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  • 1,001 Ways to Die
  • HIV Rising

    HIV Rising

    The government is working on a strategic plan to fight HIV/AIDS as more young Indonesians are infected with the disease.

  • <font color=#CC0000>Beware</font> Metropolis Virus

    Beware Metropolis Virus

    A new variant of dengue fever is born out of a marriage between different viruses of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The new virus thrives in cities with high population mobility. Symptoms of the disease are not clear as those infected show no signs of extreme fever. A high level of stress adds to the risk of a person being infected in the wet season.

  • <font color=#336600>Sangiran:</font> The Java Man
  • <font color=#CC0000>The Cellphone</font> Patients

    The Cellphone Patients

    Thalassemia is a hereditary disease for which there is as yet no cure. Patients must receive monthly blood transfusions, for life. Up to 10 percent of Indonesians suffer from thalassemia. Without preventive measures, 22,000 new patients are predicted to appear. A social foundation conducted blood tests at the end of December on couples planning to get married and will continue the same program next month.

  • Figures <font color=#FF9900>of Disquiet</font>

    Figures of Disquiet

    Leprosy that attacks children in Sukabumi is a new and alarming fact. The economic crisis and poverty is thought to be the cause of babies being born with low resistance.

  • <font color=#339900>The Spas of Jakarta:</font> Havens of Calm
  • <font color=#336600>The Apo Kayan: </font>Quintessential Travel Adventure
  • ‘Collateral Damage’

    ‘Collateral Damage’

    Filariasis is not a deadly disease. Treatments without heeding the health conditions of patients can be fatal, though.

  • Top Business Hotels of Jakarta
  • Tejakula: The Quiet Corner
  • Blitar: <font color=#CC0000>Old Java</font>
  • <font color=#FF9900>Derawan:</font> Indonesia’s Answer to The Beach
  • Fighting Flu with a Provisional Weapon

    Fighting Flu with a Provisional Weapon

    The sale of flu vaccines soared since the outbreak of swine flu. A swine flu vaccine is now in the making.

  • <font size=1 color=#FF9900>LEPROSY</font><br />Healing the ‘Child of Ignorance’

    LEPROSYHealing the ‘Child of Ignorance’

    Collaborating with the Nippon Foundation, ASEAN recently launched a campaign to eliminate leprosy and to end the stigmatization of disease-affected people in the region. Sixty leprosy colonies still exist around Indonesia.

  • Way Kambas: <font color=#FF9900>Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos</font>
  • Five Fabulous Family Warungs in Bali
  • When Pigs <font color=#FF9900>Catch Cold</font>

    When Pigs Catch Cold

    Swine flu, first reported in Mexico early last month, has spread to many other countries in the world. Last week the World Health Organization declared the flu situation close to a pandemic. How deadly is swine flu compared with other kinds of influenza? Will it enter Indonesia?

  • Bicycling Lombok
  • <font size=2 color=#FF9900>Wakatobi:</font><br />Unparalleled Biodiversity
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