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A New Chapter for Indigenous Faiths

The Constitutional Court’s verdict following a judicial review of the civil administration law in early November is a long-overdue answer to the silent wish of many an Indonesian follower of one of the indigenous faiths. Because of it, they can now list their belief on their ID card (KTP). Indonesia…

Freeing the Bayan from Administrative Shackles

The Bayan community in North Lombok struggles against longtsanding stigmatization. They are followers of a non-mainstream denomination of Islam.


Hope Comes To Mount Wanala

The Adat Musi in North Sulawesi’s Talaud Islands have fought for freedom from discrimination for decades. They now have hope.

Other Edition
Monday, February 12, 2018

The Malady of Papua

Young coconut shell was on the lunch menu of Fransisca Patatcot and her son on Saturday two weeks ago. Sitting next to each other on the wooden porch of the Santo Petrus Paulus Church, Pulau Tiga District, Asmat Regency, Papua, they snacked on the coconut shell. When the coconut shell was finished, she began eating the husk.