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Under The Shadow of Disparity

After increasing slowly for over a decade, the economic disparity rate has seen a tendency to decline over the past two years. However, this achievement has not seen improvement among the low-income groups. Their purchasing power has weakened. Poor nutrition among expecting mothers, babies, and children under five are signs…


Stymied by Jargon

The level of disparity in cities tend to be high. Rapid economic growth does not seem to guarantee that the unequal gap between the rich and the poor is narrowing. The disparate level of citizen welfare is also a triggering factor, plus the uneven economic distribution that seems to be…


A Red Carpet for Tycoons

A group of wealthy business people have received ease in business development. The government has provided them with various facilities, including ease of obtaining licenses and control over large amounts of land. Often, their closeness to regional chief executives is a shortcut to business expansion. In the plantation sector, the…


Misery Around the Mines

Investment in the mining sector has not directly leveraged the social status of those living in mining concession areas. Instead of increasing employment, the mines have taken away sources of village income from farmers and left behind environmental damage. As a result, those communities have gone into debt just to…


Making Do on Small Plots of Land

The failure of structural transformation has exacerbated disparity in Indonesia. Abandoning the agricultural sector, farmers are leaving for cities to work in the informal sector. The inequality in land ownership is severe. Small-scale farmers work on less than half a hectare of land, and some 13.57 million farmers do not…


Trafficking Humans to Malaysia

Indonesian workers are still being sent to Malaysia illegally. According to data from the East Nusa Tenggara police, over 2,000 people from the region were victims of trafficking to Malaysia throughout 2015 and 2016. Lured by promises of large salaries, workers have returned home with physical injuries, with some even…


Slavery at a Bird Nest Factory

Many Indonesian workers at Albert Tei’s company receive sub-standard wages. Workers are bound by contracts, with clauses that make them subject to fines.

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Showdown at the Mines

A photograph of Effendy Tios standing next to National Police Deputy Chief Comsr. Gen. Syafruddin hangs on the wall of the office of Sebuku Iron Lateritic Ores (SILO) in Pluit, North Jakarta.