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  • Terawan’s Modified Procedure

    Terawan’s Modified Procedure

    The Medical Ethics Council has been delaying Terawan Agus Putranto’s suspension and the revocation of his practice license since February 26.

  • Clinical Tests Missing

    Clinical Tests Missing

    Dr. Terawan was suspended for allegedly applying his high-priced signature treatment on cerebrovascular patients without having clinical tests performed for the procedure.

  • A Court Divided

    A Court Divided

    Constitutional Court justices seem to be split into two camps. The division is affecting their judicial review rulings.

  • Agrarian Reform Candy

    Agrarian Reform Candy

    It will be difficult for the government's land redistribution program to meet its 2019 target, despite readjusted goals.

  • Intervention in the Campaign Period

    Intervention in the Campaign Period

    Despite requests to delay investigations into regional head candidates, the KPK has grown even more determined to investigate corruption cases.

  • Chief Commotion In The Kpk

    Chief Commotion In The Kpk

    The posts of KPK Deputy Chief for Enforcement and its Director of Investigations are not yet filled. Police generals may once again have a chance there.

  • Old Methods To Rob State Funds

    Old Methods To Rob State Funds

    Nine regional head candidates are being indicted in corruption cases. They are using public funds to pay for their campaigns.

  • Momen


    THE arrest of six members of the Muslim Cyber Army (MCA) has given the police indications of the alleged involvement of sponsors of this group.

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