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The Malady of Papua

The deaths of 72 people in the Asmat Regency has highlighted health problems in the Province of Papua. As it turns out, the tens of trillions of rupiah budgeted by the central government each year has not improved the level of health of residents in that region. Cases of infant…


Indonesia’s Deadliest ER

The mortality rate for hospital patients in Papua is the highest in Indonesia. Despite having an ample budget, medical services and hospital facilities are still poor.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Malady of Papua

Young coconut shell was on the lunch menu of Fransisca Patatcot and her son on Saturday two weeks ago. Sitting next to each other on the wooden porch of the Santo Petrus Paulus Church, Pulau Tiga District, Asmat Regency, Papua, they snacked on the coconut shell. When the coconut shell was finished, she began eating the husk.