skies

Grown in plantations in Pangalengan, West Java, Malabar coffee is now served up in the skies, aboard many airlines. AirAsia offers this single origin Arabica variant on its flights around Indonesia.

Their supplier is Sinar Mayang Lestari, owner of the Malabar Mountain Coffee brand. Following an agreement last month, single-serving…


Waiting for Indonesian Coffee

Taking a long flight from London, International Coffee Organization Executive Director Roberio Silva wanted to convey some important news: the world was waiting for Indonesian coffee. He explained that coffee trading for 2015-2016 at the London Commodities Exchange had just ended, noting that the world demand for coffee reached 151.3…


A Suspenseful Last Quarter

Shrewdness is what Umar Vaturusi needs when looking for business capital. Although coal prices have gradually turned normal, the president director of Buana Rizki Armia, a coal-mining company, admitted having trouble getting a Rp14 billion loan. Banks, he lamented, were reluctant to issue credits. "Perhaps they are cautious because they…


Hassle-Free Financial Apps

RAFI Putra Arriyan was relieved when Bank Indonesia gave the green light for him to operate Flip-a-Finance, an application he developed. The payment systems regulator had granted him permission to do fund remittances (KUPU). "Flip resumed normal operations since October 12," Arri told Tempo last week.

Even with a license…


Still Going Slow

The Indonesian banking sector remains relatively stagnant in 2016. In fact, some indicators points to a downturn characterized by the weak credit growth at 6.7 percent (year-on-year) as of August, much lower than the 10.8 of the same month, last year. Likewise, third party funds only grew 8.5 percent compared…


The Aggressive Hospital Business

JONATHAN Tahir, Mayapada Group deputy chairman recently got some good news. After opening just three years earlier, the performance of Mayapada's Lebak Bulus Hospital in South Jakarta is now very satisfactory. The occupancy level of the 350-bed hospital has reached 50 percent. For Jonathan, that achievement is outstanding. "The optimum…


A 25 Percent Growth

ERDHIKA Securities analyst Adrian Priatna regards the hospital business as an investment that cannot lose money. He calculated that, over the last five years, the four hospital share issuers listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange—Siloam, Mitra Keluarga, Omni, Mayapada—all grew between 15 and 25 percent.


Tight Margin, Overflowing Patients

IN the last three years, the monthly income of Anna Medika Hospital in Bekasi has tripled. This C- class hospital was even able to purchase additional dialysis machines, increasing the number from eight to 43. All this occurred after the hospital began participating in the National Health Insurance program (JKN)…

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Showdown at the Mines

A photograph of Effendy Tios standing next to National Police Deputy Chief Comsr. Gen. Syafruddin hangs on the wall of the office of Sebuku Iron Lateritic Ores (SILO) in Pluit, North Jakarta.