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Edition 15 October 2019


  • Mulling Over State Guidelines

    Mulling Over State Guidelines

    The increase of leaders of the MPR is suspected to pave the way for the amendments of the constitution. Reviving a five-year plan scheme smacks of reviving the existence of State Guidelines, while changing the constitution could very well spread to other articles.

  • Pondering Over Constitutional Amendments

    Pondering Over Constitutional Amendments

    The proposed amendment to the constitution is not only about the state’s direction. Parties and senators have another agenda.

  • The Fifth Amendment

    The Fifth Amendment

    The People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) has begun taking steps to make a fifth amendment to the 1945 Constitution.

  • The Information Vendor’s Faint Trails

    The Information Vendor’s Faint Trails

    Facebook removed dozens of accounts suspected of spreading false information about Papua. Those behind them are attempting to erase their digital traces.

  • 94 Papua Riot Suspects Named

    94 Papua Riot Suspects Named

    THE Papua Regional Police have named 94 suspects involved in a number of riots in five areas in Papua over the past two months. The five regions are Jayapura City, Deiyai Regency, Timika City, Wamena (Jayawijaya Regency) and Oksibil (Pegunungan Bintang Regency).

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