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Revving Up The Economy for 2017

The tax amnesty program that will run through March 2017 offers hopes of increased economic growth. The government may be euphoric over the additional revenues generated, but the success should not tempt it to rest on its laurels.

The much-touted tax amnesty program has managed to collect Rp93.6 trillion as…

Time for Campus Reforms

It is ironic that while this country is now strongly democratic, university campuses have been left behind. All around the nation, the selection of university presidents has led to government intervention.

The problem arises from the existing symbiosis and collusion between two people involved in higher education: prospective presidents and…

One Price Policy for Papua

President Joko Widodo's one price policy for fuel in Papua is an initiative that needs to be firmly controlled so it does not get out of hand. Since Indonesia's independence, people in Papua have never paid the same price for fuel as those in Java. Gasoline is 14 times more…

Why Jonan and Arcandra?

President Joko Widodo's decision to appoint Ignasius Jonan as energy and mineral resources minister and Arcandra Tahar as his deputy is bewildering and worrying. The public will find it very difficult to understand the confusing reasons behind it.

Jonan, with his background in finance and capital markets, has no competency…


I don't understand Bob Dylan. Maybe that's how it should be: something that fascinates is something that does not have to be, or cannot be, understood. I read Dylan's book of poetry, Tarantula, which he wrote in 1966 when he was twenty-five. In it, words move not like letters, not…

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Monday, December 04, 2017

From Tirang to the Sumbawa Valley

Dressed in a traditional batik shirt, brown pants, and a gray flat cap, Slamet Ambari went on stage to accept his Tempo Film Festival award at the XXI Epicentrum movie theater in Kuningan, South Jakarta, last Monday. Slamet, who played Jadag in the film Turah, was chosen as Tempo’s Best Actor of 2017. "Is this real? My God, I’m grateful to Ifa and Wisnu," he said.