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A Dark Debacle in the Bay

A Pertamina pipeline which broke spilled the equivalent of 40,000 barrels of crude oil into the waters of Balikpapan Bay. The investigation is aimed at the MV Ever Judger vessel, which is suspected to have dropped its anchor in a forbidden area. It is said that Pertamina did not report…


A Chaotic Oil Cleanup

Pertamina initially denied being the source of the oil spill in Balikpapan Bay. It is suspected that they did not have a crisis management plan in place.

Oil and Water Don't Mix

The Kalimantan Police Department is investigating the cause of a crude oil spill in the waters of Balikpapan Bay. The investigation is focusing on the MV Ever Judger, a ship suspected of dropping anchor in a forbidden area of the Semayang Port. A Pertamina crude oil pipeline runs below the…


Footing the Bill for Environmental Damage

The amount of environmental losses could grow if damaged maritime and fishery resources are accounted for. The compensation to be shouldered by Pertamina could reach into the trillions of rupiah.


Dangerous Compounds at Sea

There were traces of oil under the stilt house of Aziz Badruh, a resident of Atas Air hamlet, Margasari village, in the City of Balikpapan, on Wednesday last week.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

A Dark Debacle in the Bay

Two weeks have passed, and the cargo ship MV Ever Judger has not left the waters of Balikpapan Bay in East Kalimantan. This ship, which sails under the flag of Panama, should have set sail on March 30, leaving Balikpapan with a cargo of 74,000 tons of coal, headed for Lumut, Perak, Malaysia. The captain had been authorized to leave by the port authority.