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  • Bali's Lost Coast

    Bali's Lost Coast

    Only one and a half hours by road north of Ubudand one and a half decades back in timethe coastal community of Tejakula is not even included on many tourist maps. The faraway yet accessible village in the island's northeast has also miraculously escaped the scrutiny and online bloggers. Scant mention is made of it in the latest Lonely Planet guide even though its population is eight times that of Yeh Sanih, a small beach resort 30 minutes to the west, which gets three times the coverage.

  • Mystical Mrauk U

    Mystical Mrauk U

    As Myanmar slowly opens up, visitors rediscover a treasure trove of magnificent, centuries-old ruins in remote parts of the country.

  • Shared Burden

    Shared Burden

    Thousands of married women are infected with the HIV virus received from their spouse. Cases of HIV infection among housewives are higher than those found among sex workers.

  • Mutation at Chromosome 17

    Mutation at Chromosome 17

    A man suffering from peripheral nerve sheath tumors has his entire body covered in bubble-like lumps. After local doctors have failed, foreign parties have shown commitment to cure his disease.

  • Realizing the Dream: In Search of Kartini
  • Skin-Deep Mystery

    Skin-Deep Mystery

    Tohari lived with his skin condition for five years before he was finally admitted to hospital. Despite all efforts, the hardening of his skin will not return to normal.

  • A Night in Napan Yaur
  • The Sea Dance of Papua Whales

    The Sea Dance of Papua Whales

    The whale shark is only one of the many wonders of the Cenderawasih Bay National Park. Together with the WWF Indonesia expedition, Tempo journalist Arif Zulkifli explored the park located in the bird’s head area of Papua.

  • <font size=2 color=#FF9900>BIRD FLU</font><br />Defeating Avian Influenza

    BIRD FLUDefeating Avian Influenza

    An Indonesian researcher discovers a prototype bird flu DNA vaccine, which is more sophisticated than conventional ones. It is the first DNA vaccine discovered in Indonesia although it still requires further research.

  • Healthy Alternatives for the Little One

    Healthy Alternatives for the Little One

    Formula milk can endanger a baby’s life. There are various choices of milk that are safer to consume.

  • Baby Unfriendly Milk

    Baby Unfriendly Milk

    Formula milk for babies has become a worrying problem. The news that milk specially formulated for babies was found to be contaminated by bacteria, on top of news about the raw materials used to produce baby formula milk in China, has damaged public confidence. What are wise guidelines for consumers in making their choices when buying baby formula milk?

  • Dog Ends

    Dog Ends

    The number of fatalities caused by bites from mad dogs is on the rise. Bali is still vulnerable despite various preventive measures already taken.

  • <font color=#FF0000>Breathless</font> in Central Java

    Breathless in Central Java

    Besides decreasing visibility, Mount Merapi’s volcanic ash can also pose a hazard to health. Merapi refugees are most frequently prone to respiratory infections.

  • A Glimpse of Meningitis Threat
  • Tracing the <font color=#FF0000>‘Pig’</font> in Vaccines

    Tracing the ‘Pig’ in Vaccines

    The Indonesian Ulema Council has decided the meningitis vaccines made in Italy and China is permissible by Islamic law. This decision rules out the Belgian-made vaccine previously used and declared forbidden. However, the process of creating the three products has indicated the same source.

  • <font size=2 color=#CC0000> Merdias Almatsier:  </font><br />Misdiagnoses are not a crime
  • Taking Malpractice to Court

    Taking Malpractice to Court

    Several alleged cases of malpractice taken to court are still pending. But some have managed to win compensation.

  • A Lesson from Budi’s Case

    A Lesson from Budi’s Case

    The Indonesian Medical Disciplinary Council has decided that two doctors at Siloam Hospital Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, made mistakes. But it remains difficult to prove alleged malpractice.

  • <font face=arial size=2 color=#FF9900><b>  Semarang:  </b></font><br />Not Just for Business

    Semarang: Not Just for Business

    It is time that Semarang sheds its image as a place just to do business. Although it is still a busy harbor town, trading, industrial and administrative center, it also has a romantically nostalgic historical district, impressive specimens of colonial architecture, a first-class history museum, a vibrant Chinatown, and a wonderful local cuisine.

  • <font color=#FF9900>Raja Ampat: </font>The Holy Grail of Marine Diversity
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