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The 'HMK' Code

Investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) approached three shoppers at a cosmetics counter at the Grand Indonesia Mall in Central Jakarta. The three were Patrialis Akbar and two women, who were shopping on Wednesday night, last week.

After introducing themselves, the most senior investigator explained that Patrialis was suspected…

Bickering over Beef Imports, Again

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) arrested Constitutional Court judge Patrialis Akbar on Wednesday last week. The former justice and human rights minister is suspected of accepting a US$20,000 bribe from a businessman in the beef importation business. This bribe money was allegedly to secure a favorable decision on an appeal…


Basuki Hariman, Beef Importer: I Wanted To Win This Case

A major player in the beef importing business, Basuki Hariman has never been at a loss for words. Last week, after he was questioned for 15 hours, as well as on the following day when he was about to be questioned further by investigators, the boss of Impexindo Pratama company…


Patrialis Akbar, Constitutional Court Judge: This is a though Test

After he was questioned for 15 hours, Patrialis Akbar, a judge of the Constitutional Court, did not immediately return to his cell at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) detention facility. It was already 1:00am on Friday, last week. Wearing a vest given to detainees, Patrialis sat ruminating for some time,…


Laode Muhammad Syarif, KPK deputy Chairman: This Case is Ongoing

Corruption Eradiation Commission (KPK) deputy chairman Laode Muhammad Syarif said that the the bribery case involving Patrialis was different from previous ones. The KPK's task force did not confiscate cash as evidence. They were only able to seize a voucher exchangeable for foreign currency, a draft of a material review…


Under the Radar

The Home Affairs Ministry's announcement on regional autonomy last August did not exactly inspire optimism. Since more authority was handed over to regional governments in 1999, 361 regional chief executives—343 regents and 18 governors—have been involved in corruption cases. That number does not include regional chief executives rounded up by…


The Doctor's Oath

A bottle of mineral water was on the table of Kulon Progo Regent Hasto Wardoyo, as he spoke at a seminar in Yogyakarta. But the bottle remained unopened until the end of the discussion. "I forgot that he doesn't drink foreign mineral water brands," said Sutrisnowati, the seminar's organizer and…


A Local Batik Resurgence

The Sinar Abadi Batik House seemed to be operating at full speed. Inside the 500-square-meter building, 20 batik makers had their hands full. "We're working on an order for 250 sheets of fabric from Jakarta," said Agus Fatkhurrahman, 42, owner of the traditional batik producing workshop, at the Kasihan I…


Bountiful Granaries

ARIFIN Arpan, the regent of Tapin in South Kalimantan, limped out of his room, carrying several plastic bags containing medicine. He gave some of the medicine to Fajarudin Noor, a medical officer at the Tapin District General Hospital.

Fajar was used to being called to Arifin's home to check on…


The Two-Week Vaccination Campaign

Last August, Raudatul Jannah called Ratna Ellyani's cellular phone to ask about the progress made in Tapin Regency's measles vaccination program, which at the time had only reached 45 percent of the program's target. "The figure was the lowest in all of South Kalimantan," said Ratna, wife of Tapin Regent…


Danny's Smart City

THE first order Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto gave to his subordinates after he took office as Makassar's mayor in May 2014, may seem unconventional. Instead of sticking to the usual practice of asking the staff to translate campaign vision and mission statements into programs, the new mayor ordered all civil servants,…


Dottorot'ta: Dial a Doctor

On a Saturday evening in early January, the doctor and the nurse on duty at the Kassi-Kassi Community Clinic in Rappocini, Makassar, were alerted by a phone call. Both hurried to a small car parked at the clinic's premises. With blaring sirens, the green car waded through the congested Jalan…


Innovator of Village-Based Development

Riding a dirt motorcycle on his own has become an afterwork routine for Yansen Tipa Padan. The regent of Malinau in North Kalimantan has become accustomed to riding on the Sempayang Road in West Malinau without being escorted by the police.

"He often rides alone after work," said Aan Hartono,…


Providing Access to the Internet

Irang Tingai and Ngau Ding left a celebration at the Data Dian village hall in the subdistrict of Kayan Hilir in a hurry. Both headed for the subdistrict office after receiving a call from the office of the Malinau regent. "We were pressed for time because of the online message,"…

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Showdown at the Mines

A photograph of Effendy Tios standing next to National Police Deputy Chief Comsr. Gen. Syafruddin hangs on the wall of the office of Sebuku Iron Lateritic Ores (SILO) in Pluit, North Jakarta.