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Fighting Online Terrorists

ISIS operatives are using increasingly sophisticated technologies to send messages. The public needs to be involved in the prevention.

Corruptors of the land, Unite!

The DPR Special Committee has met with corruption convicts to evaluate the KPK. This was an insult to justice and the courts.

Another Education Fiasco

The new regulation on zoning for registering new students has caused chaos. The constant tinkering with the education system must stop.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reclamation Project’s Dirty Deeds

Dozens of dump trucks crossed the bridge connecting Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 1 and Island D in the Jakarta Bay on Sunday two weeks ago. The trucks were filled with dirt dug up from a construction site for an apartment building at PIK 1. The loads were used as landfill at several points on the man-made island.